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Compétences Accueil722

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devoirs 723 - 2013/2014 I-09 (TPI-09) Savoir définir l'effet Doppler et identifier les situations qui permettent de l'observer - connaître le sens de variation de la fréquence en fonction du déplacement de la source sonore - savoir exploiter l'expression du décalage Doppler dans le cas des faibles vitesses - connaître des applications terrestres et en astrophysique... I-10 (TPI-10) Connaître les conditions d'observation du phénomène de diffraction - Connaître la relation entre écart angulaire, longueur d'onde et dimension de l'objet diffractant - savoir faire une analyse qualitative et "quantitative" du phénomène de diffraction - connaître la figure de diffraction en lumière monochromatique et savoir l'exploiter pour la relier à la dimension de l'objet diffractant - savoir interpréter ou décrire une figure de diffraction en lumière blanche (irisations)...

Vit. & Minerals Vitamins and Minerals Did you know that lithium is a naturally occurring element? Sure...check out the periodic chart (you know, the one in your high school lab room). I know that not everyone can take lithium and I'm not suggesting that everyone start "popping" lithium.

The Daily Render by Nikolas ® Schiller Geohumanities, the recently published book that features my map “The Modern Geographer” on the cover, was reviewed in the New York Times by Stanley Fish: June 13, 2011, 8:30 PM By STANLEY FISH Our house in the western Catskills overlooks the Pepacton Reservoir, a 20-mile ribbon of water between Margaretville and Downsville. Maps on the Internet, depending on their scale and detail, will show you where the reservoir is in relation to nearby towns and roads. - This website is for sale! - fruitforward Resources and Information. Buy this domain The domain may be for sale by its owner! Kelly McCormack's Inspirational Example At a time when we’re being bombarded with media coverage of the noxious political atmosphere (see White House vs. Fox News), health care reform (see Obamacare vs. the insurance industry), rampant corporate greed (see AIG, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs etc.), the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (see Rahm Emanuel vs. Dick Cheney), and assorted odious celebrities (see Polanski, Lindsay Lohan, Jon & Kate, Rihanna, Letterman etc.), the example of Kelly McCormack is as refreshing as a summer breeze. I asked her if I could share her report with Huffington Post readers and she said I could. It’s lengthy, about 1,500 words, but well worth the time to read it all.

Here On Earth: Radio Without Borders After nearly 30 years on Wisconsin Public Radio, Jean Feraca, host of Here on Earth, has retired. Jean's final broadcast, on Friday March 30, 2012 also marked the final episode of the show she created, a daily exploration of global issues, cultures, arts and cuisines. "This was not an easy decision," Feraca noted, who announced her retirement with a personal letter to listeners, which she read on air on December 20, 2011. "After that show, I was just amazed by the outpouring of love and support from listeners," she added.

Todd Kashdan: Blog Todd Kashdan at The Huffington Post Read my op-eds for The Huffington Post and consider clicking the link that reads, "Become a Fan." After doing so, you will automatically get an email when I publish something. Psychology Today Blog - Curious? Discovering and creating a life that matters. The Shortcut to Finding Pleasure From Pain The RW Complete Guide to Stretching for Runners - Staying Healthy This eight-stretch routine will keep you flexible in all your main running muscles. Follow it after every run, or once or twice a week – it depends how naturally flexible you are. If you’re pushed for time, try the three-minute alternatives; if you need to work more on a specific muscle, practise the deeper stretches; and once a week, try to add the whole-body stretches.

What makes women happy? Writer Ariel Gore was dismayed by what she viewed as overly narrow conclusions about women’s happiness from studies in the growing field of Positive Psychology—were women truly happiest when scrubbing floors and baking cookies, as some studies seemed to suggest? Were findings about nuns’ positive attitudes helping them live longer applicable to a broader population of women? In her new book, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness, Gore tackles these questions and attempts to uncover how women can cultivate happiness. TIME caught up with her to find out what she found makes women happy: TIME: As part of your research, you asked 100 women to keep journals cataloging what made them happy. Are we reliable judges of our own happiness?

CoreExercisesExcerciseBall This core workout focuses on using an exercise ball to strengthen all of the muscles in the abs and back or, as we say in the biz, the 'core.' I love these moves because they not only strengthen the core, they target balance, stability and overall coordination, making this a multi-purpose workout. The moves progress in difficulty, so take your time and use a wall for balance if you feel wobbly. PrecautionsSee your doctor before trying this workout if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions.