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View topic - Brushless direct drive GIMBAL - big revolution for a few $

View topic - Brushless direct drive GIMBAL - big revolution for a few $
MultiWii is a general purpose software to control a multirotor RC model. It can now use various sensors but was initially developed to support Nintendo Wii console gyroscopes and accelerometers. We can find these sensors in the extensions of the Nintendo WiiMote: Wii Motion Plus and Wii Nunchuk. This project was an opportunity to develop my own software on an Arduino platform. The achieved stability is excellent for FPV and allows any kind of acrobatics. The software is for the moment able to control a tricopter, a quadricopter or a hexacopter.

brushless-gimbal - Brushless Gimbal Controller We have moved this Project to sourceforge by Jan 10, 2014 Please refer to sourceforge in the future, as this site will not be updated any more. Projekt Homepage : Brushless Gimbal Controller by Ludwig Färber (Hardware and Software) , Alexander Rehfeldt (Software) and Christian Winkler (Software) This is an OPEN SOURCE Project. Commercial Use of this Project has to be arranged with us in advance. With Downloading our Software and/or Hardware files, you accept this condition.

Debuter Cette page vous offre un aperçu du Mikrokopter (MK). Quelques Videos, illustrant les fonctions du Mikrokopter : Videos Software Version 0.76 Test L4-Sets Multi Wii Copter LCD Config – HeliWiki LCD_Config is a hardware and software solution to program the Multi Wii Copters on flying field, also it contains the possibility to log data while flying and playback the log files to the MultiWiiConf. It is an open-source project and is copyleft licensed under the GNU General Public License. Features

Nacelle Brushless / Brushless Gimbal – Update 29.January A new GUI and Firmware will soon be available, here is a short introduction to the new GUI / Firmware and quick tuning guide. We will make a new video in 2 weeks showing the complete settings : New Alexmos GUI quick introduction / tuning guide from Fabien Deregel on Vimeo. - DIY GImbal: ArduCopter - Ma passion du modélisme Qu'est-ce que ArduCopter? ArduCopter est un outil facile à mettre en place et facile à piloter la plate-forme pour multirotors et des hélicoptères. Ses caractéristiques vont bien au-delà des manuels de base multicopters RC de contrôle sur le marché aujourd'hui.

Simple AlexMos brushless gimbal from Viacopter Like everyone else in the MR community the AutoQuad Team was seeking for a solution for a top notch gimbal control, though the internal camera stabilization of the AQ6 worked pretty well even with cheap gimbal/servo combos. Spreadsheet for PIDs and other settings for different gimbals/ This video shows the complete setup and tuning process, examplary connected to an AutoQuad FC Thanx to the SBGC project by Alex Moskalenko and the efforts of AQ Team members like Jussi (ViaCopter), Paul (Flyduino), Felix (famous Flyduino NanoWii and UltraESC design) and SebastianJ (Gimbal design) we'll soon have what many desire: an affordable, simple but effective solution for Multirotors - and any vehicle you can think of attaching it to. I'll try to collect some more info about Alexmos' SimpleBGC as we go... Here you can find more info on the VectorDD / Alexmos brushless gimbal

Sammelbestellung Gimbal Brushless Controller 50x50mm UPDATE 10.02.2013 aktuellstes Layout: Die Eagles Files:Brushless Gimbal 50x50mm update 11.02.2013 ThermalPad am Treiber akt. Und die Einkaufsliste: ___UPDATE 05.02.2013 Das erste Board ist fertig: Sammelbestellung ist erst einmal geschlossen. Bitte habt Verständnis....EDIT: bei MAX 95 Controller ist Schluss!Hallo Leute,ich finde es Klasse, dass sich das Team Ludwig Färber, Alexander Rehfeld und Christian Winkler um die Entwicklung des Codes so bemühen.Erst heute ist eine neue Version online gestellt wurden. Source macht Spaß und sollte meiner Meinung nach von allen die Interesse daran haben auch genutzt werden können.Dazu gehört ein geiler Preis!

Powered By ShopPad Welcome to Allied Drones, a source for professional-grade products and equipment for cinema, law enforcement, and government UAV operators. We have developed a wide range of hardware to make your job easier and faster and help your drone operate at peak performance. Allied Drones specialize in the manufacture of custom machined carbon fiber and composite components made from aerospace-grade materials including: Camera Gimbal Adapter KitsComplete Ready to Fly UAVsAccessory Mounting PlatesAnti-Vibration IsolatorsCustom One-Off Projects The experienced team at Allied Drones come from a background of nearly 15 years of special effects and pyrotechnics in the Hollywood film industry and continue to operate our on fleet of very heavy lift multirotors for film, television, and commercial work around the world.

Multi Rotor Fans Club Hello, Un mini tuto pour ceux qui auraient des problèmes pour faire communiquer le contro Drotek avec son PC.Avec la version 046 et un PC sous win7, il faut avoir un port com qui corresponde à un de libre dispo dans le code, pour ce faire, il faut parfois le renommer. La procédure est la suivante, allez dans le gestionnaire de périphériques et ouvrir gestionnaire concerné : Ci dessous le port com qui correspond, là je l'ai déjà changé de 17 à 2 : Tarot 5D2 Gimbal [TL100AAA] - $510.00 : FOXTECH FPV SYSTEM You need purchase a Shock Absorber in addition to mount gimbal on a multi-coptor. Tarot 5D2 3-axis Gimbal TL100AAA Description: Suitable for Full Frame Digital Cameras (such as: CANON 5DMark II/5D Mark III, SONY α900, NIKON D800E/D700/D800, etc). Adopts Japan 3K pure carbon fiber plate and 25MM3K hollow pure carbon fiber pipe (none 3K glass fiber pipe) with higher standard than similar products, which belongs to professional Commercial products. The 3-axis gravity of camera mount can be adjusted according to actual demand, besides, the rudder servo can rotate in 360 degrees.

b-gimbal - Controller software for B-Gimbal (brushless gimbal). B-Gimbal is a GUI application for RC FAN2/Lonestar/Alois gimbal controller software, and is written in Visual Basic 6 for Windows environment. Quickstart: see WIKI. Features update version 1.2: Works with RC FAN2/Lonestar/Alois firmware 49B_r161. H3-2D 3rd-Axis Upgrade Kit Adds the much needed 3rd-axis for stabilizing pan movements for the DJI H3-2D 2-axis gimbal. This kit also works for the Tarot T-2D GoPro gimbal as well. Uses a low-profile pan axis motor which keeps the total height addition to only 23mm. Comes pre-assembled, setup and tuned, with the "follow" mode enabled. Settings can be modified using the standard AlexMos BaseCam GUI, but this is not usually required. All that is required is attaching the IMU to the back of the camera plate, and connecting the power leads.