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Engineers Without Borders UK

Engineers Without Borders UK
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EngineeringUK Promoting the vital contribution of engineers, engineering and technology. Environment, carbon and sustainability | Home | The ENDS Report The European Wind Energy Association | EWEA Engineers Against Poverty About the People & Planet Network …is the largest student network in Britain campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. We’re a student-led movement that empowers young people with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to make change happen, at home and globally. Over the years, student activists have: helped 1,200 Honduran workers get their jobs back following the world’s largest ever garment boycott forced the education sector to take climate change seriously, driven by the People & Planet Green League made the 3rd largest UK pension fund, USS, the first to publish an ethical investment policy following our Ethics for USS campaign helped secure the world’s first Climate Change Act and organised the UK’s largest ever climate demonstration got the G8 to pledge 100% access to HIV/AIDS treatment forced the UK government to cancel $88bn of developing country debt as key members of the Jubilee 2000 campaign Find out more, or hear what people say about us.

Welcome to the Graduate School of the Environment Mainstreaming sustainable development: government progress 2013 Sustainable development requires consideration of the economic, environmental and social factors in decision making to deliver the right policies now and enable others to do the same in the future. Defra has published this report on behalf of the government to provide an overview of what has been achieved so far in the move towards mainstreaming sustainable development. The report will be of interest to those with a concern for sustainability in government, but also more widely. The government continues to move towards fully embedding sustainable development in its policies and operations and solid foundations have been put in place to enable further improvement in this area. In February 2011, the government launched its vision for mainstreaming sustainable development in relation to the operation of its buildings and estates, including the goods and services that it buys and the policies it makes.

Entertainment Designer - Theme Park Design & Museum News EcoGeek - Brains for the Earth Energy4me | Essential Energy Education: issues, careers, classroom resources The Crown Estate || Homepage CFD Consulting as a Career Not too long ago, someone asked me a question about making the transition to a CFD consulting position. If you are already using CFD as a regular part of your work, maybe you are thinking about the same thing. Is it for you? How do you go about finding a position with a CFD consultancy? Obviously, there are no hard and fast answers to these questions, because every case is different, but here are some thoughts based on my own experience. In my case , I worked for several years on the development and support of the Wind-US CFD solver . I have found working as a consultant to be extremely rewarding. One important factor which made this possible for me was a fairly large research contract from the U.S. Every consulting company is different in the way they handle hiring a new employee. If you do get a CFD consulting job, my recommendation is that, regardless of which type of company has hired you, try to bring in your own contracts. So how about you? Take an inventory of your skills.