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Amazing Abs Workout

Amazing Abs Workout
Hi BodyRockers, This is our last night in our hotel We got the keys to our new house today, and tomorrow morning we will move in, which means that we will do a house tour as part of tomorrows post so check back for that if you guys are curious about what our new place looks like. Some of you guys have been following for so long that you have toured almost every house that we have lived in since starting BodyRock. Not counting some extended stays in hotels, we have lived in 8 different houses since since 2008. Wow. Can’t wait to move in! Enjoy today’s workout! Best, Zuzana & Freddy Kick Upsmax. repsMountain Climber Peaksmax. repsSide Plank Knee Tuck (left & right side)max. repsPrisoner Get Upmax. repsPlank Jumpsmax. repsKnee Hugsmax. reps Get your gear for this workout here: Interval TimerGet your equipment here Part 1 – 3 minutes of 10/10 seconds intervals (no rest interval) Set your timer for 9 rounds of 10 seconds and 10 seconds intervals. Kick Ups This is the starting position. Prisoner Get Up

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How to Get Rid of Lordosis And Eliminate Lower Back Pain Lordosis is the medical term that describes the natural inward curve or “arch” in your lower back. While there’s nothing abnormal about lordosis, an excess arch or “hyper-lordosis” is a common cause of back pain and protruding gut amongst lifters who spend many hours sitting or working behind a computer like I do. As you can see in the picture on the right below, with hyper-lordosis your pelvis is tilted forward which causes your abs and glutes to stick out.

Twelve Minute Magic & Play Hard Abs Workout Break Down Set your interval timer to 16 minutes. 30 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest minute rest in between rounds. 1. Push-Ups 2. 5 High Knees , Half Burpee Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Andrea Traded CrossFit For Bikini Glory! Vital Stats Name: Andrea MaguireEmail: acidics@aol.comLocation: Cameron, NCAge: 29Height: 5'10"Weight: 155 lbs (offseason), 145 lbs (competition)Years Bodybuilding: 1 How did your fitness journey begin? My journey began in 2007 at age 23 when I was out drinking and eating nearly every night. Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness Hi BodyRockers, Zuzana and I wanted to thank you guys for all of the well wishes on the last post We are working hard to make this little community of BodyRockers even better. Our Developers are in the middle stages of building fantastic new community features that will take our BodyRockers section of the site to a whole new level.

Breathing for stability: Why "Sucking it In" doesn't work A Breathing Epidemic A patient recently shared a story with me that I have found to be emblematic of a widespread breathing epidemic. He was five years old when one day, one of his babysitters pointed to his belly and told him to “Suck in that gut.” Boost yourself: best music for weightlifting workout (TOP-15 tracks) Imagine. You’re standing in front of a squat rack and looking at a barbell trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing here and thinking that moving heavy weights is one of the absolutely pointless, stupid, boring and tiresome activity one can engage in. We all know the situation. You’ve spent quite a stressful day at the office, then got home, prepared all the stuff you need for workout, then got to gym, changed your clothes, but actually found yourself quite tired, lazy and not so enthusiastic at all. Quite the opposite, you’d rather surf the Internet, read a book or simply go to sleep.

Natural Remedy for High Levels of Cortisol Some foods, such as refined carbohydrates (e.g., white rice, potatoes and pasta) release sugar rapidly into the blood stream, raising insulin levels. Eating low-glycemic foods, which release sugar slowly into the bloodstream, lowers insulin secretion and cortisol levels, according to the Advance Health and Life Extension. Examples include lean meats, whole-grain carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Visit the Healthy Weight Forum online for a description and list of low- and high-glycemic foods. Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness Hi BodyRockers, Hi BodyRockers! So as many of you have figured out by now we are visiting and exploring Los Angeles for the next little while It’s great to be back here in West Hollywood!

Tabata Timer If you ever want to use the old tabata clock, it's still available here: Tabata Clock What's a Tabata? The word "tabata" refers to the format of the workout. You do 20 seconds of any high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 8 rounds (4 minutes total). What's Tabata This? 50 Fat-Torching Tricks: Fire Up Your Fat Loss! Looking to kick things up a notch in the weight-loss department? If you've hit a fat-loss slump, don't let those holiday pounds get you down! Cutting out that extra layer of fat might be easier than you think. Most people are missing just a few key elements in their fat-burning arsenal to transform sluggish progress into soaring results. Get moving in the right direction with these 50 tips and tricks to help jump-start your 2014 transformation! Cycle Your Carbs

Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness Hi BodyRockers, So long story short… about 2 weeks ago Freddy lost his passport while walking around downtown Prague. This little “bump” has kept our travel and moving plans stalled and uncertain. The good news is that today his new passport arrived all the way from Canada so the final race has began. We have reservations to fly early this coming week which means that the million things that we have left to do before we make yet another international move have just all gone into fast forward on us

Get Awesome Abs in 6 Easy Steps Today I'm giving you my 6-pack secrets so you can transform your abs from “flab” to “fab" in 6 easy steps! You can do millions of sit-ups, but if your diet is questionable, your abs will remain hidden beneath an unsightly layer of fat. I know how hard it is to lose fat. After years of failed attempts, I finally found a solution that works for me 365 days of the year. I practice intermittent fasting and flexible dieting. I don't follow a meal plan and I do not demonize food.