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Ultimate List Of Web Design Checklists: Get Work Done!

Ultimate List Of Web Design Checklists: Get Work Done!
When building a website, there are so many things and aspects to keep in mind. It often happens that in that mess we forget about some basic things like favicon or maybe about dummy content removal from test site. It’s much easier to go trough all those things when you have all of them written down. In this article you are going to find bunch of different checklists, questionnaires and tips covering almost everything for an upcoming website. You probably will need just one of these tools, so choose carefully. Read some tips and decide which tool fits the best for your project planning and development process. Client Checklists 1. This article will help you create a prospect qualification questionnaire that can be used via telephone or Internet or in face-to-face meetings. 2. Reading some of these questions and following some guidelines will also save you and your client plenty of headaches throughout the process and pave the way to a lasting and trusting relationship. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. 3. 4.

45 Incredibly Useful Web Design Checklists and Questionnaires - Smashing Magazine Designing websites can be a long and complicated process. Dealing with clients, designing prototypes, coding, programming, and testing – there’s a lot to keep track of and a lot to make sure gets done. That’s where checklists can make your life a whole lot easier. With lists of points covering multiple areas from content to usability to accessibility to standards, you’re a lot less likely to overlook important parts of a site. Below are 45 checklists to make your design process easier and more organized. Consider using these checklists as a jumping off point for creating your own customized list, based on your own needs. Also consider our previous article: 15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website1 lists some important things to check before you make your sites public. 1. These questionnaires and checklists are focused on making your relationships with your clients better. Comprehensive Web Design Checklist5 This is another client-focused questionnaire. 2. 3. 4. Dr. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Jobs at Wrike, Project Management Software That Makes People's Lives Easier Everyone wants to be fit, but only a few end up excersizing regularly, and oftentimes a good coach is behind the successful change of habits. In the business world, everyone wants to be more effective, but companies and people sometimes need "coach" to help them along on the journey… In the world of Wrike, customers are looking to be more productive in their work and their success depends not only on us building a great product, but also on consulting/coaching them in the best way to use it. Many customers are implementing a project/work management tool for the first time, and others are coming from a traditional project management background and realizing it's time to move to the cloud. With Wrike as a collaboration and productivity tool ("project management for the masses") this is not just a position dealing only with technical project managers, but rather all sides of industry from business executives, to marketing, to engineering, to human resources, to manufacturing, and more.

37 Tested PHP, Perl, and JavaScript Regular Expressions inShare22 A regular expression, also called regex or regexp for short, is simply a piece of code that matches a pattern. Mastering regular expressions can be a difficult chore, and if you don't need them all of the time, the syntax is tricky enough to make the task frustrating or slow as you will constantly need to use a reference sheet. In order to save you time, I've compiled a list of PHP, Perl, and JavaScript regular expressions for common use cases that have been tested and are ready to go. This isn't a regular expression tutorial or even a reference; you can think of it more as a cheatsheet for when you just need the regex but don't want to put a lot of time into relearning regular expressions. If you're looking for regex tutorials or regex resources, you can find them at the end of the page as well as some additional regex resources. Perl and PHP Regular Expressions All Major Credit Cards Alpha-Numeric Characters Test for alpha-numeric characters with this regexp. Alphabetic Characters

Web design questionnaire: Top 10 questions to ask Today, most businesses want a website. Some already have one. Others want one. They don’t want to hire IT staff and probably can’t afford any. And in most cases, an in-house IT staff, especially for your typical small business, just isn’t necessary. What Do You Want? The first step is to decide exactly what you want on your website. * What kinds of information do you want to have on your site? * Will your site require regular updates? * Will you be engaging in e-commerce on this website? * Will you need a database? * How fast do you need the job done? * What is your budget? Start Your Search Doing a web search for someone that has the skills you will need for your website will still give you a humongous list of possible choices. Often, the web developers you are pondering are not located in your town. The first thing to do when considering a developer is to check out their website. * IS the website well-designed and attractive? * Is it easy to navigate? * Are there any broken links?

