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University of Michigan - Papyrology Hours listed are for the reference collection only. If you wish to view papyrus, please check the exhibit page or schedule a class tour. Please note that since we have limited staffing and limited space, it is best to e-mail or call ahead in case of unexpected schedule conflicts. Thank you. A world-renowned collection of ancient texts and documents dating from about 1,000 BCE to 1,000 CE

Open access Research publications that are distributed online, free of cost or other access barriers Open access (OA) is a set of principles and a range of practices through which research outputs are distributed online, free of cost or other access barriers.[1] With open access strictly defined (according to the 2001 definition), or libre open access, barriers to copying or reuse are also reduced or removed by applying an open license for copyright.[1] The main focus of the open access movement is "peer reviewed research literature. 100 Search Engines For Academic Research Back in 2010, we shared with you 100 awesome search engines and research resources in our post: 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars. It’s been an incredible resource, but now, it’s time for an update. Some services have moved on, others have been created, and we’ve found some new discoveries, too. Many of our original 100 are still going strong, but we’ve updated where necessary and added some of our new favorites, too. Check out our new, up-to-date collection to discover the very best search engine for finding the academic results you’re looking for.

Duke University - Papirology Literary papyri Subliterary papyri (magical texts etc.) Documentary papyri Search Engines:Grey Literature From Topical Search Wiki General OpenGrey – multidisciplinary European database of grey literature. National Technical Information Service (NTIS) – search in NTIS reports. Zanran – A search engine for data and statistic documents. – A Google CSE based search engine that can limit results to PDFs or other documents types as well as .edu, .org and .gov websites. Epigraphic Database Heidelberg The Epigraphic Database Heidelberg contains the texts of Latin and bilingual (i.e. Latin-Greek) inscriptions of the Roman Empire. The epigraphic monuments are collected and kept up to date on the basis of modern research. With the help of search functions specific queries can be carried out - e.g. a search for words in inscriptions and / or particular descriptive data.

Grey Literature - Research guides at University of Ottawa Welcome to this new Guide on Grey Literature! Grey (or gray) Literature (GL) is, according to AFNOR (Association française de normalisation), any typed or printed document, meant to reach a limited audience, outside of the commercial publishing channels and outside of the conventional bibliographic control utilities. It is difficult to estimate how much Grey Literature is produced since legal deposit laws will apply only the volume of conventional literature published commercially. Examples of Grey Literature include: study or research reports, scientific and technical reports, government documents, theses, patent documents etc. Why is there an interest in Grey Literature?

La letteratura greca su Internet Duke Papyrus Archive- Greek University of Michigan Papyrus Collection (fabbricazione, codice e rotolo, puzzle) Oxyrhynchus online Papiri greci della Sorbona Heidelberg Gesamtverzeichnis der Griechischen Papyruskunden Ägyptens

There are several online databases which attempt to classify and make available a large quantity of grey literature. The System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe (OpenSIGLE 2011) enables you to carry out searches for grey literature, while the Grey Literature Network Service (GreyNet International 2011) encourages analysis and research on grey literature. Found in: 2012 - (Oliver) Succeeding With Your Literature Review by raviii Apr 10

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