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Community Owned and Operated Internet that’s Faster and Cheaper than Telstra | Transition Foundation It’s become very evident Telstra are not the group of people that can provide the people of Australia with reliable internet that is rolled out fast. The first trial rollout was completed in 2010 and 6 years later we are still waiting for the network. With the wealth Australia has, it’s shocking we are rated number 48 in terms of internet speed. And the hindrance it has on people’s intelligence is shocking… It means every time you are waiting for website to load, you have on average 10% of pages that fail to load, and all of them taking 10 to 20 seconds to load. (Of course all internet connections are different). But take the example of where I am located in Eudlo Sunshine Coast on ADSL1 Download speed: 6Mbs Upload: 0.1Mbs Here are my average site load times. So the average load time ends up being: 43 seconds. Lets say average internet User loads 139 sites per day. These stats may shock you. Total Time Wasted/day waiting for sites to load: 1hr 41mins To make this happen… Initial Funds

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