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Raw Recipes

Raw Recipes
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Quickie Raw Vegan Coconut Yogurt Recipe – 3 Ingredients » Kristen's Raw Thursday, November 15th, 2012 I make my own homemade raw vegan coconut yogurt all the time. And, every time I make it, I tweet or post about it on facebook. And, every time I do that, someone asks me how I make it. A creamy bowl of nourishing raw vegan coconut yogurt topped with raw cacao nibs. Buying these products (found in the freezer section of Whole Foods Market) makes for making easy raw vegan coconut yogurt. Set to culture for about 12 hours. Yield approximately 3 cups Ingredients 3/4 to 1 cup raw young thai coconut water16 ounces raw young thai coconut meatProbiotic powder (2 capsules worth) Instructions Blend the coconut water and coconut meat until smooth.Add the probiotic powder (simply open the capsules and dump the contents into the blender), and blend briefly.Pour into a bowl (or jar) big enough to allow a bit of room to expand. Similar Posts:

Post Punk Kitchen recipes Post Punk Kitchen recipes New to vegan baking? New to PPK? New to baketivism? We’re here for you! May 4, 2014 Breakfast Nachos All of the brunchy utensils needed! View all recipes » Recipe Types View all» Ingredients View all»

We Like It Raw - Raw Food Goodness: Recipes "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" Hippocrates With the increase of people affected by depression and mood disorders rising to nearly 20 million just in the US alone, so have the number of prescriptions for antidepressant medications written. However, we have also seen that these medications often produce undesirable and often devastating side effects. There have been countless reports of violence, suicide, insomnia, psychosis, anxiety and more. Furthermore, it’s been shown that these medications are often not even effective, and only work for about 30% of the people taking them. Antidepressant medications work to increase the levels of serotonin, which is the “feel good” neurotransmitter needed in the brain to balance mood and behavior. So What Happened? In the mid 60’s the boom in the processed and refined food manufacturing came into being. Often one of the first signs of malnutrition are emotional symptoms. What Can We Do? Good Mood Foods Foods to Avoid The Goods

Ten Pho Recipes from Around the Web - Vietnamese Pho Noodles’s top pho recipe picks are now available. Go directly to “Top Pho Recipes You Must Try Yourself.” Updated 03-05-11. As many pho lovers already know, good pho depends first and foremost on the broth, which is what makes a difference between bad homemade pho and good pho, restaurant or otherwise. The way pho is made largely varies on the skill and dedication of the person cooking it. Here are ten pho recipes you can try your hands at. One thing is for sure though: if you really want to try and make pho yourself, then select a recipe from a Vietnamese chef, preferably a respected one. The So-Sos and the Funnies Pho Bo Soup. The Pros Now that you’ve read all these interesting recipes, what would I recommend? In summary, beef is the traditional main ingredient of pho, but pho is also adaptive so it can be made in many different ways. Be Sociable, Share! Tagged as: beef pho, chicken pho, pho broth, pho chay, Pho Chefs & Recipes, pho recipe, top pho recipes, vietnamese pho

Fake Food Free Sección Recetas Distintas recetas de cocina vegetarianas. Todas son veganas, sin productos de origen animal. Este recetario está pensado sobre todo para contener recetas fáciles vegetarianas, sin embargo también hay sugerencias más elaboradas. Recordad que toda receta es orientativa: cambiad unos ingredientes por otros, añadid, quitad, aprovechad lo que tengáis en casa, experimentad, divertíos... Ultimas recetas veganas publicadas Cremas, sopas y purés Recetas ideales para primeros platos veganos de cremas, sopas y purés. Sopas y cremas frías Selección de recetas de sopas y cremas frías veganas fáciles para el verano. Pastas y arroces Recetas veganas de arroces y pasta (fideos, macarrones, couscous, spagetti, etc..) Hay tanto recetas tradicionales, sus adaptaciones a la cocina vegana, así como otras recetas más creativas. Hamburguesas vegetales veganas Recetas veganas de hamburguesas vegetales. Setas, hongos comestibles, champiñones Recetas veganas con setas (hongos comestibles). Legumbres

Iron in the Vegan Diet by Reed Mangels, PhD, RD From Simply Vegan 5th Edition Summary Dried beans and dark green leafy vegetables are especially good sources of iron, even better on a per calorie basis than meat. Iron is an essential nutrient because it is a central part of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood. Iron is found in food in two forms, heme and non-heme iron. Some might expect that since the vegan diet contains a form of iron that is not that well absorbed, vegans might be prone to developing iron deficiency anemia. The reason for the satisfactory iron status of many vegans may be that commonly eaten foods are high in iron, as Table 1 shows. Another reason for the satisfactory iron status of vegans is that vegan diets are high in vitamin C. Fortunately, many vegetables, such as broccoli and bok choy, which are high in iron, are also high in vitamin C so that the iron in these foods is very well absorbed. It is easy to obtain iron on a vegan diet. References

Sveriges största receptbank med raw food.: Raw Nutella (4 dl) Ingredienser 5 dl hasselnötter3 msk kokosolja5 msk kakao3 msk honung2 tsk vaniljpulver1 tsk himalayasalt Gör så här Mixa nötterna i matberedare till en oljig massa. Detta tar flera minuter (10-15) och du måste skrapa ner från kanterna om och om och om igen. Tips! Mixa 0,5 dl nutella med 1 banan, 1 näve salladsblad och lite mandelmjölk och servera med isbitar... say no more…………♥♥♥♥♥ Japanese Flavor Enhancers Dashi |, Shirataki Noodles, Miso Soup Here you’ll find many flavor enhancers that will give you that true Japanese flavor. Probably the most relied upon and widely used of these is Dashi. Dashi is the authentic flavor of Japanese cuisine, and there is really nothing else like it. It is used as the base for almost all of Japan’s soups and broths. Products Resource Center Japanese Seasonings 101 Today we're going to go over some of the various ingredients the Japanese use in their cooking, and the different results and recipes you can expect to get with these ingredients.

Troo Food Liberation 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:30 am, Posted by Chris Groves | Internet 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Topics: At Home Project Ideas , Creative DIY Home Projects , Do It Yourself Projects for 2012 , Fun How To Projects , What to Do with Extra Stuff Are you bored and have a bunch of extra little items hanging around here and there? You honestly don’t know some of the creative things you can do with what could possible be junk. If you know of any great at home Do It Yourself Projects please leave a comment to include your own and maybe we will add it to our list. And for the upcoming holiday season we want to give all you do-it-yourselfers a head start with these incredible Christmas DIY for 2012 1. More info: here | Buy: here 2. More info: here 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Incoming search terms:

Vegan Diet Infographic Want to know how to be healthy and cruelty-free? No worries—eating vegan is easy! Get all your answers and more with PETA’s “Wondering About a Vegan Diet?” infographic, and don’t forget to share this infographic on Facebook. Are you ready to eat healthy? Pledge to go vegan for 30 days! Embed “Wondering About a Vegan Diet?” <a href=” src=” width=”720″ border=”0″><p>Wondering About a Vegan Diet?

Fina recept ‹ Jfine Cuisine - Josefine Jäger Hello Green Smoothie Min signaturdrink har fina effekter, den gör kroppen gott och sinnet skärpt Jag rekommenderar ekologiska ingredienser: 1 ½ dl vatten eller avsvalnat te, 30 g babyspenat, 1 mogen banan, ½ mogen avokado, 1 pressad apelsin, riv gärna i lite av det yttre skalet, ½ äpple eller päron, ½ dl tinade havtornsbär eller juice av ½ citron, 1 msk kokosflingor till topping Skölj allt. Välj om du vill ha en matigare smoothie eller om du vill optimera med tillskott, se förslag nedan. Ju färskare desto bättre Drick ett eller två stora glas som frukost tills du blir belåten. Ökad mättnad Mixa ner: 1 msk chiagelé (chiafrön blötlagda i vatten 20 min eller över natten) eller 1 skopa raw rårisproteinpulver (Third Wave Nutrition vanilj) för ökad mättnadskänsla. Tillskott Tillsätt 0,5 msk superfoods: Clean Greens eller Vitalise (Pukka herbs), vetegräsjuicepulver, korngräsjuicepulver, spirulina, chlorella, råa kakaonibs, maca, mesquite eller lucuma. Performance Mindre frukt, mer protein 1. 1.