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Benvenuti in English Gratis, la comunità online di tutti gli appassionati di lingua inglese!

Benvenuti in English Gratis, la comunità online di tutti gli appassionati di lingua inglese!
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CLASSICI IN INGLESE IN FORMATO AUDIOBOOK CON TRADUZIONE INTERATTIVA The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. by L. Frank Baum. 1. The Cyclone. Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies, with Uncle Henry, who was a farmer, and Aunt Em, who was the farmer's wife. When Dorothy stood in the doorway and looked around, she could see nothing but the great gray prairie on every side. When Aunt Em came there to live she was a young, pretty wife. Uncle Henry never laughed. It was Toto that made Dorothy laugh, and saved her from growing as gray as her other surroundings. Today, however, they were not playing. From the far north they heard a low wail of the wind, and Uncle Henry and Dorothy could see where the long grass bowed in waves before the coming storm. Suddenly Uncle Henry stood up. "There's a cyclone coming, Em," he called to his wife. Aunt Em dropped her work and came to the door. "Quick, Dorothy!" Toto jumped out of Dorothy's arms and hid under the bed, and the girl started to get him. Then a strange thing happened. Toto did not like it. 2. "Oh, dear! 3.

English Club Italian - Open University Course L1 On this page This key introductory Level 1 course – Andante: beginners' Italian – is designed to give you the skills you need to speak and understand simple Italian in everyday contexts. The course takes you through a wide range of practical situations such as travelling, shopping, working and eating out in Italy. Study resources include printed books and a dedicated website with online activities, resources and audio recordings to support your independent learning. Together, they’ll give you not just language skills but a real feel for Italian society and culture too. What you will study The course is based around three books and has at its core the following elements: The study materials are carefully structured and graded, and provide ample opportunities to practise the language in realistic contexts, with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills. Andante is an ideal preparation for Vivace: intermediate Italian (L150). Entry This is a key introductory Level 1 course. Regulations

Grammatica di English Gratis: Can Write the negative and interrogative sentences Puoi scrivere le tue risposte nelle caselle di testo (attenzione: non vengono memorizzate!) Per vedere le risposte corrette, seleziona con il mouse lo spazio bianco dopo il simbolo ♥ Se hai un tablet oppure uno smartphone ricopia tutto l'esercizio su una app di note o di word processing e vedrai tutto in chiaro! 1) You can ski very well. 2) Sandra could play the violin when she was four. 3) You can take the children home. 4) You can paint the door. 5) I could go to work this morning. 6) You can put your bicycle in our garage. 7) Liz could see the mountains. Fill in the gaps with CAN, CAN'T, COULD, COULDN'T, BE ABLE TO Puoi scrivere le tue risposte nelle caselle di testo (attenzione: non vengono memorizzate!) 1) When I was ten, I read books in Spanish. ♥ When I was ten, I could read books in Spanish. 2) They won’t to come for dinner. ♥ They won’t be able to come for dinner. 3) you open the door, please?

AlfaCert Test di livello Skip to main content Non sei collegato. ( Login ) Skip Risorse didattiche Risorse didattiche Attività Moduli Prove Idoneità Moduli AlmaEnglish Autoapprendimento Moduli in autoapprendimento Corsi di lingua Test interattivi Test campione Prove Idoneità Romagna Scambi Internazionali Esami Scienze Politiche Informazione e test per le Scuole Orientamento studenti Test Docenti Scuola Primaria Skip Login Login Inizia adesso a creare un nuovo account! Dimenticato la password? {*style:<b> Piattaforma e-learning delle sedi della Romagna del Centro Linguistico di Ateneo Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna </b>*} Benvenuti in , la piattaforma e-learning del CLA - sedi della Romagna . Attività in autoapprendimento Informazioni per le Scuole Alcuni materiali sono espressamente riservati agli studenti dell'Università di Bologna, ma gran parte di essi sono ad accesso libero ed utilizzabili da tutti coloro che siano interessati ad apprendere una lingua straniera. Leggi la presentazione Resource D-Room

Manifesto del Partito Comunista - Prima parte A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies. Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as communistic by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of communism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries? Two things result from this fact: I. II. To this end, Communists of various nationalities have assembled in London and sketched the following manifesto, to be published in the English, French, German, Italian, Flemish and Danish languages. The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. In the earlier epochs of history, we find almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank. they became so many fetters.

English Grammar, Conditional Sentences: four conditionals explained play an important role in grammar. They describe a condition and the result that follows. On this page, I will shed some light on the subject. Conditional sentences are made up of two parts: the if-clause (condition) and the main clause (result that follows). Basically, there are conditionals: Apart from them, you can also form mixed conditionals. But how do we form those variations? The easiest way is to understand that both clauses (the if-clause and the main clause) can be real or unreal and refer to present (future) or past. Real conditional describes real-life, possible situations. Unreal conditional describes imaginary situations. We'll deal with each clause separately. If-clause First of all, you must decide if the situation in the if-clause is real or unreal. Examples of real if-clauses: I have some money, I go to a club. Examples of unreal if-clauses. If I could fly, I... Once you've decided about that, it's time to choose the correct tense. Examples of present if-clauses: Main-clause 1.

