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How does the referral program work? – Fiverr Customer Support With the Fiver Referral program, you can earn rewards for you and your friends. As a registered Fiverr user, if you refer a friend to Fiverr, your friend will receive a free Gig. If your friend spends $10 or more, you will earn $5. The Fiverr Referral Program is open to all users on Fiverr. To use the Referral Program as a Guest (not logged in): From the Fiverr home page, click Share & Earn.

360°, Augmented & Virtual Reality Web Platform Warning Unfortunately something went wrong! :( While your browser seems to support WebGL, it is disabled or unavailable. Please ensure that you are running the latest drivers for your video card. For more help, please click the following link which redirects you to the chrome-browser support page. Go to "Chrome Support" page or our "Troubleshoot" page. Apple Releases Swift Playgrounds Coding App for iPad Alongside iOS 10, tvOS 10, and watchOS 3, Apple today officially released Swift Playgrounds, a new app aimed at teaching both children and adults how to code through simple interactive coding exercises. It's meant to make learning to code "easy and fun" for everyone. First announced in June at WWDC, Swift Playgrounds is meant for beginners who have no experience with coding, and it will be deployed in numerous schools around the world as standard curriculum. "Everyone should have the opportunity to learn coding, and we are excited to bring Swift Playgrounds to the next generation of programmers looking for a fun and easy way to explore key coding concepts using real code," said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering. "More than 100 schools around the world have already committed to adding Swift Playgrounds to their fall curriculum, and we can't wait to see what students create with it."

Free Tools For Teachers : Small Basic Help your students start writing their first programs quickly and easily. With only 15 keywords and an inviting development environment, Small Basic is structured to help them succeed. Students who wish to advance their software development skills can also take advantage of Small Basic's online guides and e-books to help them move ahead. Small Basic makes learning programming easy, fun, and interesting Validate EPUB and iBooks Author ebook files for Apple iBooks Store Your ebook is finished! You did your homework, fixed all the nasty errors that epubcheck threw at you, and your ebook is done. The only remaining step is to send it to Apple’s review team and cross your fingers. Creating Gig Packages – Fiverr Customer Support If you would like to provide a service on Fiverr, you first need to create a basic Gig package. A Gig® is a service listed on Fiverr’s marketplace and the package you create can include upgrades and extras, which will increase your offering beyond $5. Note: Gig Packages are only available in certain categories and will gradually be rolled out to additional categories.

Design & Create your 3D virtual exhibitions Browse RegisterLogin Design & Create your 3D virtual exhibitions Create your gallery Upload your artifacts Minecraft Education Edition: why it's important for every fan of the game At the densely crowded Bett show, a mammoth education technology conference taking up most of London’s ExCel venue, a vast audience has gathered to watch one particular demonstration. It is Microsoft’s newly announced Minecraft: Education Edition, a special version of the hugely successful building sim, specifically customised for the classroom environment. As the company representative highlights the main features, spectators photograph every single powerpoint slide. Behind the stage there’s a demo area with dozens of laptops running an early version of the new edition – all lined up on tables designed to resemble the game’s simple wooden blocks. There is a constant throng of excitable children, all desperate to play.

UNITY 3D - Game Programming Introduction Introduction It has been a while since my last article, but coming back I have decided to write an article, or a series of articles, about a game engine called UNITY 3D which happens to be one of the most popular in the industry as of today. There are several really outstanding benefits to the engine: 10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps If you've ever wanted to build an app for your business, blog, product or service, but the heavy investment of both time and money put you off, you're not alone. The good news is that entering the mobile market no longer necessarily requires thousands of dollars and months of work. There are many mobile platforms available to help you build an app on a budget — quickly, and with no coding knowledge required.

Awaken WordPress Theme Documentation 1. Introduction This is the documentation page of the Awaken WordPress Theme. We will try to keep everything well documented. Create Your Own Google Classroom - G Suite Not Required Last month Google began allowing anyone who has a Gmail address to join Google Classroom classrooms. This week that option was extended to allow anyone who has a Gmail address to create his or her own Google Classroom online classroom. Teachers who are already using Google Classroom within a G Suite for Education account already know how to create a new classroom. CC Syntax Highlighting/Code Completions v1.2 - Sublime Text 2 Hey all, I wrote a new ComputerCraft package for the text editor Sublime Text 2, which builds upon the current Lua one and includes colouring and code completions for all of the CC APIs. It also fixes the issue where the re-indent feature wouldn't work (it wouldn't code-fold at elseifs, or at functions defined in the way shown below), so you are able to use re-indent on screwed up code! It also adds support for declaring functions like this: func = function(arg1, arg2, ...) print(tostring(arg1) .. " " .. tostring(arg2) .. " " .. table.concat({...}, " "))end These functions will now be syntax-highlighted properly, and appear in the functions list when Go To Symbol (command/control+R) is selected

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