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Gallery of Data Visualization - Introducton

Gallery of Data Visualization - Introducton
This Gallery of Data Visualization displays some examples of the Best and Worst of Statistical Graphics, with the view that the contrast may be useful, inform current practice, and provide some pointers to both historical and current work. We go from what is arguably the best statistical graphic ever drawn, to the current record-holder for the worst. Like good writing, good graphical displays of data communicate ideas with clarity, precision, and efficiency. [See the Bad Writing Contest for examples of The Best of Bad Writing. Do you know of other examples of the Best or Worst in Statistical Graphics on the Web? These pages are organized as a collection of images, along with a few of the 1000 words each may be worth and some links to original sources. Related:  Excel Projects

Track your family's water usage Introduction Some of us take water, a basic necessity for sustaining human life, for granted. We use it without thinking about it. What do you and your family do that uses water? How much water does each of these activities typically require? According to the U.S. The average U.S. home uses more than 100,000 gallons of water (inside and outside) per year (U.S. In this activity, you will follow a series of steps to determine how much water your family uses, record your findings in an Office Excel 2007 spreadsheet, and then write a report analyzing your findings. Mastering Film » Digging Deep – An Interview with Frank Rose I’m incredibly honored to bring you my first interview on this site, with Frank Rose, author of The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories, published by Norton in 2011. In this interview, Frank and I discuss the new generation of “the people formerly known as the audience,” transmedia storytelling, the history of immersion, issues that arise from it, and film’s place in this new storytelling culture. TYLER WEAVER (TW): Tell me a bit about the Art of Immersion, the book itself, and how you came to write it. FRANK ROSE (FR): I had been writing for Wired for close to ten years when I started on the book. Mostly what I had done for Wired was covering the intersection of media and technology. Advertising — literally everything from Hollywood to cell phones. The first was a piece on 3D, and I interviewed James Cameron. FR: Right! The idea of serialization is purely a product of technology. TW: Right. TW: I agree with you.

The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization Francesco Franchi – Infographics Analisi Grafica Published every month on IL – Intelligence in lifestyle An information graphic has to be an intelligent representation. Letteratura Grafica Published on IL – Intelligence in lifestyle Letteratura Grafica, through non-linear infographic language, aims to translate into two-dimensional spaces the relationships and connections between the characters and the elements of the story. Other infographics Published on IL – Intelligence in lifestyle and other magazines While words and sentences are part of the verbal communication system, images and graphical representations are the key elements for visual communication. All the infographics are available in higher resolution on my Flickr

Connecting Math to Our Lives | Collaboration Centre Connecting Math to Our Lives In this project students are invited to a) explore how math is used in their families and communities; and b) use math skills to investigate community or social concerns and then take action to promote greater equity in the world around them. Possible project/classroom activities: a) "What Math Means to Me" (Product: A math collage to share with a partner class) b) "Everyday Math in My Community" (Product: Report describing an interview. c) Statistics and Society (Product: Analysis of a graph or chart showing statistical or numeric data on a social, political, scientific, or environmental issue. d) Promoting Equity at Our School Site or Service Learning in Our Community (Product: Report on the actions students have taken in their communities or schools to promote greater equity, including a brief summary of the data and analysis on which those actions were based.) Puerto Rico Argentina English, Spanish October-November, 2011 and March-May, 2012

NORTH CUMBERLAND MIDDLE SCHOOL activities *Communication Technology* Manufacturing Technology* Construction Technology*Transportation Technology*Energy and Power Technology 8th Grade Activity Computer Literacy Microsoft Excel Assignment 2 Introduction: The students will create an edit a worksheet in Microsoft Word using the skills learned in class. Word File A Picture of Abraham Lincoln Microsoft Word Assignment 1 Microsoft Excel Assignment 3 Introduction: This assignment requires the student to organize information, create a chart and analyze the data in the chart. Print Assignment Introduction:The students will create an edit a spreadsheet document using the skills learned in class. Excel Pretest Instructions Excel File B Microsoft Word/Excel Test 1 Introduction: This test requires the students to apply what was learned in the previous assignments above to create a word document and a spreadsheet document. Introduction to Technology This project requires the student to create an original magazine cover page using photo editing software.

