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/////////// ArcStreet ////////// ARCHITECTURE ART DESIGN FASHION MUSIC & CO ///////////////////////////////////////////

/////////// ArcStreet ////////// ARCHITECTURE ART DESIGN FASHION MUSIC & CO ///////////////////////////////////////////
On May 31, the Musée Soulages will open its doors in Rodez (south of France), birthplace of the painter. The museum will present the exceptional donations of Pierre and Colette Soulages . With more than 500 works and documents these donations are the most substantial ever granted by an artist during his lifetime. The museum, future reference and platform for the discovery of international modern and contemporary creation, will present to the public the exhibition titled "Outrenoir(s) in Europe : museums and foundations". The exhibition brings together 24 "Outrenoirs" that the artist has made from 1979 to 2011. Pierre Soulages was personally involved in the selection of this works to compose a representative set.

all about visual art Desktop Calendar – January 2014 2014 begins and we are starting the fourth round of our desktop calendar series. We are looking forward to a successful New Year and wish you all the best. If you want this wallpaper at your desktop feel free to download in different resolutions or tell us if you need something else. [...] Dezember 31, 2013Toni PolkowskiDesign, Photography, Wallpaper Desktop Calendar – December 2013

hitRECordJoe We’re going to be making a Music Video for the song “You Got All You Need” - come & play along with the song in the great outdoors! To support this collaboration, we’re really excited to announce that SONY is going to be sending out FIFTY new Music Video Recorders (SONY HDR-MV1) to some of the more prominent and established musicians in our community! MUSICIANS: Play along to THIS SONG & RECord video yourself in Nature performing your part.

Viviane Sassen's 'In and Out of Fashion' We’re pretty excited about Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen‘s new book In And Out Of Fashion that combines 17 years worth of her fashion photography. Published by Prestel, highlights include campaigns for fashion powerhouses Carven, Stella McCartney, Adidas and Missoni, and various projects and editorials shot for magazines Numéro, Double, Another Magazine and Dazed & Confused. The book features 250 color plates displayed in varying sizes and formats; a detail that seems to emphasize the vastness of Sassen’s career. The work is alive, fearless, visionary. She excites us with her clever juxtapositions and shapes, her creations of complete and fragmented beauty.

3 exemples de site Internet immersif Lundi 18 avril 2011 1 18 /04 /Avr /2011 07:33 Un site immersif est un site qui propose à l'internaute de vivre une expérience. Que ce soit par une participation mentale (enquêter, se repérer, comprendre, …) et/ou par une interaction physique (déplacer un personnage, voir, entendre, …), l’internaute est véritablement immergé dans le site. Ces sites, souvent développés en Flash, rivalisent d’imagination et d’innovation en matière de technologie. Nous nous étions déjà amusé avec le site de Wangler , avions voyagé dans le monde de Monet ou de celui de Jim Carey et colorié le site de Tracy Chapman, voici aujourd’hui les 3 perles du moment. subjectivity At the moment it comes out of my mouth, I know I've said something that I neither whole heartedly believe in nor fully understand. “Blurring the boundaries between art and design”, I say. It sounds just so exciting. I'd love to go and blur some of those boundaries. In fact, I envision it as something like the dismantling of the Berlin wall, a sort of righteous attack on the artifice of the old guard that had been left standing by our own complacency. There are many un-thought through phrases that spin out of mine and, dare I say, many of your mouths yet blurring boundaries is one that can be heard all too often these days, particularly in galleries, showrooms and magazines just like the one you're holding now.

Travel photography, Fashion photography, Documentary photography, Editorial photography, and Portrait Photographers: Feature Shoot Lisa Weatherbee, [@jungletimer] / Apr. 26, 27, 28 Tony Katai, [@kataiiiiiiii] / Apr. 29, 30, May 1 Our latest line-up of guest Instagrammers takes us all over North America. We begin with Lisa Weatherbee in NYC, travel with Detroit native Tony Katai, rope goats in Texas alongside Jennifer Boomer, see some skate culture in Ottawa through Josh Hotz and finish up in Graceland with Michelle Newman. Interested in taking over our feed? Blog posts and news about the top illustration and design from all over the world Follow us Become a fan on: New Prints Every Day Underwater Nude Series Découverte de cette très belle série par le photographe Neil Craver intitulée « OmniPhantasmic ». Des compositions esthétiques avec ces corps nues et en mouvements pris dans des milieux sous-marins. Un univers très intéressant à découvrir en images dans la suite de l’article.

TOPMEN男装网-男装流行趋势网站,提供男装流行趋势分析,男装品牌资讯,男装搭配 - TOPMEN blog.lezilus MVRDV Architecture / WATER CUBE / yeosu expo 2012 Korea - /////////// ArcStreet ////////// ARCHITECTURE ART DESIGN FASHION MUSIC & CO /////////////////////////////////////////// Jeudi 7 janvier 2010 4 07 /01 /Jan /2010 22:25 images: Luxigon pour MVRDV Le pouvoir et la beauté des oceans mis en exergue par la proposition de l'agence d'architecture MVRDV pour l'exposition de 2012. Comme s'il s'agissait de l'extraction d'un bloc d'ocean pour l'offrir aux visiteur de la yeosu expo 2012 en Korée. Les parois de l'éficice composés de bassins d'eau, des bouts de mer afin de réproduir la sensation d'etre sous l'eau.

Bullett Media Street Art Graffiti showcase (NDLR)

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