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The Panama Papers · ICIJ

The Panama Papers · ICIJ

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Panama vows action to boost financial transparency Play Video Play Fullscreen The dark side of Guardian comments Comments allow readers to respond to an article instantly, asking questions, pointing out errors, giving new leads. At their best, comment threads are thoughtful, enlightening, funny: online communities where readers interact with journalists and others in ways that enrich the Guardian’s journalism. But at their worst, they are something else entirely. The Guardian was not the only news site to turn comments on, nor has it been the only one to find that some of what is written “below the line” is crude, bigoted or just vile. On all news sites where comments appear, too often things are said to journalists and other readers that would be unimaginable face to face – the Guardian is no exception.

New cost estimating tool available for organic waste management Organic waste management – such as composting and anaerobic digestion – represents a key opportunity to reduce short-lived climate pollutants from the municipal solid waste sector. Planning and developing such projects requires a detailed understanding of the costs involved in constructing and operating organic waste management facilities. The Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s (CCAC) Municipal Solid Waste Initiative is therefore pleased to announce the availability of a new cost estimating tool for managing source separated organics, called “OrganEcs”. The OrganEcs tool helps estimate the costs associated with constructing and operating an organic waste management project.

Denying Housing Over Criminal Record May Be Discrimination, Feds Say Rowhouses in Baltimore sit across the street from a church where Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., held a meeting last summer about, among other things, reducing ex-convict recidivism. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Rowhouses in Baltimore sit across the street from a church where Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., held a meeting last summer about, among other things, reducing ex-convict recidivism.

Panama Papers Q&A: What is the scandal about? A huge leak of documents has lifted the lid on how the rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth. The files were leaked from one of the world's most secretive companies, a Panamanian law firm called Mossack Fonseca. What are the Panama Papers? The files show how Mossack Fonseca clients were able to launder money, dodge sanctions and avoid tax. Interactive Explore the changing tides of European footballing power England’s Premier League is enjoying one of its most competitive seasons for years, but at the same time the league is without a club in Europe’s top 10 for the first time in 20 years. The interplay between competitive balance and outright quality of football is a complex one, and depending on who you talk to, different levels of importance are placed on each when it comes to talk of which league is the best. Read more Premier League’s 4th Champions League spot is at risk, and keeping hold of it is about to get harder The Premier League could lose its fourth Champions League berth within two years, and things will only get more difficult the year after that.

20 May - 16 June: Compact of Mayors E-Learning Webinar Series Starting on 20 May, the Compact of Mayors will host a series of webinars - both regional and language-specific - on the newly launched e-learning tool. This e-learning course will show cities how to work through the various phases of Compact compliance in a self-paced virtual environment. The tool will also support local leaders to help them better understand the key requirements for the Compact as well as guide them through their respective city’s journey towards achieving compliance. The Compact is hosting six webinars that take a deeper dive into the platform as well as help audiences better understand best practices, ideas and strategies to relay to city leaders who are employing the tool to achieve Compact compliance.

Children spend less time outside than prison inmates Prisoners at a maximum security facility in the U.S. are guaranteed 2 hours of outdoor time daily, whereas 1 out of 2 kids worldwide spends less than an hour outside. Children spend less time outside each day than prison inmates do in the United States. Inmates are guaranteed two hours of outdoor time daily, whereas one in two children is outside for less than an hour. A recent survey of 12,000 parents in 10 countries, who have children aged five to 12, found that one-third of kids spend under 30 minutes outside each day. A new short film reveals how important it is for inmates to have their outdoor time on a daily basis and how surprised they are to learn that kids get even less. The Panama Papers — Biggest leak in History Exposes Global Corruption A huge trove of confidential documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca was made public on Sunday in what's known as One of the World’s Largest Data Leaks ever, called The Panama Papers. Over 11.5 Million Leaked Files including 2.6 Terabytes of Data Even larger than the NSA wires leak in 2013, the Panama Papers includes 2.6 Terabytes of private data, exposing an enormous web of offshore shell companies frequently used by many of the richest and most powerful members around the globe to evade taxes, hoard money, and skirt economic sanctions.

Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House, in Two Charts When President Obama announced his support last week for a Federal Communications Commission plan to open the market for cable set-top boxes — a big win for consumers, but also for Google — the cable and telecommunications giants who used to have a near-stranglehold on tech policy were furious. AT&T chief lobbyist Jim Cicconi lashed out at what he called White House intervention on behalf of “the Google proposal.” He’s hardly the first to suggest that the Obama administration has become too close to the Silicon Valley juggernaut.