Think Design Blog - Free Vectors - 230 Marker Illustrator Brushes So normally I make my weekend post on Saturday, but this freebie took a bit longer than expected to wrap up. But here it is! It is 230 free vector marker brushes. The pack includes all shapes, sizes and colors. I tried to include as many colors as possible, but elected for mostly toned down colors, so that they could have a wider range of uses. Did you like this post? Infographics online course Image gallery: 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis November 7, 2013 03:21 PM ET The chart below originally accompanied our story 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis (April 20, 2011). We're updating it as we cover additional tools, including 8 cool tools for data analysis, visualization and presentation (March 27, 2012) and Six useful JavaScript libraries for maps, charts and other data visualizations (March 6, 2013). Click through to those articles for full tool reviews. Features: You can sort the chart by clicking on any column header once to sort in ascending order and a second time to sort by descending (browser JavaScript required). Skill levels are represented as numbers from easiest to most difficult to learn and use: Users who are comfortable with basic spreadsheet tasks Users who are technically proficient enough not to be frightened off by spending a couple of hours learning a new applicationPower usersUsers with coding experience or specialized knowledge in a field like GIS or network analysis.

HyperStat Online: An Introductory Statistics Textbook and Online Tutorial for Help in Statistics Courses Recommend HyperStat to your friends on Facebook Click here for more cartoons by Ben Shabad. Other Sources Stat Primer by Bud Gerstman of San Jose State University Statistical forecasting notes by Robert Nau of Duke University related: RegressIt Excel add-in by Robert Nau CADDIS Volume 4: Data Analysis (EPA) The little handbook of statistical practice by Gerard E. Stat Trek Tutorial Statistics at square 1 by T. Concepts and applications of inferential statistics by Richard Lowry of Vassar College CAST by W. SticiGui by P. SurfStat by Keith Dear of the University of Newcastle. Introductory statistics: Concepts, models, and applications by David W. Multivariate statistics: Concepts, models, and applications by David W. Electronic textbook by StatSoft A new view of statistics by Will Hopkins of the University of Otago The knowledge base: An online research methods textbook by William M.

empowerstudents - Advanced Excel and Using Formulas Excel lesson templateHow to enter formulas You are able to write any formula in Microsoft Excel. Formulas usually have at least two parts: constants and variables. Constants are numbers, such as 12 or -5. Variables represent a number, such x or n. For example, in the equation 2 + x = 5, 2 and 5 are constants, and x is a variable that represents the number 3. You can change the Sum function to one of the others by clicking where Excel displays Sum in the bottom corner: Sometimes, you may want to have one of these functions actually written into the spreadsheet. This equation will be the coding (the programming that tells Excel what to do) behind the cell. When you enter a formula in Microsoft Excel, it can only solve for one variable at a time. Image from The reason for this is that every formula has to be written so that Excel can read it. Excel allows users to use ranges of data without having to type every cell. Press enter and Excel will return the average.

Google Analytics Add Social Reports To Service; Measure Social Media's ROI Being able to measure the impact and addition of social media on your site has been the holy grail for many marketers. It's normally said that it improves the number of visits and interactions with your site, but exactly how much of an improvement it makes has been unclear. Until now, that is. Google Analytics has unveiled a new set of social reports, designed to connect social media stats with business metrics and give you a clear picture of how exactly social media is benefiting your site. Announcing the changes on their Analytics blog, Group project manager Phil Mui said that the three main factors that Analytics will help with are: The main change is that there is an overview report for social value, letting you see how much conversation value is generated from the different social media sites. The conversations report allows you to see exactly how many conversions originate from the different social media sites.

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