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Manuskript – Open-source tool for writers

Manuskript – Open-source tool for writers
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True Novelist - Write Your Novel Liberio | Simple eBook creation and publishing. 100 Best Writing Websites: 2017 Edition What do you picture when you imagine yourself writing? Are you quietly tapping away on your office desktop computer in the early morning hours? Maybe you’re scribbling new ideas and observations amidst the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop. It’s likely that you imagined yourself alone. But here’s the thing about great writing: it takes a village. They may be your words, but the words you write are a culmination of years of practice, learning from mentors, emulating your favorite authors, workshopping with peers and supporting fellow writers. Each year, The Write Life celebrates this “village” by releasing a list of the 100 Best Websites for Writers, and we’re excited to do so again this year. Thanks to your suggestions, you’ve helped us curate hundreds of websites to bring you the best of the best. Many are tried-and-true favorites previously featured in our 2014, 2015, and 2016 lists, and this year we’re thrilled to feature more than 50 newcomers. 1. Post you’ll like: The Batman vs. 2. 3.

byeink · Create professional ebooks Storyboard That Sigil Ebook | Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook Editor I Wrote a Novel Entirely in Evernote. Here's How. Over the past few months, we’ve highlighted some of the unique ways Evernote employees use the software they build and support—from capturing sketches to digital scrapbooking. In honor of National Novel Writing Month (a.k.a. NaNoWriMo), the head of our marketing content team shares his method for crafting a novel entirely in Evernote. Like many writers, I used to view Evernote as just one component of a larger writing system. As I grew more comfortable with Evernote over the years, I noticed I was using it to record an ever-expanding range of personal thoughts and work projects. When I no longer had to mentally switch gears to manage two different interfaces and sets of commands, my writing output accelerated. The author at NaNoWriMo’s 2014 Night of Writing Dangerously. After trying this system out on a couple of novelettes, I had it refined enough to think bigger. The set-up: from notebooks to tags Step 1. For a novel-length project, set up a notebook exclusively for that novel.

Plagiarism Checker - A Free Online Plagiarism Detector A list of key features: 1. Billions of web pages This tool has the ability to check plagiarism by matching your content against billions of webpages on the Internet. 2. It has an option for automatically rewriting the content you run on it in just one click. 3. Our similarity checker allows you to upload different formats of documents including .doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. 4. With this free online plagiarism test tool, not only are you able to upload different formats of documents, you can also check plagiarism via a website URL. 5. Our anti-plagiarism engine comes with a reporting option which allows you to download a report of the plagiarism search you run. 6. How about an option for sharing the plagiarism report generated? 7. This feature allows you to check plagiarism on documents in other languages other than English. 8. Live in the cloud? 9. 10. 11. The tool does not stop at showing you the percentage levels of plagiarized and unique content. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

The Sum of the Parts: Writing a Synopsis By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy This week's Refresher Friday takes another look at something many of us might be doing this month--writing a synopsis. Aside from queries--and maybe electronic hotel card keys--few things are as frustrating as writing a synopsis. Condensing an entire novel to just a few pages means some things are going to be minimized or even excluded. Here Are the Basics A synopsis is written in third person present tense, even if the novel is not. Just like in the novel itself, you want to show your story and make it active, but a certain amount of telling is going to happen just due to the nature of synopses. You also want to convey a sense of building doom and escalating trouble, and encourage readers to wonder what happens next. There are usually a half dozen or so major moments in a novel--the set pieces. (Here's more on how to write a scintillating synopsis) The Opening Scene In the book: The opening scene is, of course, the way the book opens. The Inciting Event Climax

ADRIFT: Create your own Interactive Fiction What is Interactive Fiction? Interactive Fiction (formerly referred to as Text Adventures) are a cross between reading a book and playing a game, where you control the main character. Rather than reading the story from start to finish, you interact with everything by typing commands at a prompt, discovering things as you go along. Well written games give you, the player, the impression that anything you type is understood by giving a sensible and meaningful response. Most interactive fiction follows the same basic rules - these include walking from location to location using compass directions (north, east, south-west etc). How do you create Interactive Fiction games? There are several different systems for creating interactive fiction. ADRIFT is different by being a completely GUI driven application, designed to be intuitive and easy to use. ADRIFT has a separate editor for each item you want to add to your game. About ADRIFT Developer ADRIFT 5 Developer is free. About ADRIFT Runner

50 of the Best Websites for Writers There are tons of reference sites on the web that can help you find a job or write a poem, essay or story. Here is a list of the best 50 websites for writers. Reference Websites Merriam-Webster Online - Merriam Webster is the perfect place to look up words and find information. The site offers a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, podcasts, word games and a lot of other things that may be of interest to writers and word-lovers. General Writing Websites Writer's Digest - Probably one of the best all-around websites for writers, Writer's Digest offers information on writing better and getting published. Fiction Writing Websites - publishes a Guide to Fiction Writing with general information about fiction writing and a number of community forums for both current and aspiring writers. Nonfiction Writing Websites Bella Online - This site offers a large collection of resources for nonfiction writers. Websites for Freelance Writers and Authors

10 of My Favorite Writing Craft Sites The writing journey is all about discovering what works best of for each of us as individual, and very unique, writers. Learning from others is valuable in helping us glean tips and fit together the puzzle pieces that will form our own writing processes. Today, I’d like to share with you ten of the sites that inspire, educate, and help me refine my process—plus, they’re run by a bunch of super awesome folks! 1. Jody Hedlund: Her spot-on insights into the publishing and marketing processes never fail to offer me something to chew on. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.