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Rankings - 2015 - Best Global Brands - Best Brands - Interbrand Best Brands Best Japan Brands Best Global Brands Best Brazilian Brands Index of 2013 Disruptive Technologies Above: Like lightning, digital technologies jolt us with energy, the savvy will harness their energy, those who ignore, risk danger. One Line Goal: List disruptive technologies in 2013 on one page, with your help in the comments. The number of technologies that are creating disruptions to companies and ecosystems are increasing at an alarming rate. Even though Altimeter rated the technologies that matter from last week’s SXSW, we see even more technologies emerging on the heels of mobile world congress, and CES. Expect even more technologies to emerge, radically altering the power shift of those who use these technologies to gain power over existing institutions.

MUSINGS ON IRAQ: Mosul Campaign Day Four, Oct 20, 2016 The Mosul operation increased in intensity on the fourth day. The Kurds opened up a new front to the north of the city and the elite Golden Division carried out its first attack as well. Several villages were freed, while the Islamic State appeared to be putting up a much harder fight than they did initially. First, there were some new reports of progress and violence from October 19. The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) took 10 towns.

VeloViet Photo - The 9/11 Epic Ride 3 WEEKS BEFORE It was a Tuesday like all the others, and a morning that started like most. I was at work in Pomona, California, ready to begin my day researching a project that I was working on. How might we support web entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable global businesses? - Concepting - MARKET MINDED Idea A NEW type of incubator where designers, entrepreneurs, and developers WITHOUT IDEAS could come together to discover what the INDUSTRY NEEDS and what the MARKET WANTS, so that they could develop SUCCESSFUL & PROFITABLE technology. There is a NEED for an INCUBATOR that better tracks MARKET NEEDS and INDUSTRY TRENDS on the web with special focus on: 1. Web 2.0 value propositions (success & failure) 2. Convoy – CREATIVE BUSINESS PARTNERS client: dior An interactive retail installation in which customers can learn about the making of the classic Dior Homme jacket. The future of retail. An in-store interactive installation. The spirit of Dior Homme tailoring is reflected in the timeless essential of the male wardrobe: the Dior suit. It is synonymous with modernity and draws its strength from Monsieur Dior´s sartorial heritage.

Here's Why Mobile Users Are Leaving Your App and What to Do About It (Infographic) Having a mobile app is an increasingly vital part of any company’s strategy. In fact, consumers are using their phones for three hours each day, and the large majority of that time is spent using apps rather than making calls or texting, according to Twin Prime, a new mobile content acceleration company. However, many businesses apps get dropped by customers, sometimes in favor of a competitor’s version. Much of the time people are quick to drop apps that run slowly.

The 100 Best Tracks of 2014 There are qualities about Mike Hadreas that make him seem heroic: His songbook takes on themes of trauma and addiction, the body and identity, all in a way that seems designed to protect us—a reminder that we're not alone in our otherness. This year, Hadreas has been selling T-shirts depicting an emasculated Eminem, a proper jab at one of popular music's most problematic living artists. On the shirt, Slim is clad in coral lipstick, just a few shades lighter than the tint Hadreas wore on his watershed "Letterman" performance in October, contorting a slow, sultry sway through "Queen". Indeed, Hadreas' work as Perfume Genius has opened a crucial dialogue over the past half decade.

Saint Marie Records 26 Tracks 17 Previously unreleased The first compilation release by the sonically driven label Saint Marie Records. Specializing in Shoegaze, Dreampop and Electronica. Featuring one track from all 26 artists on the label. Includes tracks from past releases, future releases, remixes and exclusives. The Startup Pyramid Every six months I rethink the optimal startup go to market approach based on new insights gained at recent startups. Lately I’ve been using a pyramid to represent the process I’m using. Startups require a solid foundation of product/market fit before progressing up the pyramid and scaling the business. Achieving Product/Market Fit

these vintage ads will make you nostalgic for the 90s If you're only as cool as your last #tbt, Halima Olalemi must be the coolest of them all. Under the handle @adarchives, the Nigerian-born, London-based graphic designer has been posting a storm of her endless archive of vintage ads on Instagram and Tumblr. Plucked from the likes of mags including i-D, Sleazenation, and The Face, these ripped up pages are rare finds, relics of a lost past. A self-confessed hoarder, what begun as Halima's personal project soon became a collaborative art series, as East London's Superimpose Studio began lending its curatorial hand. Now, having amassed a sizeable collection, Halima is currently looking into ways of expanding the project further — whether through the physical form of a book or opening an immersive online gallery. Here, we catch up with the London College of Communication graduate to talk mags, ads, and the importance of preserving the past.

How TheFamily Is Reshaping The French Tech Ecosystem French startup accelerator TheFamily is raising up to $2 million from angel investors and Index Ventures. It’s an open round — so far investors have committed $1 million. Given the overall interest around the funding, the company should quickly max out its round. Today’s news is also a good opportunity to take a step back and tell you why TheFamily has been key in improving the French tech ecosystem for the past year. TheFamily is raising money using its own open source financing documents, AIR. It’s the French equivalent of convertible notes, designed by TheFamily and SB Avocats.

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