How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google Without a doubt, the most frequent post request I’ve had on this site is a post about link building. I rarely take requests, simply because people rarely know what they really want until you give it to them, but this time things are a little different. First of all, I have been studying SEO day and night since I was 16 (almost 5 years ago) and I’ve ranked on the first page of Google for some of the most competitive keyphrases in the world. Therefore, I like to think I know quite a bit about the topic and can provide some insights in this space. For those of you who don’t know why links are important, let me just say that if you want to get traffic from the major search engines, they’re crucial. A large percentage of my income to affiliate sites is from traffic via Google, and the difference between ranking 2nd and ranking 1st can literally be thousands of dollars extra on my bottom line. SEO is generally divided into two parts: on-site optimisation and off-site optimisation. Be Useful

Les Media Queries CSS3 La spécification CSS3 Media Queries définit les techniques pour l'application de feuilles de styles en fonction des périphériques de consultation utilisés pour du HTML. On nomme également cette pratique Responsive Web Design, pour dénoter qu'il s'agit d'adapter dynamiquement le design à l'aide de CSS. Ces bonnes pratiques permettent d'exploiter encore plus les avantages de la séparation du contenu et de la présentation : l'intérêt est de pouvoir satisfaire des contraintes de dimensions, de résolutions et d'autres critères variés pour améliorer l'apparence graphique et la lisibilité (voire l'utilisabilité) d'un site web. Les plateformes exotiques sont concernées en premier lieu : navigateurs mobiles et tablettes, écrans à faibles résolutions, impression, tv, synthèses vocales, plages braille, etc. Approche historique Avec CSS2 et HTML4, il était déjà possible de spécifier un média de destination pour l'application d'une ou plusieurs feuilles de style. <! screen Écrans handheld print Impression

Hacking with Google Search Google is considered to be a powerful search engine that helps millions of users to find fast & easy useful webpages. Nevertheless Google Search can also be a handy tool in the hands of malicious users, spammers & hackers. In this article we will describe few tricks that can be used in Google Search in order to easily find and access pages that normally should be protected. At the end of the article we will discuss how webmasters can protect their sites from such attacks. Important Notice: The purpose of this article is to inform webmasters about the risks they face and help them secure their websites. How to Access Member Only Areas Lots of forums allow access in some or all of their threads only to their members. Nevertheless, in some cases the webmasters of those forums allow Google to index the secured pages in order to appear in the search results and increase their SE traffic. If the cache operator is not available try searching for the URL address. inurl:/view.shtml

Sortie du CMS PluXml 5.1.1 Samedi 2 juillet 2011, la version 5.1.1 de PluXml a été mise à disposition. C'est l'évolution vers la stabilité de la 5.1beta. Elle apporte de grandes améliorations depuis la dernière version stable 5.02… Qu'est-ce que PluXml ? PluXml est un CMS ou SGC se voulant léger (comme une plume donc), fonctionnant avec php5 mais, et cela fait un peu sa particularité, ne nécessitant aucune base de données. Les fonctionnalités Il comporte globalement les mêmes fonctionnalités que les autres cms (Dotclear, WordPress, CMS Made Simple,…) : Gestion du frontend (partie publique du site) à partir d'un backend (partie administrative du site) Création et gestions d'articles, de catégories. Gestion des médias (images et documents)Gestion des commentairesGestion des paramètres de base, d'affichage,…… Cependant, certaines originalités incluses dans ce gestionnaire de site lui apporte une plus-value certaine : A présent, PluXml est traduit en 10 langues… Dans la pratique… Conclusion

