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Incognito cowl - Knitty: Winter 2009

Incognito cowl - Knitty: Winter 2009
Mellow version: With smaller circular and CC1, loosely cast on 56[60, 64] st. Place marker and join, being careful not to twist. Knit 9 rounds. Switch to larger circular and MC, purl 1 round. Knit rounds even until cowl measures 7[8, 9] inches from purl round. Switch to smaller circular and CC1, purl 1 round. Tangy version: With smaller circular and CC1, cast on 56[60, 64] st using provisional cast on. Place marker and join, being careful not to twist. Switch to larger circular and MC, purl 1 round. Carefully remove scrap yarn from cast on edge and place live stitches onto smaller circular. Switch to smaller circular and CC1, purl 1 round.

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Eleanor cowl: Knitty Deep Fall 2010 If working back and forth in rows: Using largest straight needles and long tail method, loosely CO 132 sts. Switching to mid-sized needles, work Rows 1-14 of Chart A, working outlined pattern repeat section five times. If desired, place stitch markers between pattern repeats. 112 sts when all rows of Chart A are complete. Work Rows 1-50 of Chart B, working outlined pattern repeat section four times. Note: If using stitch markers between pattern repeats, markers must be moved at end of each repeat on Rows 5, 15, 35 and 48 (highlighted in chart). To do this, remove marker while working double decrease (sk2p), then replace marker on right needle after decrease has been worked.

Free Downloads All of these patterns and more are available for download for free on Ravelry. You don’t need to be a member to download them. Casting On - Tubular Cast On - Knitting Community This cast on leaves a nice, stretchy edge. It is specific to k1, p1 ribbing. Begin with a length of waste yarn. Cast on half of the total number of stitches you need. (If you need an odd number of stitches, cast on half + 1 stitch.)

22 leaves shawlette pattern by Lankakomero Errata: 34 Leaves Shawl version only: On page 4 there is a sentence “There should be 311 stitches after row 46.” it should be “There should be 315 stitches after row 46.” 311 is a stitch count after row 44. Corrected pdf-file uploaded. Korjaus 34 lehden versioon: 4. sivulla oleva lause “46. krs.n jälkeen silmukoita on 311.” pitää olla “46. krs.n jälkeen silmukoita on 315.” 311 silmukoita on 44. krs:n jälkeen. Korjattu pdf-tiedosto vaihdettu entisen tilalle.

Standing Double Crochet - Joining Without the Slip Stitch and Chain! The Standing Double Crochet stitch is one I came to late – and I wish I’d known about it years earlier! It’s not a stitch that you’ll usually find specified in a pattern, and as such it has no standard abbreviation. What it is, is a technique – one that will allow you to start a new row on a crochet project without having to use the telltale “join with a slip stitch and chain 3” – and I can’t wait to share it with you! Knitting Patterns: Leafy Washcloth Latest Post 2 skeins and 1 season of Chuck into my fingering weight project. New pattern finally delivered to my sample knitter after months of indecision. I get stuck on the silly things. Like, crew neck or V? V.

Morgain pattern by Stefanie Bold Morgain is a rather easy to knit lace shawl in the shape of more-than-a-halfcircle. It starts out with stockinette. In the lace part, The number of repeats does not change, therefore each repeat grows in width and length as more rows are knitted. The increases are spread throughout the shawl and are build into the lace repeat. TLC "Free Scarf Knitting Patterns" Braiding adds another dimension to an otherwise very simple pattern. Choose a soft yarn -- it will follow the curves of the braid better than a stiffer one. Size Width: 4" (10cm)