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The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

KDnuggets™ News 15:n36, Nov 4: Integrating R, Python; Neural Net in 11 lines; Top 20 AI/Machine Learning books Tags: AI, Books, Data Visualization, IoT, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Recommender Systems, Topological Data Analysis Integrating Python and R; A Neural Network in 11 lines; Amazon Top 20 Books in AI, Machine Learning; How Big Data is used in Recommendation Systems to change to change our lives; Data Science of IoT. Features | Tutorials | Opinions | News | Webcasts | Courses | Meetings | Jobs | Academic | Publications | Tweets | QuoteFeaturesTutorials, Overviews, How-TosOpinionsNewsWebcasts and WebinarsUpcoming Webcasts on Analytics, Big Data, Data Science - Nov 3 and beyondCoursesMeetingsJobsFiscalNote: Data ScientistAcademicPublicationsImprove your processes with statistical modelsTop TweetsTop KDnuggets tweets, Oct 27 - Nov 02: A Framework for Distributed Deep Learning Layer Design in Python Quote Most viewed last 30 days Most shared last 30 days

home - Objectives: The h-node project aims at the construction of a hardware database in order to identify what devices work with a fully free operating system. The website is structured like a wiki in which all the users can modify or insert new contents. The h-node project is developed in collaboration and as an activity of the FSF. Contribute: You can contribute by creating an account at and editing its user-generated contents. Free software: In order to add a device to the h-node database, you must verify that it works using only free software. 1) A GNU/Linux distribution that is on the FSF's list of endorsed distributions 2) Debian GNU/Linux, with only the main archive area enabled. h-node lists only hardware that works with free drivers and without non-free firmware. License: Any text submitted by you will be put in the Public Domain (see the CC0 page for detailed information). Other resources on the net: About the website:

How to Build a Wireless Pi Camera Pan and Tilt Platform - Tuts+ Computer Skills Tutorial With the release of the Raspberry Pi camera module, taking high quality pictures, or video, with the Pi has become very simple. In this tutorial, I will show you how to attach the Pi camera module to your Pi and wirelessly control a pan tilt platform. In the process, I will cover topics that include attaching the Pi camera module, connecting and controlling servos with your Pi, command line control of the camera, and some low level video streaming commands. Set up and assemble the basic Pi components with the following steps. Burn the latest Raspbian image to the SD card following instructions in the tutorial How to Flash an SD Card for Raspberry PiPlug in the USB mouse/keyboard into the bottom USB portPlug in the USB Wifi adapter into the to USB port. Upon boot, the Pi will run through the first boot setup of raspi-config. After the Pi reboots to a desktop follow these instructions on how to use the GUI tool to configure your wifi network. Taking pictures with the Pi is very simple.

OpenOffice and LibreOffice templates, tutorials, tips and FAQ Tutorials/articles Calculating in text documents Cross references: How to use Cross references: working with Desktop Publishing with OOo Fields: working with Floating windows: working with Frames and objects: working with Frames: about frame styles Guide to writing large documents in Writer Letterhead, creating in Writer Master documents Macros: using in OOo 2 Mail merging in OOo 2 Numbering: how to create using Writer Numbering and bulleted lists Outlines: working with Paragrah and page spacing in OOo Writer Revision tracking: a guide Styles, basic knowledge Styles: character styles Styles: frame styles Styles: page styles Styles: paragraph styles Styles: understanding Styles: when to use Styles & templates, Writer vs. Templates: how to use Text formatting with OpenOffice Writer ToCs, Indexes and Bibliographies in OOo Writer Table of contents: how to create and maintain Tables: how to add, design and manipulate in OOo 2 Tables: working with formulas Writer guide (free eBook) Writer tutorials (quite a few) Templates

Transcripts Episode #32 PyPy.js - PyPy Python in Your Browser - [Talk Python To Me Podcast] Imagine a future where you are building that rich, client-side web app. You start by creating some backend services in Flask or Node, an HTML page, throw in a few divs and uls, and then you type <script src="" language="Python">. That future might just be possible, for the right types of applications, with Ryan Kelly's pypy.js project. This is Talk Python To Me with guest Ryan Kelly, show number 32, recorded Wednesday, September 30th 2015. [music intro] Welcome to Talk Python to Me. Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Hired and Codeship. Hey everyone. 1:51 Ryan, welcome to the show. 1:53 Thanks for having me. 1:54 I'm super excited that you are here today, we are going to talk about Python but in a place you typically do not find it- int he browser, right? 2:01 Yep. 2:02 Yeah there is a lot of cool projects out there, and I'm a huge fan of the one that you've been working on. 3:18 Yeah. 3:28 Yeah, sure. 5:00 That's right. 6:11 Right. 6:21 Sure. 7:11 Yeah, that's great. 7:53 Sure.

