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6 Hot Summer Eye Makeup Tutorials!

6 Hot Summer Eye Makeup Tutorials!
I am going to clue you all in on a little secret, I have never been taught how to put on makeup! Honestly, I have had very little interest in makeup, hair or beauty in any way until recently. I don't know what it is, but as the kids get older and I find I have more time, there is actually a renewed interest in looking my best. A while ago, I posted a roundup with 5 short hair tutorials for summer. Today, I thought I would do a roundup for some of the makeup tutorials I have come across for summer eye looks. Enjoy! 1. I really love this look. 2. I don't know what it is, but I really love the striking green color in this one down near the lashes and then the more smokey/muted feel of the rest of the look. 3. This one is not a video, but it is one of my favorites in those I have run across so I wanted to share. Photo from the tutorial. 4. 5. This is a toned down version of the traditional dark smokey eye and would be great for summer nights. 6. Kathleen Bunn

BH Cosmetics, BHCosmetics - Eyes BH Cosmetics has a beautiful line of Eye Makeup: including, eyeshadow palettes, eye liners, primers, glitter & false eyelashes. Eyeshadow Palettes Mascara False Eyelashes Makeup Glitter Collection How To Get The Rock Chick Look (Music And Style) Celebrity make-up artist Daniel Sandler shows you how to get the rock chick, 'just got out of bed' look. This is makeup with an attitude, so watch VideoJug's guide to doing the rock chick look and get it right. Step 1: You will need Matte grey eye shadow eyeliner pencil loose silver shimmer eye shadow small brush eyelash curlers black mascara under-eye concealer lip gloss cotton bud Step 2: Eye shadow

Fun Fridays: Easy Nail Art As I have mentioned in the past, I am really enjoying Lauren Conrad's new website The Beauty Department. They always have fun hair, makeup, nail, clothing and decorating ideas that are a little out of the box. Take a peek at the website, you may be surprised at what you find. My newest find is nail art! Eye Makeup Techniques Knowing the right eye makeup techniques can help you accurately and easily achieve the look you want. When applied correctly, eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascara can transform anyone from the girl next door to a ravishingly sexy siren. Learn which techniques work best and find out what's new and hot. Different Types of Eye Makeup Techniques

Makeup Mon...errr Tuesday: Green Eyes First, I know it's Tuesday and I'm predictably late with Makeup Monday. I hope the lack of alliteration doesn't detract from the post; I promise that I have lots of great excuses for not putting this up yesterday. Or, I fell asleep. One of my first forays into the wonderful world of bright eyeshadow was with a beautiful shade of green from Milani (whose older shadows were amazing), and I was forever hooked. Green has since become the most popular color in my rather large makeup collection, though I can't remember the last time I gave them a proper spotlight.

Its because I think too much: Galactic Manicure I loved how my glittery gradient mani turned out so much that I decided to do a variation on it, using the night sky as my inspiration! Here's how I did it: 1. DIY - MAKE YOUR OWN WAX FOR HAIR REMOVAL - Fashion + Beauty on Shine I was chatting with someone on my flight back from my vacation. She lived in another country where salons are hard to come by or if they are around, they aren't very good. So, sometimes a girl has got to depend on herself. You can make one on your own so easily. So when I described it to her, she loved it and she said I just have to put it up online. So here goes: &How-To: Newsprint Manicure & A Pretty Penny I saw this newsprint manicure over on The Daily Nail and thought it was adorable (especially for bookworms and word lovers like myself). I did a little Google detective work to see how to recreate it, and was surprised at how easy it is! All of the tutorials I found called for vodka or other clear distilled spirits, but we were fresh out. I used isopropyl alcohol instead, and it seemed to get the job done. I tried a quick and dirty version this afternoon to share it with you: