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Humble Comedy Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) Dragon Quest V La fiancée céleste Attention, ce dossier est en cours de rédaction et est donc incomplet Revenez sur le site régulièrement pour le consulter dans son intégralité Les topics de la communauté Consultez le travail des membres de notre communauté pour répondre à vos questions si les réponses ne sont pas dans nos dossiers! Cliquez sur les sujets ci-dessous pour les consulter! Le jeu Genre : Jeu de rôle Editeur : Square Enix Développeur : ArtePiazza Système : Super Famicom, PS2, DS Date de sortie Française : 19 Février 2009 Date de sortie Japonaise : 17 Juillet 2007 Date de sortie Américaine : 19 Février 2009 Synopsis : Vous commencez votre voyage en compagnie de votre père, Papas, qui est à la recherche de sa femme. Un système de génération hallucinant Intégration des monstres dans votre équipe Section réalisée par Poppu et Gensosuikodenjin

La plate-forme Twitch dépassée par le phénomène «Twitch plays Pokemon» Le succès de «Twitch plays Pokemon» cause de légers soucis à Twitch, la plate-forme où se réunissent chaque mois près de 45 millions de gamers pour regarder d’autres joueurs se livrer à leurs jeux vidéo favoris. Vu 17 millions de fois Dans une note de blog postée mercredi, la plate-forme constate le «phénomène», qui a déjà attiré plus de 100.000 visiteurs en même temps. Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on Problème: cet afflux de visiteurs nuit à «la qualité de service de leur système de chat». Anarchie ou démocratie? Par ailleurs, le créateur de « Twitch plays Pokemon » a annoncé qu’il avait introduit des nouveautés pour rendre le jeu plus facile à battre. Quatrième source de trafic sur Internet Fondé en 2007 sous le nom Justin.Tv, Twitch est devenu une plate-forme incontournable pour les amateurs de sport électronique.

Hinata-Online The bizarre, mind-numbing, mesmerizing beauty of “Twitch Plays Pokémon” Most gamers in my Twitter orbit have been spending their time with the Titanfall beta since invitations began going out late last week, but I’ve become entranced by a different kind of online multiplayer game. I’m talking, of course, about “Twitch Plays Pokémon,” and I haven’t seen anything like it in a decade-and-a-half of Pokémon playing. If you haven’t seen it yet, Twitch Plays Pokémon is described as “a social experiment” by its creator, who is streaming an emulated version of Pokémon Red to Viewers type commands into the Twitch chat stream, and an IRC bot translates those commands into input the game can understand. As you can see, with up to tens of thousands of people feeding commands into the game at any time, the results are a bit... chaotic. Both a Reddit liveblog and a Google document exist to track Twitch's progress, such as it is. Even if the Twitch community can clear this hurdle, it still has to perform some impossibly precise maneuvering to beat the game.

Pearltrees Extension #TwitchPlaysPokemon The upcoming run of Pokemon Red will be a Pokedex completion run by use a 151 romhack. It will start in anarchy mode and democracy mode will only be enabled if a location-specific timer ticks down to zero (leaving the area will result in the timer being paused). I had previously intended this run of Red to be anarchy mode-only but I think putting democracy mode behind a substantial, non-dodgeable timer is more realistic. Here are some of the games and romhacks being considered for future runs: Pokemon Diamond (Telefang)MoemonTouhoumonPokemon BrownPokemon PrismPokemon QuartzPokemon MarblePokemon Blue (democracy-only)Pokemon Trading Card Game (democracy-only)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (democracy-only) I like to think of it as seasons, this (and the upcoming Omega Ruby run) has been the 2014 season of TPP.

Why You Should Play Attention to Twitch Plays Pokemon Have you watched Twitch Plays Pokemon yet? It’s fascinating. Bonkers. Its rules are devilishly simple. Its speed is rapidly building an internet subculture. It’s a constant ideological war for Red’s Soul: After an explosion of users joined the game, Twitch Plays Pokemon’s creator was forced to add a ‘Democracy mode’ as a counter to the game’s ‘anarchy mode.’ It’s a reflection of how remixing culture affects the gaming world: Up until now, games haven’t been as easy to ‘remix’ or redefine as film, literature, or visual art has been—reinventing a game’s rules usually means you’re creating a new game altogether. Whether you’re looking for a weird past-time that reinvents your favorite childhood game, or you want a look at the weird digital world gamers can build in a matter of seconds, Twitch Plays Pokemon should definitely be on your radar. « Dear Jeopardy!

Game Theory: How 70,000 Pokemon Players Sabotage Themselves Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue remain as two of the most iconic games in video gaming history. They have retained a lot of nostalgia value for those who grew up playing the games (such as myself), and nowadays even adult gamers revisit such classics. On the game live-streaming site, one user simply known as “TwitchPlaysPokemon” setup a live-stream of Pokemon Red, but with a twist: all game commands, such as “up”,“down”,“left”,“right”,“b”,“a”,“select”, and “start”, would be input by typing the appropriate command into the livestream chat. At first, this seems like a crazy idea: if thousands of people are inputting commands at the same time, could we accomplish anything in the game? As it turns out, it was an idea that had gone horribly right. By the time gaming forum NeoGAF found the stream, the channel had made an unexpected amount of progress; a group of 3,000 viewes made it past the first Gym (out of eight) and continued to move forward. Then things get complicated. The kicker?