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Excel SUMIF function – formula examples to conditionally sum cells This tutorial explains the Excel SUMIF function in plain English and provides a numbers of SUMIF formula examples for numbers, text, dates and wildcards. If you are faced with the task that requires conditional sum in Excel, the SUMIF function is what you need. This tutorial will briefly explain the function's syntax and general usage, and then you will extend the new knowledge in practice with a number of SUMIF formula examples. A good thing is that the SUMIF function is identical in all Excel versions, from 2013 to 2003. SUMIF in Excel - syntax and usage The SUMIF function, also known as Excel conditional sum, is used to add cells based on a certain condition, or criteria. If you've happened to read the COUNTIF tutorial on this blog, you won't have any difficulties with understanding Excel SUMIF because its syntax and usage is analogous. SUMIF(range, criteria, [sum_range]) As you see, the SUMIF function has 3 arguments - first 2 are required and the 3rd one is optional. Note. Note. Note.

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Excel Tutorial - Easy Excel 2010 Dick Kusleika - Daily Dose of Excel Excel Pivot Table -- Dynamic Data Source 1. Excel Pivot Table Introduction Getting Started with Pivot Tables Use a Dynamic Data Source 2. Create a Pivot Table in Excel 2007 3. 1. 2. How to Create a Panel Chart in Excel To show a concise, clear summary of data for several departments or cities, you can create a panel chart in Excel. It shows all the data in a single chart, with vertical lines separating the groups. My chart shows sales for bars and cookies, in four cities, over the first 7 months of the current year. I learned this technique from Jon Peltier's website, where he also sells a Panel Chart Utility, that creates dot plot and bar panel charts. Panel Chart Steps The instructions for making a panel chart look long and complicated, and I've avoided learning this technique, because it was a daunting process. Last week, I finally took the plunge, and it's not so bad, once you get the big picture in your head. Add a separator field to the source data Summarize the data in a pivot table Copy the pivot table data as values Create a line chart from the copied data Add another series to create vertical dividing lines Add final formatting to clean up the chart Add a separator field Summarize the data

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Excel Formulas- free tutorial John Walkenbach - the spreadsheet page Comprehensive Guide to VLOOKUP & Other Lookup Formulas Posted on March 30th, 2012 in Learn Excel - 25 comments This week many Excel bloggers are celebrating VLOOKUP week. So I wanted to chip in and give you a comprehensive guide to VLOOKUP & Other lookup formulas. What is VLOOKUP Formula & how to use it? I tell my excel school students that learning VLOOKUP formulas will change your basic approach towards data. What does VLOOKUP really do? Imagine you have a list of data and you want answer a question like, “How many sales did Jimmy make?” VLOOKUP is one of the formulas you can use in this situation. Read more – What is VLOOKUP formula and how to use it? Introduction to VLOOKUP, MATCH & OFFSET formulas VLOOKUP may not make you tall, rich and famous, but learning it can certainly give you wings. Read more – VLOOKUP, MATCH & OFFSET explained in plain English How to do wildcard searches with VLOOKUP? Often we need our lookup formulas to go wild. You can use wildcard characters * and ? Read more – Using wildcards with VLOOKUP formulas For eg.