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FREE Ai Weiwei – glasses !!

FREE Ai Weiwei – glasses !!

DeCordova Joins Museum Community In Supporting Detained Artist File photo, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (AP) BOSTON — A large, red banner with the words “Free Ai Weiwei” now hangs outside the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln. It’s a peaceful gesture expressing concern for acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. He was arrested by Chinese police on April 3. His whereabouts are unknown. “We wanted to have a public response and keep the public aware of Ai Weiwei,” said deCordova director Dennis Kois, “so we decided to do something very simple and straightforward.” The museum is also offering literature to visitors in the lobby. Ai Weiwei is known for being outspoken and creating politically charged works. “As a contemporary art museum we’re part of a larger world, a larger dialogue and a larger art-making community,” Kois said. This image shows a two-story-high black-and-white photograph of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei outside the Lisson Gallery in London. “Each institution has a different stance, a different relationship to China,” Kois said.

La matière noire de Lee Jin Woo L’herbe pousse sur les tableaux de Lee Jin Woo, peintre coréen, installé à Paris depuis une dizaine d’années. Ses œuvres végétales sont une réponse au mur érigé devant lui. Le motif du mur revient fréquemment dans ses grandes compositions. Pour les réaliser, il utilise des feuilles de papier traditionnel coréen, le hanji - créé à partir des fibres du mûrier - qu’il superpose par dizaine. La surface ressemble alors à une écorce sur laquelle il intervient en y incorporant toutes sortes de matériaux, pigments, encre, charbon, cendres, terre, graines, herbe...Progressivement, au gré de ses interventions, il fait disparaître une multitude de personnages dessinés au commencement de sa peinture. Lee Jin Woo, explique, qu'«une fois face à ma peinture, je deviens un bras qui peint.

Anish Kapoor rejects China show in support of Ai Weiwei | The Art Newspaper Censorship China British Council had asked the artist to consider a show in Tiananmen Square By Martin Bailey. Kapoor is not Beijing-bound london. Kapoor’s spokeswoman confirmed to The Art Newspaper that he had been invited to China, but “he is not going to proceed in view of the detention of Ai Weiwei.” Discussions began about a potential exhibition at the National Museum of China last October, when two directors of London’s Lisson Gallery (which represents Kapoor, stand 2.1/K12 at Art Basel) were in Beijing. Kapoor has been outspoken in his criticism of the Chinese government’s treatment of Ai Weiwei, since his detention on 3 April. British Council chief executive Martin Davidson believes in “freedom of cultural expression”, but is keen for the programme to go ahead. Submit a comment All comments are moderated. Email* Valid email address required Valid email address required Name* Name required Name required City* City required City required

Selfie: #moi (et la Joconde) Ça pourrait être une photo de fin de soirée. Nanna Gerdes à l'air ravi à côté de son pote Hannibal, qui rigole bien aussi. Sauf que Hannibal est un squelette, mais ça se comprend mieux quand on sait que madame Gerdes est la conservatrice du musée médical de Copenhague, la maison d'Hannibal. Les «selfies» (photos de soi-même) décalées avec des œuvres d’art, c'est la nouvelle tendance Twitter et elles fleurissent sur le réseau. Et pour cause. «On m’a dit que le selfie c’était so 2013, mais je voulais montrer que les musées, les galeries, et les visiteurs peuvent s’amuser avec les photos», explique-t-elle. Pour Guillemette Naessens du musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, qui a découvert le hashtag ce matin, c’est surtout la relation musée-visiteur qui compte, avec l’envie «d’encourager la participation des gens qui nous suivent sur les réseaux sociaux». Par Maud Couture et Florence Stollesteiner

Free Ai Weiwei by Jonathan Blaustein Photograph by Hugo Tillman America loves a good bad guy. We’re never really at our best until our backs are against the wall. So what are we to do now? Enter Ai Weiwei. Oh, yeah. Which brings us back to my nomination for America’s new Enemy Number 1: The cadre of ruthless assholes who runs the Chinese Communist Party. But hear me out. Ever since I first saw Zhang Yimou’s “Hero” seven years ago, I knew this day was coming. That’s why Ai Weiwei got locked up. So Free Ai Weiwei. Download 35,000 Works of Art from the National Gallery, Including Masterpieces by Van Gogh, Gauguin, Rembrandt & More As a young amateur painter and future art school dropout, I frequently found myself haunted by the faces of two artists, that famously odd couple from my favorite art history novelization—and Kirk Douglas role and Iggy Pop song—Lust for Life. Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, above and below respectively, the tormented Dutch fanatic and burly French bully—how, I still wonder, could such a pair have ever co-existed, however briefly? How could such beautifully skewed visions of life have existed at all? Van Gogh and Gaugin’s several self-portraits still inspire wonder. My younger self had the luxury of seeing these particular two up close and in person at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC: Van Gogh’s gaunt and piercing visage, Gauguin’s sneering self-parody. There you’ll find works by another obsessive Dutch self-portraitist, Rembrandt van Rijn, such as the lush 1659 painting below. Browse the various collections, including one devoted to self-portraits. Related Content:

Detained Chinese artist Ai Weiwei remembered with new Tate Modern display | Art and design The Tate Modern has installed 10 tonnes of Ai Weiwei's hand-crafted porcelain sunflower seeds in one of its surrealism galleries as concern continues over the artist's disappearance 75 days ago. The display, loaned from the artist, comprises just under a 10th of the seeds which covered much of the London gallery's Turbine Hall from October 2010 to May this year. Visitors will be able to walk around the seeds, which have been carefully sculpted into a five-metre wide conical form. The display on the third floor of Tate Modern renews the focus on Ai's disappearance and detention without charge by the Chinese authorities. The gallery's new director, Chris Dercon, said: "Tate remains deeply concerned about Ai Weiwei's detention. Ai's work can be seen across London at the moment. Ai has not been seen since he was detained on 3 April when he was about to board a Hong Kong-bound plane in Beijing. Last month, she was reported as saying he was in good physical health.

Hong Kong artists revel in freedom to support Ai Weiwei Ai Weiwei: the dissident artist | Art and design As I write, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been in detention for 51 days and 6 hours. I know this so precisely because someone who goes by the handle "loveaiww" has placed a counter on the web. On the door of my flat is a poster with a silhouette of Ai, made from a photograph taken during a period when he was interested in getting (and giving) weird haircuts. His round head is surmounted by two long tufts of hair, like horns. It looks wild, comic. We are all Ai Weiwei, is the message. Ai disappeared on 3 April, as he was about to board a plane at Beijing international airport. As a global art star, co-architect of the Beijing Olympic stadium and outspoken dissident, Ai has become internationally famous. Ai's detention is, among other things, a watershed moment for the international art world, the equivalent of the moral tests so badly flunked by technology companies like Cisco and Yahoo when faced with the dizzying financial vistas of the Chinese market.

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