Quadro Europeo per le Lingue | Associazione Il Nostro Pianeta Il Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento per le Lingue La classica tripartizione dei livelli di L2 (principiante/intermedio/avanzato) è stata sostituita da alcuni anni dai risultati di un immenso lavoro elaborato in seno al Consiglio d’Europa, il cosiddetto Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento per le Lingue (QCER), conosciuto anche come Framework. Il QCER ha suddiviso il percorso dell’apprendimento linguistico in sei livelli, descritti in modo rigoroso e oggettivo, tenendo conto delle quattro abilità (ascoltare, leggere, parlare, scrivere) e di molti altri parametri. In estrema sintesi, i livelli sono i seguenti: Elementare A1 Livello di contatto - Breakthrough A2 Livello di sopravvivenza - Waystage Intermedio B1 Livello soglia - Threshold level B2 Livello progresso - Vantage Avanzato C1 Livello dell’efficacia - Proficiency C2 Livello di padronanza - Mastery Nelle tabelle che seguono, sono presentati in forma sintetica i descrittori dei vari livelli.

Guide to Learning Languages, part 1 (Learning Techniques, Methods &amp; Strategies) Language Learning Forum Why focus on writing: The following is quoted almost verbatim from my profile thread and dates back to 14 November 2008: There are roughly two kinds of language learners: those that primarily learn through their ears and those who learn through their eyes. My first objective isn't to learn to speak a certain language, but to be able to read it and think it, and after that to be able to write it. To be able to read and even more to think in a language you must of course study the pronunciation first. In the beginning you normally can't understand anything, but you may be able to distinguish certain words and use the pronunciation of these to catch the 'sound' of the language. As a result of this toil and labour I expect some day to wake up and suddenly be able to understand the target language in its spoken form (a so called epiphany moment - see below). When you can understand genuine spoken stuff you finally have the ideal chance to focus on your pronunciation.

English Conditional Sentences Tests Details Do you fully understand the first, second, and third English conditional sentences? These tests will help you to learn, review, and refresh your knowledge about the first, second, and third English conditional sentences. First English Conditional Sentence Test 001 First English Conditional Sentence Test 002 First English Conditional Sentence Test 003 First English Conditional Sentence Test 004 First English Conditional Sentence Test 005 First English Conditional Sentence Test 006 First English Conditional Sentence Test 007 First English Conditional Sentence Test 008 First English Conditional Sentence Test 009 First English Conditional Sentence Test 010 More tests: Free Second English Conditional Tests English Second Conditional Test 001 English Second Conditional Test 002 English Second Conditional Test 003 English Second Conditional Test 004 English Second Conditional Test 005 English Second Conditional Test 006 English Second Conditional Test 007 English Second Conditional Test 008

Europa Vicina - Rivista poliglotta d'informazione e cultura An Easy Way to Learn Foreign Languages: Part One | Women Learning Thai... and some men too ;-) Introducing Luca and his language learning method… Luca Lampariello is an Italian polyglot who speaks 9 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, and Portuguese. Chinese is his latest language project, and learning to speak Thai is a real possibility! When Luca was barely in his teens (13), he began studying languages on his own. Using these basic principles in his self-study, over the years a simple language learning method evolved. Full circle: Target language (source files) => Native language => Target language This method enabled him to acquire languages with ease. To talk with other language learners, Luca joined YouTube. And YouTube is where I found both Luca and his method. Excited about the possibilities, I contacted Luca to get the finer details on how his method would mesh with learning Thai. And that is what you will find in the coming information. I now hand you over to Luca… An easy way to learn foreign languages… My language learning method…

DVD vs. CD: How Are They Different? Hi, I'm Zoya Popova for, and today we're going to talk about the differences between CD and DVD. Similarities of CDs and DVDs On the face of it, CDs and DVDs look very much alike. Both have a standard 12 cm diameter, and both are about 1.2 mm thick. What's even more important is that they are both optical discs, which means that the data stored on them is read by a laser. The laser goes over the pits and lands embedded onto the disc surface, and communicates a signal to the reading device that turns it into a digital code of 1s and 0s. Structural Difference of DVDs and CDs There are, however, significant differences. In a single-sided DVD, data is embedded into only one half of the disc, the other half being a dummy. DVDs Holds More Information The major difference between CDs and DVDs is the size of the pits and lands that encode data. DVDs Have Faster Rotation Speeds Another major difference is disc rotation speed.

Speak English! (versione italiana) Notizie su questo sito L'obiettivo di Speak English! è quello di fornire una risorsa di alta qualità a coloro che vogliono imparare la lingua inglese. Il sito fa parte del network Speak Languages!. Attualmente stiamo aggiungendo i suoni, e presto gli utenti potranno ascoltare tutte le frasi e il vocabolario, registrati da parlanti madrelingua inglesi. L'accesso al sito è gratis. Le parole e le frasi presenti sul sito sono in inglese britannico. Se hai dei commenti o suggerimenti da fare, se vuoi segnalarci degli errori, per piccoli che siano, contattateci — le tue opinioni contano. Il Ponte di Westminster e il Parlamento del Regno Unito Sulla lingua inglese Più di 350 milioni di persone parlano l'inglese come prima lingua, 55 milioni nel Regno Unito e oltre 200 milioni negli Stati Uniti. Il numero totale delle persone in grado di parlare inglese, comprese quelle che lo usano come seconda lingua, è superiore al miliardo. L'inglese è relativamente facile da imparare.