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Yahoo Answers Dating Advice Man: Dating Advice: "How to keep your boyfriend loyal" Dating Advice + Twisted Humor Watch my Dating Advice Video or read my dating advice below: Hey Hog, I'm wondering do you have any tips on how to keep your man loyal? - R in New Jersey Auto-online Auto-Online is a software development company which created the 'Fleet to Street' channel, enabling vehicle fleet disposers to e-Retail their ex-fleet vehicles direct to the retail public over the internet. They now make the majority of their cars available through Carsite. Business Model and History[edit] Auto-online was launched in 1998 as a B2C offering. Women's Auto Help Center Debuts: A Special Website for Women Car Buyers 31 October 1997 Women's Auto Help Center Debuts: A Special Website for Women Car Buyers SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 31 -- A new website that provides free research to women car buyers and answers women's questions as they shop for new vehicles launched this week on the Internet. Called the Women's Auto Help Center ( the site is the first to offer automotive information tailored to women's interests and actively invite questions from women who want to know specifics about the vehicles they're shopping for. Women send their questions via e-mail and receive feedback, all without having to step into a car dealership, talk to an auto broker or have a dealer or broker get their name and call them up, trying to pitch them on a car. Best of all, the Women's Auto Help Center is free.

Thousands of U.S. Lemons Resold to Unknowing Canadians; Free Carfax Lemon Check Available for Consumers CENTREVILLE, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Droves of dangerous used cars declared lemons in the United States have made their way into Canada and are being resold to uninformed consumers. A recent report by CBC News highlights the plight of Canadian car buyers who are unaware these cars are parked their driveway. To help identify vehicles bought back by auto manufacturers, used car shoppers can check for lemon brands using the free Carfax Lemon Check at Canada currently has no lemon laws and the strength of the Canadian dollar is driving an influx of U.S. lemons across the border. However, cars purchased with Carfax Vehicle History Reports that do not contain a lemon brand reported by a U.S.

Employment Background Checks, Credit Checks and Employment Verification Why do employers want to check your background and/or your credit? It could be for one of several reasons. If government security clearances are required for the job you are interviewing for, an employment background check may be required. The employer may want to make sure you are telling the truth. It's estimated that up over 40% of resumes can contain false or tweaked information, so, employers want to insure that what they are getting in an employee is what they were promised. Bargain Bites 2013: Which cheap eats categories do you wish were better represented in the Bay Area? The Braised Duck Leg with Won Ton Egg Noodle Soup at Hai Ky Noodle House in San Francisco. Photo: The Chronicle/John Storey This morning, the Chronicle Food & Wine department releases its annual Bargain Bites guide, as a dedicated pull-out section in today’s paper. Steven Boyle, The Chronicle As noted by Janny Hu in the introduction, we shook things up a bit this year. Instead of just a mishmash collection of Bargain Bites (categorized as $12 and under), we analyzed a bunch of categories one by one, and then highlighted our five favorites in each one.

Plea Bargains: In Depth Plea bargains are extraordinarily common in the American legal system, accounting for roughly 90% of all criminal cases. Many countries, however, do not allow plea bargains, considering them unethical and immoral. Below is a discussion about what plea bargains are, why we use them and different types of plea bargains, as well as what happens if both parties don't live up to the terms of a plea bargain. What Are Plea Bargains? Plea bargains are an agreement in a criminal case between the prosecutor and the defendant that usually involves the defendant pleading guilty in order to receive a lesser offense or sentence. The 6 lucky states that’ll shape the future of drone technology For months, drone watchers have waited for the Federal Aviation Administration to decide who'll conduct the nation's safety testing on unmanned planes. Now, two days before the deadline, the FAA has named six winners from the original 25 applicants. They are: the University of Alaska, the state of Nevada, Griffiss International Airport in upstate New York, North Dakota's commerce department, Texas A&M University and Virginia Tech.