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ArbotiX-M Robocontroller The ArbotiX-M Robocontroller is at the heart of every Interbotix Robot. This versatile robot controller is an advanced control solution for BIOLOID and DYNAMIXEL based actuators. As an Arduino compatible microcontroller the Arbotix Robocontroller also benefits from a huge open source community of libraries and examples. Since its release in 2010 the Arbotix has quickly become a favorite among builders worldwide from hobby to high level research. The 'M' in ArbotiX-M stands for mini - this new board is over 25% smaller than the original ArbotiX!

PhotoSpeak App - The Techie Teacher PhotoSpeak is a FREE app that can make photographs COME ALIVE. Warning: It is seriously creepy. This app literally transfers any portrait photo into a 3D moving avatar. PhotoSpeak compares its products to the talking pictures seen in Harry Potter's Hogwarts castle. Check out a few Famous Americans first graders worked on today (The first one was my example that I showed them before starting the project): The One-Man Hide And Seek (Click here to view the multiple-player version)Introduction: The one-man hide and seek, aka the one-man tag, is a ritual for contacting the dead. The spirits which are wandering restless on the earth are always looking for bodies to possess. In this ritual you summon such a spirit by offering it a doll instead of a human body.

Online HTML Editor Use this online HTML editor to create HTML snippets or even whole HTML pages for your website or blog. <p><strong>This online HTML editor requires JavaScript to run</strong>. Your browser either doesn't support JavaScript, or JavaScript is currently disabled (via preferences or options). 5 Excellent Rubric Making Tools for Teachers June 18, 2016 Rubrics are scoring charts used to assess and evaluate a particular learning or teaching activity. As is explained in this guide, rubrics are helpful for both teachers and students: teachers can use them when designing lesson plans and grading assignments; students can use them to make sure they meet the learning expectations and requirements of an assignment or project work. Rubric making should not be a complicated task, it should only speak to the core requirements of a given task while channeling focus to the learning outcomes.

Roboplus Roboplus RoboPlus is software to create a customized program for every ROBOTIS product. Roboplus can installed at the following link Roboplus includes following two key features Roboplus Task Roboplus Motion Roboplus Task: Roboplus Task is a computer program which consists of instructions to control robot's actions. Favorite Sites for Free Clipart and Photos I use a lot of visuals in my work. I prefer to use my own photographs and to draw my own illustrations. When it's not practical or possible to use my own work, I rely on a handful of websites that provide copyright friendly images.

Cassandra Clare Snapshot sent to me from #shadowhunters set–Alec (Matthew Daddario) but where could he be…thanks @mcgswonderland! :) nephilimdaily: @Kat_McNamara: Victory shot with @DomSherwood1 after winning #Werewolf. We make a good team, my friend.

Free Word Cloud Generator Word clouds can be extremely useful for gaining insights into virtually any large body of text. They can be used to study such things as corporate reports, political speeches, historical documents, news reports, public opinions, tweets, and so forth. This particular word cloud generator is designed to be not only flexible and easy-to-use, but also to produce high-quality, visually appealing word cloud images. In the images created by this word cloud generator you will find that the most frequently occurring words within your text appear toward the center of the cloud, while less frequent words appear at the periphery. You will also notice that the size of each word varies in direct proportion to the frequency with which it appears in your text.

19 Great Web Tools and Mobile Apps for Creating Interactive Timelines July 11, 2016 Besides posters and infographics timelines are great learning tools to help students visualize their learning and enhance their overall comprehensibility. Timelines can be incorporated almost in any subject area and can be used to teach a wide variety of topics from historical events to bibliographical information. Web technologies have immensely facilitated the process of creating a timeline and anyone can quickly design an interactive timeline in few steps. Analog Feedback Servo - Servomotoren - Motoren It looks like a servo, it acts like a servo, but it's more than just a servo! We got a factory to custom-make these classic 'standard' sized hobby servos with a twist - the feedback (potentiometer wiper) line is brought out to a fourth white wire. You can read this wire with an analog input such as those on an Arduino, to get the servo's position. That information can be used in robotics to improve stability or even allow 'recording' of servo motion. Check out our example Arduino sketch which demonstrates how to record motion data to the EEPROM and then play it back when a button is pressed. Comes with a range of horns as seen above.

Google Apps and sites Sites and Apps for Education Mappe Concettuali, Aggregatori di lezioni, Repository Thinglink Mindomo Blendspace Pearltrees Diablo III Leah Cosplay by Miyuko Character Leah from the game Diablo III, cosplayed by Korean cosplayer Miyuko. You can click images to enlarge.

One thing that I refuse to shorten iare the url links and code for my creativecommons licenses. I definitely do not want link rot for those. I use primarily when the available space is limited or I just feel like shortening things. by supermangirl Mar 14

yes it is, I use it all the time. There can be trust issues (unkown redirection) and link rot: so use it at the right times. by electronics Mar 14

Best part about is that it gives basic analytics on your shortened links. You can also customize the links too so you can rename it to real words instead of random characters like x4Xjfbax. by cliff.tam Sep 23

Google also has a URL shortener that you put in long URL's then press "Shorten" for them one by one . Long process if you are doing several though . by mirlen101 Sep 22

Twitter now automatically shortens the URL's for you but is still useful. by electronics Sep 21