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Create Your Own Superhero

Create Your Own Superhero

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My Brother's not a werewolf - Word Study Each week on the Kiwi Kids News website we write a Word Study article. It is a special article that can be used as a weekly tool to develop student’s confidence with words. Students use the article as the foundation text for the activities below. Conquering Cliques in School By Cindy Long Walk into the cafeteria at Vista High School in San Diego, and you’ll likely need a field guide—or at least a student like junior Karen Ceballos—to identify all the different student cliques clustered around lunchroom tables. “There are the anime lovers, the hip hop dancers, the gamers, the metal rockers, the skaters, the surfers, the honors kids, the drama kids, the emos, and many more,” says Ceballos. “A lot of the cliques are even further divided into sub-cliques, like the band geeks and the band hipsters, or the jocks whose cliques revolve around certain sports, like football, track, swim, baseball, or water polo.” Safety in Numbers

exemples_progressions I am going to participate in a speed meeting to know my English classmates better. I will focus on personality, relationship, wishes and regrets. I am an inventor and I am going to take part in the “Best Invention of the Year” TV contest ! Global storytelling with a green screen and iPads These 6th graders found a way to do some digital global storytelling with a green screen and their iPads. They also managed to bust Tellagami’s animated personas out of the tablet, sending them around the world with a little green-screen magic. At Edmunds Middle School, two classes of 6th graders embarked on a new form of storytelling: Tellagami-smash! With a fleet of iPads at their disposal, along with the free green-screen app Veescope, students transported themselves or characters made with the Tellagami app to locations around the world. According to educators Laura Botte and Katie Wyndorf:

How You Got Your Superpowers - Randomly Generate The Origin Of Your/Your Character's Powers You might like these generators: Superpower GeneratorMagical Guardian Element GeneratorMagical & Weird Science Effects GeneratorSuperhero & Supervillain Name Origin GeneratorBackstory Idea GeneratorSuperhero Costume GeneratorPlot Punter - Superhero Edition And these might be helpful: Tips & Ideas To Make Better & More Interesting PowersTips To Create Better-Looking Superhero & Supervillain CostumesTricks & Tips For Naming Superheroes & SupervillainsQuiz: What Kind Of Superhero Would You Be?Building Better Backstories - Tips & Ideas

Self-Esteem Ask students to define the term self-esteem. Write their ideas on a sheet of newsprint. Help students understand that self-esteem refers to how we understand and value ourselves. People with high self-esteem are realistic about their strengths and weaknesses and are able to set goals and work toward them with optimism and humor. Locker Decorations Growing in Popularity in Middle Schools But you can’t go in because the door doesn’t lead to a room. It leads to a locker. Specifically, Nola Storey’s locker at Rye Middle School in a New York suburb. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies Listen to this article as a podcast episode: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:22 — 53.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | When I worked with student teachers on developing effective lesson plans, one thing I always asked them to revise was the phrase “We will discuss.” We will discuss the video.

CrazyTalk - Facial and 2D Animation Software Talking-head Character Animation! CrazyTalk7 is the most popular facial animation tool that uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. With this groundbreaking Auto Motion technology, you just need to import images, specify the facial feature points and record your own voice as it automatically generates lip-syncs to create 3D life-like, talking videos. CrazyTalk7 is a great match for beginners, students, educators and all users that need an easy-to-create solution with instant results. Full-body Character Animation! CrazyTalk Animator focuses on total animation production with actors, props, scenes, camera & a complete time-line for precision animation.

Steven Universe Gemsona Maker ~ ORIGINAL Gemsona Maker Game by: Doll Divine Create your own Gemsona in this Steven Universe inspired dress up! First choose your gem, then customize your character to the max. Once completed, you can then FUSE your characters to create NEW and greater gems!!! (longer description coming soon)

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