OpenStreetMap : pourquoi vous devriez l'utiliser OpenStreetMap (OSM), souvent appelé « la Wikipédia des cartes », gagnerait à être plus connu parmi les libristes. Je suis moi-même un contributeur récent, puisque j'ai appris à contribuer à OpenStreetMap grâce à une sympathique personne qui animait le stand OSM au FOSDEM 2013… et je suis devenu, depuis cette date, un contributeur assidu. Nous vous laissons découvrir ce retour d'expérience dans la suite de la dépêche. NdM : merci à Alexis de Lattre pour son journal. Base de données et moteurs de rendu Tout d'abord, il faut bien comprendre qu'OpenStreetMap en lui-même n'est que la base de données d'informations géographique (330 Gio sans compression et 20 Gio avec une compression PBF) et non un moteur de rendu ou de navigation. OpenStreetMap, l'Île de Mann OpenPisteMap, Chamonix OpenCycleMap, La Haie Hors ligne et points d'intérêt la possibilité de télécharger la carte en local sur son téléphone au format vectoriel et de pouvoir l'utiliser hors ligne. Applications mobiles OsmAnd Contribution

The creation of the modern laptop The world's first commercial laptop—though that is certainly stretching the term—was the Osborne 1. When released in 1981, it cost $1,795, weighed 10.7kg (23.5lbs), and ran an operating system called CP/M. The 1983 Compaq Portable, which ran MS-DOS, was even larger (13kg) and cost $3,590. Neither had a battery, though an aftermarket battery for the Osborne 1 lasted an hour. At the time, neither of these computers was actually called a "laptop;" they were portables that, in a pinch, could be lugged around. We've come a long way since then. Pick up your laptop. Okay, you can put your laptop back down. All of that, though, is nothing without a battery. Don't stick a fork in me or I'll explode Originally commercialised by Sony in 1991, lithium-ion batteries now power just about every consumer-oriented portable device. "Lithium-ion was the driving force that launched microelectronic portable devices," Peter H.L. Solid-state batteries

Taxes filing with the US IRS in London : British Expat Wiki From Wiki Taxes: Filing with the IRS While in London [edit] Disclaimer The information contained in this tax wiki is meant to be used as a guide only and does not constitute legal advice, nor is it claimed to be 100% accurate. If you are in doubt as to how to file your tax returns please consult with a tax professional. The information in this article was believed to be correct and up to date as of the date of the last revision. [edit] Acronym/abbreviation dictionary USC = US Citizen UKC = UK Citizen LPR = Lawful Permanent Resident (“green card holder”) IRS = Internal Revenue Service (the US income tax authority) UKIR = UK Inland Revenue (the UK income tax authority) GBP = Great British Pounds USD = US Dollars SSN = US Social Security Number ITIN = Individual Taxpayer Identification Number [edit] Overview Filing income tax returns with the IRS is mandatory for USCs and LPRs, regardless of where they live and work. There is a tax treaty in place between the US and UK governments. [edit] Assumptions 1.

Intro to Python for Data Science Learn Pricing See our plans Group My Groups Sign in Create Free Account free course Intro to Python for Data Science Start Course For Free 4 hours 11 Videos 57 Exercises 769,062 Participants 4,700 XP This course is part of these tracks: Filip Schouwenaars Data Science Instructor at DataCamp Filip is the passionate developer behind several of DataCamp's interactive courses, covering both R and Python. See More Collaborator(s) Vincent Vankrunkelsven Patrick Varilly Datasets Course Description Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming more and more popular for doing data science. © 2018 DataCamp Inc. Get notified

Algorithms of the Mind — Deep Learning 101 “Science often follows technology, because inventions give us new ways to think about the world and new phenomena in need of explanation.” Or so Aram Harrow, an MIT physics professor, counter-intuitively argues in “Why now is the right time to study quantum computing”. He suggests that the scientific idea of entropy could not really be conceived until steam engine technology necessitated understanding of thermodynamics. Quantum computing similarly arose from attempts to simulate quantum mechanics on ordinary computers. So what does all this have to do with machine learning? Much like steam engines, machine learning is a technology intended to solve specific classes of problems. Not Computer Vision, But Computer Imagination Five years ago, deep learning pioneer Geoff Hinton (then at the University of Toronto, now at Google) published the following demo. Hinton had trained a five-layer neural network to recognize handwritten digits when given their bitmapped images. On Concepts and Intuitions

Syntax DuckDuckGo supports search syntax you can use to fine-tune your queries. Search Operators Search Directly on Other Sites Use \ to go to directly to the first search result. For example, \futurama Use ! to search other sites' search engines directly. Instant Answers Add news to your searches to generate Instant Answer news results. Safe Search Add !