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Midwest Permaculture

Midwest Permaculture

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Wilderness Courses at Alderleaf Wilderness College Alderleaf offers a variety of wilderness skills courses, presentations, and programs of varying lengths. Fields of study include wilderness survival, wild edible & medicinal plants, wildlife tracking, outdoor leadership, and sustainable living skills. Our wilderness courses provide people of all ages and skill levels with valuable nature skills. Classes are led by faculty with a wealth of experience and are held year-round in the Pacific Northwest. Browse by Course Dates: Regenerative Enterprise Sustainable is not enough. AppleSeed designer Ethan Roland takes permaculture to the next level with his recent book Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance. The book begins by exploring the revolutionary 8 Forms of Capital economic framework:

Gardening for Kids – Kids Gardening – Gardening for Children Hello all you little buttercups out there! Gardening for kids is for you. But it's the grown-ups who will be reading this... looking for ideas. When to Plant App When to Plant App The When to Plant app is available now for $1.99! Knowing the best times to start seeds, direct sow and transplant garden crops is key to growing a successful garden. Our When to Plant app — recommended in Wired magazine's App Guide as a Top Pick for gardening apps — gives you the best planting times for vegetables, herbs, fruit, cover crops and common companion planting flowers. By using your ZIP code and a database of almost 5,000 weather stations across North America, the When to Plant app locates average frost dates for your garden from the nearest station, and calculates the best range of planting dates for each crop.

Can you Restore Land and Produce Food in the Same Place? Five Ways to Help the Natural World by Growing Food We are going to continue to restore the land at Whaelghinbran Farm by growing more food there. We are going to think carefully about how, when, where and why we grow food so that our food system will benefit many of the wild plants and animals that are losing places to live and prosper in New Brunswick. To do this we are designing a Restoration Orchard - an orchard that produces local food and also clearly benefits the natural environment at the same time. First though, can you really restore land? To restore means to bring back a piece of land to the same natural landscape it once was.

Gardening for Kids It is a very interesting site containing a lot information about gardening in general and providing many tips. I wish to highlight the Kids part of the website. How easy it is to involve children into our daily gardening activities and how much they get out of it. Shared Bounty CSA Hello! My name is Jim Prouhet. My wife Ramona, and I, are the owners of a 20 acre farm in Troy Mo. I have a background in farming and vegetable production, and Ramona has experience in greenhouse management and operation. We have been growing vegetables on this farm since 2000, and selling them at a farm stand here on our property. We are now concentrating our efforts on operating Shared Bounty CSA, and we hope to keep expanding as we find more efficient ways to distribute the produce.

Fukuoka's Food Forest Mandarin orange, a main crop of Fukuoka’s food forest. At one time he was shipping an impressive 90 tons of citrus fruit annually Many of us in the permaculture and organic movements have read Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution, which lays out his ingenious (though hard to replicate) no-till organic rice production system. I was surprised and pleased when, in my job as librarian for the New England Small Farm Institute in the late 1990s, I stumbled on his Natural Way of Farming, a translation of his 1976 book Shizen Noho. At that time he had already been running his orchard as an organic polyculture food forest for over three decades — since the 1940s!

About This Site/Contact Details « Deep Green Permaculture This is guide to everyone out there who want to learn about creating their own sustainable, organic gardens, no matter where they live! The focus is on practical skills and DIY (do-it-yourself) instructions that anyone can follow, articles will be added on a regular basis on a range of gardening topics and projects… so, give it a go, and hope you enjoy this site. I’ve also included a section on the design, construction and progress of my own garden, hopefully to provide ideas and inspiration to people out there of what is actually possible. Contact Details:

Pyracantha Flowers The plants reach up to 6 m (20 ft) tall. The seven species have white flowers and either red, orange, or yellow berries (more correctly pomes). The flowers are produced during late spring and early summer; the pomes develop from late summer, and mature in late autumn. Species[edit] Books on Growing Healthy Fruit: Holistic Orchard Network with Michael Phillips Retail Price $49.95 Network Special $40 Running Time 5 hours Every farm and homestead can enjoy the timeless pleasure of a fruit orchard. You do this by emphasizing biological health and diversity -- from the microscopic fungi in the soil to the beneficial insects, companion plants, and wildlife that together form a complete and living orchard ecosystem. Michael Phillips shows how in this 'dvd walk' through the orchard year.

Range Poultry Housing: Coops for Grass-Fed Chickens [Videos] How can you give your chickens reliable access to grass, avoiding barren yards? There are different ways of doing this, and each method is associated with different chicken coop designs. Contents