Educational Songs & Children's Music from Songs for Teaching®

Educational Songs & Children's Music from Songs for Teaching®

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for Schools Customizable You can customize the content available in your school. All schools get access to all of the YouTube EDU content, but teachers and administrators can also create playlists of videos that are viewable only within their school's network. Ingles musica: Aprender ingles con canciones, oraciones, significados y dialogos Aprende inglés con un curso rápido, interesante y eficaz Vocatic es una escuela que enseña inglés a través de la cultura. Nuestras clases se basan en las series, la música, la literatura y los negocios. Las clases son de ‘speaking’ pero están apoyadas por clases de ‘refuerzo múltiple’, lo cual, conduce a dominar más rápidamente el vocabulario y la gramática.

Elementary Reading and Math Software Award-Winning Elementary Reading & Math Program Our rich reading curriculum covers critical skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Our math curriculum integrates number and operations, measurement, geometry, algebra and problem solving skills with engaging real-world themes. Mastering these important skills makes a significant difference in every child’s education, enabling them to continue to learn while avoiding getting “stuck!” Online Assessment and Individualized Instruction Our adaptive placement assessment, individualized instruction and comprehensive reporting provide interactive instruction and even targeted intervention with just the click of a mouse.

Simple animation to explain complex principles - Electronics 1, aircraft radial engine 2, oval Regulation 3, sewing machines 4, Malta Cross movement - second hand movement used to control the clock 5, auto change file mechanism 6, auto constant velocity universal joint Free Educational Songs for Circle Time I always loved circle time with preschoolers … although when I had a Montessori school, we called it “line time” since our lines (created from colored electrical tape on the floor) were in the shape of an ellipse in one room and a circle in another. I even led “circle time” twice a week when I was a Montessori school director … too much fun to give up! And songs were always one of my favorite parts of “circle time.” I typically accompanied the songs on guitar, although CDs work very well, leaving hands free to use props or hand motions.

Storynory, Free Audio Stories for Kids Latest Audio Stories Can Bertie Turn Back into a Prince This Christmas? Browse our Christmas Stories 849 FREE ESL Songs For Teaching English Worksheets Welcome to our 'ESL Songs for Teaching English' worksheets section, where you'll find a lot of free lesson materials that English teachers can use with their class for musical English lessons.Our growing collection of teacher-tested ESL songs worksheets contains all-time favorites such as 'I Saw Her Standing There' or 'Yesterday' (as well as many other songs sung by the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Gloria Gaynor, Bon Jovi) and also relatively new songs that are successfully used by ESL teachers. Teaching English with songs helps learners provides a lot of opportunities for a creative teacher. Songs are a great way to practice intonation and stress, spelling and pronunciation, they are wonderful subjects for debate or discussion, are great for specific vocabulary practice, group singing practice.

The Secret to Teaching Math Facts: Number Bonds Below you will see why I think teaching math basics with number bonds is the best way for your homeschoolers to learn math. Over our last four years of homeschooling, I have used several different math curricula. Some I liked better the others, but they all had their own strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths of one particular curriculum we use, Singapore Math, is their method of teaching basic math facts. Instead of teaching fact families by rote, Singapore illustrates fact families using number bonds. Now, I realize this is just my unprofessional opinion, but as a self-professed math geek, I truly believe number bonds are (likely) the best ways to teach math facts.

Why kids hate school — subject by subject - The Answer Sheet A little while ago I published a post by cognitive scientist Roger C. Schank who wrote that contrary to popular opinion, algebra is not necessary and STEM education is overrated. In this follow-up piece, Schank goes subject by subject explaining why he thinks they are useless and why so many kids hate learning them. Schank, also an artificial intelligence theorist and education reformer, has taught at Stanford and Yale universities and is the John Evans Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Psychology, and Education at Northwestern University. Schank, the former head of the Institute for the Learning Sciences, is the author of “Teaching Minds: How Cognitive Science Can Save Our Schools.”

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