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What is Memonic

What is Memonic
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Personal Knowbase free-form information database and note organizer software -- by Bitsmith Software Welcome to commentto - neomem Mind iT - altes Pearltrees Konzept, gut! gibts nicht mehr PersonalInformationManagementProject - home Selections from the Archive: The New Yorker We partnered with The New Yorker, whose librarians dug into the magazine's archive to find some of its best works focusing on memory. These three pieces have also been made available on the magazine's website for free. __ Scars By David Owen Mar 19, 2012 David Owen recounts the most dramatic moments of his youth through the physical marks they left on his skin, describing the ways that childhood wounds can turn the body into a kind of historical document. Remember This? Known as the "Frank Lloyd Wright of computers," Gordon Bell has spent years preserving all aspects of his life. Mnemonist By E. E.