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Midwest Permaculture

Midwest Permaculture

Superadobe - What is Superadobe? Superadobe (sandbag and barbed wire) technology is a large, long adobe. It is a simple adobe, an instant and flexible line generator. It uses the materials of war for peaceful ends, integrating traditional earth architecture with contemporary global safety requirements. Long or short sandbags are filled with on-site earth and arranged in layers or long coils (compression) with strands of barbed wire placed between them to act as both mortar and reinforcement (tension). Stabilizers such as cement, lime, or asphalt emulsion may be added. This patented and trademarked (U.S. patent #5,934,027, #3,195,445) technology is offered free to the needy of the world, and licensed for commercial use. This concept was originally presented by architect Nader Khalili to NASA for building habitats on the moon and Mars, as “Velcro-adobe”. Cal-Earth believes that the whole family should be able to build together, men and women, from grandma to the youngest child. Safety Standards and Comfort.

EarthDance Transition Culture Beacon Food Forest : A Community Permaculture Project Aims: We are an internet based "Television" production co-operative located in Lake County California. We at recognize that we are on the cusp of a revolution in many areas, global economics, food supply, energy supply, human relationships, health care, sustainable living and the list goes on and on. We also realize that if we are to thrive in what is sure to be a maelstrom over the next few years, we must prepare ourselves now. It is to this end that the all volunteer staff of has launched it's campaign to "Make Connections and Build Community". We believe that if we act as a "pivot point" and use our expertise and personal resources to bring together a network of other organizations within and without Lake County, that we can help to bring together a community of Lake County residents with the express purpose of taking care of our own needs with little or no "outside" intervention from government entities. Inspiration: Outcomes so far: Unexpected outcomes:

the sun & the soil | a permaculture design group Superadobe & Permaculture Design Certification - Cal-Earth Join us for the 4rd Annual Combined Superadobe and Permaculture Course! Check out the pictures from the previous training Cal-Earth Institute and Midwest Permaculture are combining their recognized and established certificate trainings for a rare and powerful learning opportunity. Having delivered over 45 PDC courses, Midwest Permaculture is an internationally recognized provider of quality permaculture trainings. A Combined Training: Nader Khalili and the team at Cal-Earth have focused for many years on studying the simplest of forms and elements and crafting a way to take the earth beneath our feet and turn it into beautiful, lasting and inexpensive homes. Through permaculture design we will discover how we can extract food, fiber, fuel, beauty and community from the very same elements that created the Cal-Earth buildingsEarth, Air, Fire and Water. Prerequisite Studies for this Training Both trainings include pre-training studies.

Front Page | Verge Permaculture | Permaculture for Career-Changing Professionals and Entrepreneurs Workshops - Learn to Build with Superadobe - Cal-Earth Education and training are essential to Cal-Earth's vision. We believe that shelter is a basic human right and that every person should be able to build a home for him or herself. For those interested in learning to build with the earth, Cal-Earth offers intensive workshops throughout the year. Give us a few days of your time and we will teach you hands-on how to build your home, your school, or your community with the earth beneath your feet. Don't have four days or one week to spare? Try a weekend introductory workshop first--the tuition can be applied to any longer program in the future. Cal-Earth also offers the opportunity to participate in a long-term apprenticeship course following completion of one of our workshops. What happens during a Cal-Earth Workshop? What are the subjects taught? Topics Covered: Staying On-SiteShort term accommodation at Cal Earth is offered in our emergency shelter domes, at no additional cost. "first plant your seed then rely on the almighty" - Rumi

thebajasun Homeownership Education Learning Program | USA Help A Home of Your Own Owning your own home comes with many responsibilities. From the browsing process to the purchasing of a new home, many steps are involved that require patience, purchasing a home is not an overnight process. This website has been set up to help cover some of the steps of purchasing a home and some of the basic responsibilities of home ownership overall. Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval Approach a mortgage lender for a pre-approval before you begin the home search. Determine a Feasible Budget Mortgage calculators and lenders can help calculate what a mortgage payment will be based upon approvals. Research the Area Exploring a neighborhood or community before moving into it is ideal. Create a Must Haves List As the home search begins, creating a list of must haves is a good idea. Insist on a Home Inspection Purchasing a home "as-is" can be quite dangerous, not to mention costly. Knowing When to Walk Away from a Deal Sometimes a deal can seem too good to be true.

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