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Panoramic Rearview Mirror Features Panoramic Rearview Mirror And when you're confident that you've got "all lanes covered" you can drive more safely with less fatigue — a significant cause of many accidents. The Panoramic Rearview Mirror offsets visual distortion and disorientation, so you can trust that what you're seeing is really there. Knoll My Account Sign In Here to Help How to Find Us Knoll Online Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida, 2007 Museums began in ancient times as Temples, dedicated to the muses, where the privileged went to be amused, to witness beauty, and to learn. After the Renaissance museums went public with palatial structures where the idea of the gallery arose, a space to display paintings and sculpture. Later, museums became centers of education, researching, collecting, and actively provoking thought and the exchange of ideas. By presenting the highest achievements of culture, museums became a stabilizing and regenerative force, crusading for quality and excellence. The role of the modern museum is both aesthetic and didactic, both Temple and Forum. The design of contemporary museum can be characterized by two polar approaches.

Tri-core Pillow I LOVE my pillow! and service was excellent Review by Thryn(Posted on 4/9/14) I can not express how wonderful both my core pillow and the customer service was. I have a strange address and the customer service lady called me several times try different variations until we found one that they could ship to. Then my pillow arrived within 4 days (amazing since I am outside of the continental US) and I LOVE it! The quality is great, the shape is perfect, I sleep so well now. Loft 24/7, São Paulo, 2010 After her resounding success of her in Casa Cor’s 2008 edition, Fernanda Marques now presents her 2009 version of her Loft 24/7. This time, in the form of a spacious bungalow, of about 250m², where nature plays much more than a mere supporting role: one just has to note the intense use of daylight. The use of materials in their rough state. Its total openness to the outside.

Friction & Force of Gravity Support Slim Leaning Deck Chair It looks daunting if not downright dangerous – two side supports, anchored to nothing and angled away from normal (in the sense of: ninety degrees from the ground) look little like legs, and the seat swings freely between them. Still, this is basic physics at its best – adding the gravitational pull of the Earth as well as human weight makes it more stable, not less. While it would not work in space or some other zero-or-anti-gravity situation, it would be a wonderful seat to lean against your home on your deck or porch. Designed by Bernhard Burkard, the connections and materials are quite basic – metal fasteners hold together a wood frame, which in turn supports a canvas lounge chair. Rubber stoppers add frictional resistance to hold the whole thing in place.

Varilite - Adjustable BackRest The Varilite BackRest is a lightweight self inflating adjustable lumbar support, that lets you choose the best shape for your back. The Self-Inflating Backrest expands to fit your lower back, and you to adjust the pressure and the firmness of the support while you're using it. Varilite's revolutionary self inflating lumbar support provides proper lumbar support and can fit into any briefcase or purse, great for travel, in the car, at work, a product that will meet your everyday lumbar support needs. The BackRest self inflates or deflates in seconds with a twist of the valve. Cushion will fill automatically, once it inflates to desired thickness, close valve. For softer support, gently squeeze a little air out before closing valve.

The FF1 Indoor Lounge Chair Made of Felt by Fox and Freeze Fox and Freeze is a creative cooperation between 2 Belgian designers, James van Vossel and Tom De Vrieze. The first project of their freshly found design studio is the FF1 indoor lounge chair. Made out of 1 square sheet of synthetic felt, the FF1 it is completely self-supporting (no wood or metal or other the structure not so ever). Starting from a square piece of thick felt, after several folding and twisting the FF1 comes to life. A series of flax rope stitching-like closures are applied to give it an extra aesthetic touch. Microsoft - Natural Erogonomic Keyboard Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000for Business Same great product, packaged for Business Product Dimensions The Smart City – from Vision to Reality by Eric Woods The news that the 2012 TED Prize has been awarded for the first time to an idea, The City 2.0, is further evidence of the importance of cities in addressing global issues of sustainability, economic development and technology innovation. The TED Prize is linked to the acclaimed TED conferences and video series promoting ground-breaking technical, scientific and cultural ideas. According to the prize director, the idea behind the award is to challenge the TED Community “to embrace radical collaboration on one of the most pressing issues we face: how to build sustainable, vibrant, working cities.”

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