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Online Image Resizer - Resize digital photo, images or pictures

Online Image Resizer - Resize digital photo, images or pictures

Your sharable online whiteboard Publishing.. Please Wait... URL: Sending invite.. Please Wait... Logging in.. Please Wait... Registering.. skrbl pad ==Status== Yelp 50 List of Free Online Photo Editing Tools Editing an image is very popular these days due to the innovation of graphic software programs that will allow us to create computer arts from scratch. However, we could also enhance, add some cool effects and customize the look of our images easily without having the need of these soft wares through the online photo editors. An online photo editor tool allows us to edit and manipulate a photo in the Web Browser. This is more advantageous compared to the softwares for editing an image as this could not consume much of the memory of your desktop and the processing is done faster by the server. With just a few clicks, we could now be able to customize our own photos, create funny photos from our pictures or even feature ourselves in a magazine cover like that of a celebrity. Here are the 50 List of Photo Editing Tools to Help You Edit Images and Photos Online for free. Scrapblog Snipshot Snipshot is formerly called as Pixoh.IVisit Site Pixer PicMagick Pikipimp Mypictr Picture2Life

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Google’s sneak attack? Adsense for Facebook Connect with leaders from the companies in this story, in real life: Come to the fourth annual VentureBeat Mobile Summit April 14-15 in Sausalito, Calif. Request an invitation. Is Google-the-Goliath sneaking into the Facebook building — via the basement? Google is actively recruiting third-party developers with applications on Facebook to run Adsense ads within applications pages, VentureBeat has learned. These aren’t just any old Adsense ads, according to our sources — developers have been inserting plain-vanilla Adsense into Facebook applications since the developer platform launched in May. Facebook has been clear about letting third-party developers sell ads on their own “canvas” pages on the site and keep all the revenue — a loophole that the Google seems to fit through just fine. Microsoft has already inked an exclusive deal with Facebook to sell ads on Facebook pages within the US. When it comes to Facebook and social networking, Google is apparently firing on all fronts.

Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all majo The activity of Social Bookmarking has been around for almost two decades. If you have engaged in social media, chances are you’ve participated in it without even realising you have done so. Ever sent a link to a friend knowing they’ll enjoy receiving the content you’ve sent? That in itself is social bookmarking! >>Readmore Knowing what content drives people, simply as a social media user or maybe as an editor or creator of a news site, media site or website, is the key to getting the information you want to get across to the correct audience. SocialMarker brings you a new bookmarking tool like no other. Getting SocialMarker started is pretty simple. SocialMarker regulates your various social bookmarking sites by having you log into all of them initially and then opening each account in an iFrame, meaning you can visit all listed social bookmarking sites automatically. Getting SocialMarker started is pretty simple.