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Sandra Dieckmann

Sandra Dieckmann

Sailing Sailing Ryan A. illustration blog Over the last year or so, I had the honor of illustrating book covers for Scholastic’s repackaging of four novels by Avi. You can find them out in the wild at a bookstore near you if you live in the US. More illustrations by Ryan Andrews A little about the process I went through to get to the final illustration for the repackaging of Avi’s “Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?”, to be published by Scholastic mid 2014. illustration : Ryan Andrews Catherine Campbell The Amazing Illustrations Of Yuko Shimizu Looking at different artists is a great way to get inspired, but learning the process and the conceptualization behind the work gives you a better perspective of what went into the composition. As a designer I enjoy viewing and studying all types of artworks, from comic art and fine art, to digital art and graffiti, I’m influenced by all sorts of channels of art and design. This week I wanted to talk about an amazing Illustrator, her fantastic artworks and her unique style. Her name is Yuko Shimizu. Get ready for a jolt of inspiration! Who is Yuko Shimizu? YUKO SHIMIZU is a freelance illustrator based in New York City and an illustration instructor at School of Visual Arts. It still took Yuko more than 10 years of office job before she figured out what she really wanted to do and to save just enough so she could go back to school full time for 4 more years. Most of her work is done by hand, she uses Japanese calligraphy brushes and India ink on watercolour paper. Q. Part 1 Part 2 Blog

Horror Illustrations by Anton Semenov | Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba ± 'To buy or not to be' 'Aged against the machine' 'US Treacherous' 'Yes we cash' 'Capitaclysm' 'Capitalies' 'Democrashy' 'In submission' 'Pay public, get private' 'Penso mas não existo' 'Compro mas não existo' 'Ao longo da história o poder criou formas de alienar as massas, iludindo-as com mitos necessários, usados para disseminar jingoísmos e preocupações fúteis no cidadão comum. 'Por motivos relacionados com o controle de massas o seguinte 'graffiti' não será exibido. 'Desligue a televisão. 'Poupe água. 'Grândola, Vila corrupta, terra da desigualdade' 'Gente fina não come aqui' 'Gente fina não mora aqui' 'O povo vencido jamais será unido' 'Perda filosofal' 'Creditamos em Deus' 'Mudos os tempos, mudas as vontades' 'É uma casa Portuguesa sem certeza' 'Em nome do Amorim, do Sonae e do Banco Espírito Santo. 'Pague leve levemente' 'Ter ou não ser' 'A guerra, as migalhas, habituação, doença e má educação' 'A globalienação do capitaclismo' 'O fascinismo da democrapatia' 'Portugal ao fundo monetário intencional'

Tape, Pencil and Resin: The Art of Brooks Salzwedel | Ape on the Moon: Contemporary Visual Arts I’m very intrigued by Californian artist Brooks Salzwedel’s unique style and approach to these delicate works, that combine nature and rigid human-made structures. It’s nice to see work that brings in different non-digital materials to what we’re used to. Using a combination of Staedler Graphite pencils ranging from 6H to 9B, tape and ‘Awful toxic resin‘, Brooks creates images that look like relics of nature and other objects frozen in time. I also love the gloomy and almost real effect that’s created by having elements between semi-transparent layers. ‘When working on a piece I ask myself what images I want as the focus or in the foreground then literally draw the images on the layer that coincides with the layer in depth. ⓒ Brooks Salzweder, 2010 ‘Right now I’m working on new pieces with the use of gel mediums.

Don't Make Me Over For some reason, my readers weren't completely appalled with the Facebook drawings I did a while back. In fact, the requests came fast and hard (insert stupid sex joke here). Here's a selection of derpy drawings I did for your viewing pleasure. Pleasure for your eyeballs. Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама