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Sweet and Sexually Charged Photography (20 photos)

Sweet and Sexually Charged Photography (20 photos)
Originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Carlos Nunez is an LA-based photographer whose gorgeous shots can easily range from sweet and demure to downright sexy. You can tell that he has that rare ability to put his models at ease, making them feel free to express themselves and show us a side to them few people ever get to see. Take a look at Nunez's blog and you'll see shots we can't necessarily feature here on My Modern Met (in other words, NSFW). Sexually charged, the photos are a tribute to the empowered woman and her willingness to be unabashedly free. I was able to get in touch with the elusive Nunez to ask him a few questions. Q: Can you give us a little background about how you got started in photography? Q: How would you describe your style? Q: What are some of your secret to getting such sexy shots? Q: Which photographers do you admire? Q: Can you give us some tips for aspiring photographers? Q: Any quotes you live by? Carlos Nunez Related:  fotógrafos

Damien Blottière’s Fifth Element Photography photo © Damien Blottière You may have heard of him lately if you so happen to be a part of Paris’ fashion and photography circles. Through the unique photographic ‘cut and paste’ technique that he uses, this is the photography of the future through the lens and hands of the French born photographer, Damien Blottière. Paris, March 2012: The design issue of Out Magazine falls into our hands featuring a cover story of our 80’s ‘Enfant terrible’ of fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier in an image that evokes an impression of the past blending with the future. Short film made for japanese magazine Commons & Sense Man. Asides from the production of this story in Out magazine, the French-born photographer’s career also features a series of projects and collaborations with coveted publications and galleries featuring his collage-photography. His special method of combining photographic-images with hand-made collage sets makes his work always distinguished and memorable. sources: Damien Blottière, Artlist

Subtle Sexiness If you believe that sexiness has more to do with what you don't see than what you do, then you'll appreciate the photography of Patricio Suarez. The New York-based photographer works as a director of photography, mostly shooting commercials. "I love what I do and photography is just an extension of that," he says. "I carry my camera wherever I go. Most of my work derives from this." Patricio Suarez's website Views: 91227 Tags: Sexiness, patricio suarez, photo, photography, subtle

Maria Elisa Duque :: Photography : Home Purely Sweet & Innocent Beulah Anne is a young 23-year-old who captures the world in a beautiful light. The freelance photographer, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, takes photos that seem soft and romantic. Self-taught, Anne has a great deal of talent, even at her young age, and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the future. Beulah Anne's website and flickr Victor Cobo Photographer Kassandra (ЕлкаВизерская) STUDIO ERWIN OLAF

Nadav Kander's Nudes Challenge Our Perception Of Beautiful Bodies The human body is a wonder of diversity. You wouldn’t know it from perusing your local magazine rack, though. In his latest exhibition, Nadav Kander offers a new view of the nude that’s at once classic and contemporary and one that also offers a corrective to the tyranny of airbrushing in popular media. "Bodies – 6 Women, 1 Man" opened in London last week at the Flowers Gallery, offering visitors a veritable feast of the flesh. All the models involved are covered in white marble dust and shot against a black background. The show will run through February 9th, and a book is set to follow.