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Midwest Permaculture

Midwest Permaculture

Huerta de Vida Gardening for Kids – Kids Gardening – Gardening for Children Hello all you little buttercups out there! Gardening for kids is for you. But it's the grown-ups who will be reading this... looking for ideas. Guess what was hidden under a patch of toadstools down the bottom of the garden? No, not some sleepy elves and dreaming fairies; it was a great big gi-normous treasure chest of golden games and activities of children's gardening ideas! Lucky you, ring-a-ring a posy, let's have a nosy at what's in it. ... These gardening projects for kids will allow even the youngest children to get involved. We have plenty of quick and easy projects here. So ginger up the troops and let's go: Gardening Activities for Kids Kids don't mind taking all the time in the world when you're in a hurry... sigh, but with gardening, let them go with flow. We would love the children of the world to grow up self-reliant and with good business values. If helping with a full-on garden seems too ambitious at the start when gardening with kids, try something simpler.

Gardening for Kids It is a very interesting site containing a lot information about gardening in general and providing many tips. I wish to highlight the Kids part of the website. Amazing! Deep Green Permaculture About This Site/Contact Details « Deep Green Permaculture This is guide to everyone out there who want to learn about creating their own sustainable, organic gardens, no matter where they live! The focus is on practical skills and DIY (do-it-yourself) instructions that anyone can follow, articles will be added on a regular basis on a range of gardening topics and projects… so, give it a go, and hope you enjoy this site. I’ve also included a section on the design, construction and progress of my own garden, hopefully to provide ideas and inspiration to people out there of what is actually possible. Contact Details: If you have any comments, queries, feedback or requests for articles, please feel free to contact me at About Me: (Image credit: Cullen Pope) Angelo is presenter, trainer and writer in the areas of sustainable gardening and Permaculture. Special Thanks: This site was inspired by my Permaculture teachers, Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton and Greg Knibbs. Advertising? Why is there advertising on this site? Like this:

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