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REE Ai Weiwei – glasses !!

REE Ai Weiwei – glasses !!
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because im addicted Ai Weiwei – FUCK OFF – Bookmarklet Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Make some noise !! Free Ai Weiwei !! Drag and drop the link below ↓ to your bookmarks tool bar above ↑ (tutorial below). FUCK OFF !! by Aram Bartholl 2011 ‘How to’ bookmaklet GIF tutorial: Based on the awesome by Evan Roth & Tobias Leingruber 2009

DeCordova Joins Museum Community In Supporting Detained Artist File photo, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (AP) BOSTON — A large, red banner with the words “Free Ai Weiwei” now hangs outside the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln. It’s a peaceful gesture expressing concern for acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. He was arrested by Chinese police on April 3. “We wanted to have a public response and keep the public aware of Ai Weiwei,” said deCordova director Dennis Kois, “so we decided to do something very simple and straightforward.” The museum is also offering literature to visitors in the lobby. Ai Weiwei is known for being outspoken and creating politically charged works. “As a contemporary art museum we’re part of a larger world, a larger dialogue and a larger art-making community,” Kois said. This image shows a two-story-high black-and-white photograph of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei outside the Lisson Gallery in London. Speaking by phone from North Carolina, Kois said Ai Weiwei’s arrest is a hot topic among his peers.

At 2 Apple Stores, Creating Art via Webcam, Secretly Having collected 1,000 pictures, Mr. McDonald, 25, created another little program and returned to the two stores, one on 14th Street and the other on Prince Street. This time, after a picture was taken, it was immediately put into an array of older photos that would begin running across the screens. Suddenly, people sitting at the computers were looking at pictures of themselves that dissolved into photos of others who also had gazed into the screens. “Most people instinctively quit the app less than 10 seconds after recognizing their own face,” Mr. No one in the stores got angry, he said: “During the exhibition, people were just confused and laughed.” Apple, however, was not amused. On July 7, two days after Mr. Then lawyers for Apple contacted Web sites that hosted video made by Mr. What about taking pictures of people without their permission in the Apple stores? WAS it reasonable for people in a commercial space — private property — to expect privacy? Forced to censor the project, Mr.

Peace Pod Bokja I was so excited to have spotted these chairs by Bokja on Table Tonic this morning – but WTF, how can anybody not notice them? These exuberant pieces of furniture are the fruits of Beirut-based Hoda Baroudi […] Yabba Dabba Doo Would you have ever guessed that this Flinstones inspired house belonged to television legend Dick Clark? How to get your Art in the MoMA 1. Visit the MoMA! (see also How to make your own MOMA artist pass) 2. See the show ‘Talk To Me‘ (July 24 – November 7 2011) 3. Hook up your notebook to one of the 5 Dead Drops and check out the art on there. 4. Just drop your own art on one of the drives and you are in! Congrats! Aram Bartholl 2011 Since I was in the lucky position to be inculuded in the “Talk to me” show at the MoMA with the offline filesharing project Dead Drops I felt like it would be a great idea to share the possibiliy to show work in the MoMA. ‘Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects‘ curated by Paola Antonelli.July 24–November 7, 2011 at MoMA, 194 projects on display by artists and designers.

Anish Kapoor rejects China show in support of Ai Weiwei | The Art Newspaper Censorship China British Council had asked the artist to consider a show in Tiananmen Square By Martin Bailey. From Art Basel daily editionPublished online: 14 June 2011 Kapoor is not Beijing-bound london. Kapoor’s spokeswoman confirmed to The Art Newspaper that he had been invited to China, but “he is not going to proceed in view of the detention of Ai Weiwei.” Discussions began about a potential exhibition at the National Museum of China last October, when two directors of London’s Lisson Gallery (which represents Kapoor, stand 2.1/K12 at Art Basel) were in Beijing. Kapoor has been outspoken in his criticism of the Chinese government’s treatment of Ai Weiwei, since his detention on 3 April. British Council chief executive Martin Davidson believes in “freedom of cultural expression”, but is keen for the programme to go ahead. Submit a comment All comments are moderated. Email* Valid email address required Valid email address required Name* Name required Name required City*

People Staring at Computers “People Staring at Computers” is a photographic intervention. I wrote a simple application that took one picture every minute. If it found a face, it uploaded the photo to my server. Before sharing the photos online, I decided to exhibit them in the same places they were originally captured. Most people instinctively quit the app less than 10 seconds after recognizing their own face, so the exhibition was relegated to the unused machines. Popular iPhone Cases Popular All « PrevNext » « Prev1234 ... 80Next » Video Transcript What is art? From the materials we use to the hands that ply them, we match the care that goes into everything we make to that of the artist that designed it. It begins with those thousands of artists entrusting their original work to another. It's the craftsmen that process, sort, inspect and pack your case. It's the high density materials that ensure premium protection. It's the proprietary inks that mean the design you buy is the design you get. All together, thousands of steps were taken to make your iPhone Case. This is our process. This is our art.

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