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Webdesign, WordPress & Social Media in Berlin

Webdesign, WordPress & Social Media in Berlin
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Naturkleidung und Heimtextilien zu fairen Preisen - hessnatur Deutschland hessnatur ist Mode fürLebensstil und Lebensfreude mit Verantwortung für Mensch und Natur. Lebensstil Marke Wir blicken nach vorn: hessnatur ist für die Kunden Teil ihres natürlichen und bewussten Lebensstils. Wegweisende Ideen prägen unsere Kollektionen. Lebensfreude Produkt Unsere Produkte erzählen authentische Geschichten. Die Bilder inspirieren, die Mode ist Ausdruck von Lebensfreude: ‚Ich fühl mich wohl in hessnatur Verantwortung Unternehmen hessnatur setzt ökologische und soziale Standards, um Ressourcen der Natur zu schützen und Menschen mit ihrer Würde und Arbeitskraft zu respektieren. Wir tun alles, um die Erde in ihrer Vielfalt für die nächste Generation zu erhalten. Wir leben unsere Ideen mit einer klaren Vision Materialien 100% unseres reinen Baumwoll-Sortiments sind in kontrolliert biologischer Qualität. Umweltschutz Giftfreiheit ist die ökologische Konsequenz unseres Handelns Soziale Standards Zeichen zu setzen gegen menschenunwürdige Arbeitsbedingungen. Damit die Welt ein Morgen hat Die Idee

Imprint - The Online Community for Graphic Designers Way back in the 20th Century, back before one small, viral meme could have more impact and influence than tons of Times op-eds, newspapers still mattered. But it was also a time of severely limited access to communication outlets. As A.J. Liebling noted: “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own... The New York Times got it wrong about the highly hyped Batman #50 with its description of the caped crusader’s nuptials to Catwoman. Fantasy artist Ken Kelly was just five years into his professional career when he received the assignment of a lifetime—painting the cover for… Chesley Bonestell is little remembered today except by hardcore science fiction fans. After 14 years in field, designer Russ Honican joined Trailer Park, where he runs the department of motion graphics and works hands on as a designer. Lana Roulhac has more than 10 years of design expertise, focusing especially on bringing humanity and relevance to government design and technology brands.

Web Design Blog, Tutorials and Inspiration | Web Design Ledger Meine Top 10 Google-Webfonts für Webdesigns in 2013 Als Webdesigner ist man immer auf der Suche nach geeigneten, schönen Free-Fonts für neue Webdesigns und dank kostenloser Schriften-Ressourcen wie den Google Webfonts werden die Möglichkeiten glücklicherweise auch immer vielseitiger. Die Zeiten in denen Georgia, Arial und Verdana im Web dominiert haben sind also endlich vorbei (nichts gegen diese Schriften, aber etwas mehr Vielseitigkeit ist doch wünschenswert). Als Inspirationsquelle für mehr typografische Vielfalt in deinen Webdesigns hier eine kleine Sammlung meiner derzeitigen Google Web-Font Favoriten. 1. Source Sans Pro ist die erste Open-Source Schriftfamilie von Adobe. 2. Die minimalistische und rund wirkende Muli gibt es in vier Schnitten (Book 300 und Normal 400, auch jeweils als Italic). 3. Die Serifen-Schrift Gentium Basic in Normal und Bold (plus jeweils Italic) ist sehr angenehm lesbar und eignet sich daher vor allem, wenn man auf der Suche nach einer serifen Fließtext-Schrift ist. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ähnliche Beiträge magazine du graphisme design illustration video 3D: Accueil 10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines - Smashing Magazine Everyone would agree that usability is an important aspect of Web design. Whether you’re working on a portfolio website, online store or Web app, making your pages easy and enjoyable for your visitors to use is key. Many studies have been done over the years on various aspects of Web and interface design, and the findings are valuable in helping us improve our work. Here are 10 useful usability findings and guidelines that may help you improve the user experience on your websites. 1. Form Labels Work Best Above The Field A study by UX Matters1 found that the ideal position for labels in forms is above the fields. 2Tumblr3 features a simple and elegant sign-up form that adheres to UX Matter’s recommendation. Positioning labels on the left also poses another problem: do you left-align or right-align the labels? 2. People instinctively notice other people right away when they come into view. Eye-tracking heat map of a baby looking directly at us, from the UsableWorld study4. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Clever and Conspicuous Tagline is a First Step to a Good Acquaintance Landing page is considered to be the most viewed page of any website. It usually serves as an intro section that consists of brief information about your business, including such essential stuff as logo, menu, welcoming photo-based or illustration-driven mascotes and, last but not least, tagline. The latter is mainly associated with opening headline which duty is to: Clarify what your agency does;emphasize difference between you and your competitors;encourage users to explore your website further;give a glimpse of your brand;promote your potential;show benefits;build emotions;establish proper atmosphere;add creativity. It’s also imperative to take into account psychological side of the issue while choosing emotional background of your headline, since funny and serious statements can reflect on users differently. Arc & Co includes list of successive designer-related self-promotional taglines, which welcome users on the home page. Reflection Share with us your thoughts.

