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Press Freedom Online - Committee to Protect Journalists
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Whistleblower, Leaker, Traitor, Spy by Eyal Press Traitor, hacker, high-school dropout, narcissist: Edward Snowden has been called many things since coming forward as the source who gave documents to The Guardian showing that the National Security Agency has been collecting telephone and Internet data on hundreds of millions of Americans, revelations that members of the Senate Judiciary Committee pressed the NSA to explain at a contentious hearing in Washington last week. The one thing that Snowden’s detractors have insisted he does not merit being called is a whistleblower. “I don’t look at this as being a whistleblower,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “Why is media using sympathetic word ‘whistleblower’ 4 Edward #Snowden, who leaked secret #NSA program?” tweeted Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations. In fact, most journalists and editors haven’t been calling him that, instead referring to Snowden as a “leaker.”

6 solutions gratuites en ligne pour créer des nuages de mots-clés La création de nuage de mots-clés est une façon simple de cartographier des idées, des champs sémantiques, des concepts, d’évoquer des notions essentielles… Et de mettre en forme via des réglages (couleur, taille des mots, position dans l’espace, jeu de polices de caractère…) un instantané visuel qui offre une forme de représentation synthétique pour l’internaute et la personne. Ce type de mode cartographique peut être utilisé en gestion de projet, pour de la formation, de l’analyse de texte, du remue-méninges (brainstorming)… Voici 6 solutions gratuites en ligne pour créer des nuages de mots-clés : Wordle Il s’agit de l’outil le plus connu de création de nuage de mots-clés. Tagul Pour utiliser Tagul, cela est gratuit, mais sur inscription. Tagxedo L’originalité du format du nuage de mots-clés créé est l’un des points forts de ce service en ligne sur inscription. ToCloud TagCrowd Licence : Creative Commons by-nc-saGéographie : France Tags: nuage, outil en ligne

Michael Hastings' Dangerous Mind: Journalistic Star Was Loved, Feared and Haunted - I n April, a man named Erin Walker Markland drove off a mountain road near Santa Cruz and was killed. The woman who had planned to marry him, Jordanna Thigpen , was devastated. For comfort, she turned to a man who had taken up residence next door. He had been through something similar — years before, his fiancée had been killed. Michael Hastings' publicity photo shows him as a battle-hardened war correspondent. Hastings recently had lost weight and went clean-shaven. Related Content More About "He was the only person in my life who understood what I was going through," she says. The landlord they both rented from had encouraged her to meet him, saying he was a writer. In February, Hastings had rented a one-bedroom apartment with a gorgeous view overlooking Hollywood. Often, when Hastings was done for the day, he would visit Thigpen. "We both suffered the same thing, which was depression," she says. Hastings was intensely interested in government surveillance of journalists.

40 maps that explain the world By Max Fisher By Max Fisher August 12, 2013 Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them to. So when we saw a post sweeping the Web titled "40 maps they didn't teach you in school," one of which happens to be a WorldViews original, I thought we might be able to contribute our own collection. Some of these are pretty nerdy, but I think they're no less fascinating and easily understandable. A majority are original to this blog, with others from a variety of sources. [Additional read: How Ukraine became Ukraine and 40 more maps that explain the world] Click to enlarge. MediaFire

Max Blumenthal: I knew Alterman would freak out Thousands of protesters worldwide joined in a “Day of Rage” late last week to decry Israel’s despicable Prawer Plan, a government policy (wildly underreported in this country) to destroy 35 Arab villages in the Negev desert, which will lead to the forced displacement of up to 70,000 Bedouin Israeli citizens. The plan is further vindication of Max Blumenthal’s central thesis in his new book, “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel,” namely that Israel’s raison d’etat is the maintenance and expansion of a colonial ethnocracy — the expansion of the Jewish Israeli demographic, the containment of all others. While Israeli government policies like aggressive West Bank expansion, the Gaza occupation, the warehousing of non-Jewish Israeli Africans and the Prawer Plan fiercely bear out Blumenthal’s point, the author has, since Goliath’s publication, run the gamut of predictably fervid criticism from Israel’s attack dogs within the U.S. commentariat. But Max Blumenthal is not surprised.

If No One Wants Them, Where Do We Resettle The World's Refugees? The drought in Somalia has gone from bad to worse. At least 29,000 children have died in the worst famine in 60 years. If that weren’t enough, the provisional authority governing Somalia has virtually no control outside Mogadishu (where a cholera outbreak is spreading), while Al-Shabbab insurgents controlling the southern arm of the country are both blocking aid groups from entering and preventing refugees from leaving. In the case of Somalia, neighboring Kenya doesn’t want the refugees. He has a right to be worried. What right does a non-citizen have to enter a foreign country without permission, especially when the very act of entering a country without papers means that person is ostensibly guilty of a crime? Meanwhile, European and American citizens are convinced their countries are being overrun by refugees. One answer is to spread the responsibility around. Perhaps the answer is closer at hand. Would a charter city work in Somalia? Read more from The Butterfly Effect

Dahr Jamail - Profile Pfizer Fights Backlash From U.K, U.S. on AstraZeneca Bid Pfizer Inc. (PFE)’s record of job cuts after acquisitions is now drawing heat from both sides of the Atlantic. U.S. and state politicians have joined their U.K. counterparts in questioning the economic impact of the drugmaker’s push to buy AstraZeneca Plc. (AZN) U.S. Senators Carl Levin and Ron Wyden are proposing legislation that would make it harder for U.S. companies to shift their legal addresses overseas to avoid U.S. taxes, a move Pfizer has proposed as part of the transaction. The U.S. backlash follows Read’s commitment to U.K. officials that Pfizer would keep at least 20 percent of the combined company’s research-and-development workers and substantial manufacturing plants in the U.K. for at least five years. “Despite our requests, we have received no corresponding assurances about retaining jobs and research and development in our states,” O’Malley and Markell, both Democrats, wrote in a letter obtained by Bloomberg News. Senator Carl Levin. Close Open Senator Carl Levin. U.S.

Dahr Jamail | Investigative Journalist, Author Harvard Scientists May Have Just Solved One of the Biggest Environmental Issues of Our Time For years, researchers have been attempting to find a viable, biodegradable alternative to plastic. Plastic is all around us, in the containers we store our food and in the bottles we drink our beverages from. Our groceries and shopping purchases are all brought home in plastic bags, which have earned the distinction of being "the most ubiquitous consumer item in the world," according to the Guinness World Records. That's all great, except for the fact that plastic is not a biodegradable product. But it seems we're closer to the solution than we might think. Image Credit: Harvard University Wyss Institute How it works: The main component is chitosan, a form of chitin, the second most abundant organic compound in the world. Usually, shrimp shells would be discarded or used in fertilizers or makeup. "There is an urgent need in many industries for sustainable materials that can be mass produced," said Wyss director Donald E. Image Credit: Wikimedia Eileen Shim