Demo | jQuery.popeye 2.1 | an inline lightbox alternative with slideshow x Note: To see the full potential of CSS3 styling (shadows, gradients, rounded corners, alpha transparency), please view this page in a modern webkit or mozilla browser (Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4, Opera 10.50, Chrome 4). Other browsers will degrade gracefully. Except for IE6, though, which I didn't bother to include. Feel free to come up with your own solution ;-) Example 1 The first popeye-box uses the standard options: it floats to the left and opens to the right, its navigation and caption show on mouseover. By placing the navigation inside the stage area (where the image is displayed), we can get it to hover above the image. No need to read this, just dummy text ;-) Vivamus ut nisi id libero interdum pretium. View HTML code used in this example Example 2 The navigation stays fixed to the right of the image. There is no enlarge button, but a click on the image enlaregs and shrinks it nevertheless. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. View HTML code used in this example

FM 100 Hue Test Are you among the 1 in 255 women and 1 in 12 men who have some form of color vision deficiency? If you work in a field where color is important, or you’re just curious about your color IQ, take our online challenge to find out. Based on the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test, this online challenge is a fun, quick way to understand your color vision acuity. Just remember, this is not a replacement for the full test! FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. Did you know that your ability to accurately see color depends on many factors? Lighting - Light plays one of the most significant roles in color perception – did you know it's actually the color of the light that determines the color your brain will perceive? Backgrounds Effects - The human eye’s ability to correctly perceive the color is affected by the surrounding colors, a phenomenon known as simultaneous contrast. Retinal Fatigue - Our eyes get tired very easily.

The Future of Paid Search - Google, Bing & Beyond Paid search has cemented itself as a highly viable, cost effective marketing channel. In 2011, paid search spending is expected to reach $34 billion. Worldwide, paid search is a $34 billion industry. In this graphic, we’ll briefly explore paid search—it’s current state, where it’s going, and how the largest paid search venders (Google & Bing) have divvied up the market. Data courtesy of and Click on the image below to view an larger version of this infographic: View an enlarged version of this Infographic » Click here to download a .pdf version of this infographic. Want to display this infographic on your site? Simply copy and paste the code below into the html of your website to display the infographic presented above: Facts and Stats to Tweet:

Une introduction à la mobilité sur le Web - Blog - Veille - Clever Age Cet article constitue l’introduction d’une série de billets sur la mobilité, qui sera publiée dans les semaines à venir sur le blog de Clever Age. Pas facile de trouver un angle d’attaque, le sujet est large, il adresse de nombreuses problématiques fonctionnelles, marketing, technologiques.... Je pourrais classiquement commencer par rappeler les chiffres, mais je prends l’hypothèse que si vous lisez ce billet, vous êtes déjà convaincus de l’intérêt qu’il faut porter à la mobilité et à son potentiel, et surtout de la nécessité de l’inscrire dans la stratégie globale des SI de l’entreprise voire de l’entreprise elle-même. La sacro-saint Google l’annonce depuis un moment, son CEO l’a encore exprimé clairement lors de la keynote de Barcelone en février dernier : « Mobile is pretty much the answer to everything Anything that Google creates from here on out will be first on the mobile platform and then worked around for the desktop » twitté par @GoogleTravel le 19 octobre 2010 La technologie NFC

Geeks and Delegation: A Match Made in Hell Last week, I was invited to join 3,000 delegates to what turned out to be the largest entrepreneurship conference in the world. The Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2012 took place in Liverpool, UK (a few words about Liverpool in a moment) and its speakers and panels were selected in order to inspire us into entrepreneurial action. Upon arriving in Liverpool on the GEC Express Virgin train, chartered for the specific occasion (welcoming speech and random encounter with Sir Richard Branson), I didn’t know what to expect. One of the first things that I found out, to my surprise, was how geeky Liverpool is! It has more scientists than Cambridge and a booming game industry (it’s supposedly second in the UK). Sir Richard Branson was the main ”attraction” for the day and who could blame the the crowd? Q&A with Sir Richard Branson Delegation was the first skill I was forced to learn when I made the jump from a technical to a managerial position. Don’t drop the “ball”!

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