Top 16 Free Online Tools for Designers – Designzzz Top 16 Free Online Tools for Designers In this collection I’ve gathered for you some of the best free online tools for designers that I find the most useful for me and I believe that they will be also as useful for you. These tools will help you in developing websites, validating their code, managing your time and projects. This collection consist of differentiated tools that everyone should have bookmarked and I believe that you’ll have an opportunity to use at least some of them soon! Kuler That’s one of the most popular tools for web designers since it’s created by Adobe. Typetester This tool allows web designers to test different fonts in real-time setting. Lipsum I’m sure that you already know that tool. Pixlr This is an imitation of Photoshop. Firebug A MUST HAVE plugin for Firefox for every web developer. WhatTheFont That’s also one of my favourites. Wufoo This tool enables you to create custom forms that can be filled by anyone. Google Docs Test Everything BrowserShots Simple Invoices

Weblog • Peter Kröner, Webdesigner & Frontendentwickler Wenn ich Programmierern, die bisher mit Webentwicklung eher wenig am Hut hatten, JavaScript nahebringe, fange ich gerne mit den Bad Parts, den WTFs und den Wats an. Dann haben wir den unangenehmen Teil schnell hinter uns, ein paar Vorurteile werden bestätigt und Witze kann man damit auch schön reißen. Dass JS auch ein paar sehr feine Eigenschaften hat, kommt dann nach und nach von selbst zum Vorschein. Allerdings schickt sich ECMAScript 6 an, dieses Vorgehen in Zukunft zu erschweren, denn dort steht natürlich die Beseitigung (oder zumindest Abschwächung) der Bad Parts ganz oben auf der Agenda und eine dieser Maßnahmen zur WTF-Reduzierung sind Features rund um Funktionsparameter da ist der Aufräumbedarf nämlich besonders hoch. Fehlende Features und das Arguments-Problem In JavaScript ist in Sachen „Bedienkomfort und Funktionsparameter“ viel Luft nach oben. var fn = function(x){ if(typeof x === 'undefined'){ x = 42; }} Das funktioniert einigermaßen, ist aber alles andere als komfortabel.

Effective Website Taglines: Getting the Message Across Toolkits A tagline is very often overlooked and omitted from website design and branding, but taglines can make an impact and can help your site and brand with first impressions. It is not by accident that some of the biggest companies in the world have catchy, memorable taglines such as 'Just do it', 'Have it your way', 'The real thing', and 'I'm lovin' it'. I'm sure you know which company owns each of those taglines, if not they are (in the same order): Nike, Burger King, Coca Cola, MacDonalds. When creating a tagline, you have to decide what it is that you want the phrase to refer to – your products, your style or any other aspect of your business, like your friendly approach, etc. Of course there is much more to creating a tagline, and it can take time and patience to fall upon the perfect phrase for your site or business. Effective Website Taglines: Getting the Message Across Creative Taglines Creative Pundits We create dreams, one pixel at a time Coloud Headphones Engineered to play Color

Photoshop WebDesigner Toolbox: Resources You'll Ever Need If you’re using Photoshop daily it’s essential to have an asset library. Having a pre made toolbox or asset library can be extremely handy. Having the right toolbox can save you a whale of a time and provide you with nifty resources. If you’re a web designer, your asset library will probably differ from a photographers library, however there are things which should be found in every Photoshop user’s toolbox. While you could spend countless hours making your own resources, usually there’s no need to do that. Nowadays the web is full of pre made high-quality resources. Brushes 1. Brusheezy is the place to share your free Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop related resources. 2. PS Brushes is another place where Photoshop brushes are gathered. 3. BrushLovers has one of the largest collections of exclusive and high-quality Photoshop brushes on the Web. Patterns 1. 2. At Squid Fingers you can find over 100 creative patterns to use for your projects. 3. 4. Textures 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Stock photos