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Grammaring – The web of English grammar

Grammaring – The web of English grammar
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France Bienvenue | De vraies conversations pour apprendre le français comme on le parle et tout pour les comprendre ! The Passive An active sentence like I drank two cups of coffee has the subject first (the person or thing that does the verb), followed by the verb, and finally the object (the person or thing that the action happens to). So, in this example, the subject is 'I', the verb is 'drank' and the object is 'two cups of coffee'. But, we don't always need to make sentences this way. We might want to put the object first, or perhaps we don't want to say who did something. This can happen for lots of reasons (see the explanation further down the page). In this case, we can use a passive, which puts the object first: Two cups of coffee were drunk (we can add 'by me' if we want, but it isn't necessary). How to make the Passive in English We make the passive by putting the verb 'to be' into whatever tense we need and then adding the past participle. Practise with these exercises Verbs with two objects Some verbs that have two objects can make two different active sentences, and so two different passive sentences too:

5 Best Instant Grammar Checker Free Online [Professional Checker 2016] Grammarly is the first tool which I prefer when it comes to improve articles and solve the grammar errors in it. I am the huge fan of this tool. This tool is widely used by many people to improve grammar in articles. The best thing about this tool is that you can even use the Google Chrome extension of this tool which is Free. With the help of that extension, you can improve your grammar while writing anything on the browser. There are two versions of Grammarly are available. I am using this tool since 1 year and I am quite happy with this tool. English vocabulary is very wide. To write error-free spelling, we need some tool which will assist us to write correct spelling. PaperRater is the best professional grammar checker tool to check the articles online. This is the best tool to check the research paper. 4. AfterTheDeadline is the open source platform which is made by automatic. 5. Ginger is also a well known tool for proof reading and error correction. Final Words

All Things Grammar - Home Bienvenue ! Welcome! Sound Grammar - Learn English Naturally – Check your text online English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials 10 Expressions anglaises courantes et basiques à connaître pour parler plus naturellement Dans ce cours d’anglais, il n’est question ni de grammaire ni de conjugaison ou autre. Nous allons uniquement voir des expressions anglaises courantes et de la vie de tous les jours à apprendre par coeur ainsi que quelques exemples de leurs utilisations. Comme en français, dans la langue anglaise et dans la vie de tous les jours on utilise des expressions anglaises. On ne peut pas citer toutes les expressions anglaises, et on peut encore moins tous les apprendre par coeur du jour au lendemain. Something wrong? Le but de cette article n’est pas de vous apprendre de nouvelles notion de grammaire ou autre leçon, mais de vous apprendre de nouvelle expressions à placer dans vos conversations avec des exemples de leurs utilisations. 10 Expressions anglaises courantes et basiques que vous devez connaître I am about to + verbe / I was about to + verbe On traduit ces phrases par : je suis sur le point de / j’étais sur le point de I am about to do it. I didn’t mean to + verbe A : You sound horrible.

Best for teachers, this site functions as a hyperlinked grammar textbook. by jreimer Aug 20