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Top 10 Misused English Words

Top 10 Misused English Words
Humans Many people who’ve had to proof read documents start to develop a kind of compulsive “tutting” at misused words. Here’s my top ten words that are misused by either professional writers or public speakers who, let’s be honest, should really know better. “Refute” means to “disprove with evidence” and yet it’s commonly used, even by professional writers, to mean “rebut” which carries a similar meaning but isn’t quite so strong, as it can also mean “argue against.” Nowadays, it’s almost universally assumed that “instant” actually means “quickly” or “without intervention.” “Enormity” means “extreme evil”, but it’s often used to mean “enormousness”. Less is used when comparing quantities that can’t be counted; for example, “I’d like less milk.” Chronic is originally a medical term meaning “long term”; it has the same root as “chronometer”. “Panacea” means a cure all; it comes from the same Greek root as “panorama”. Does “disinterested” mean the same as “uninterested”? Related:  ENGerish

Self Evaluation Performance Phrases • Because I am intensely focused on the task at hand, I have found that I may be blunt toward some of my colleagues. I am working on the way I deal with such situations. • Not everyone may be comfortable with the way I sometimes communicate with my colleagues, but my focus is to get the job done, on time, with results. • I have found that my manner of working has been questioned by many. However, I believe that I have delivered and can deliver results in spite of working differently from others. • Time management may not be one of my core strengths, but I am working on improving how I handle my time. • I tend to overlook the convenience of my colleagues so that my time may be managed effectively. • I believe I am very comfortable in terms of written communication, but have scope for improvement in the way I verbally communicate with those around me. • There are occasions where I do not perceive the need for a creative solution, but one that will instantaneously end the problem at hand.

20 Weird English Words The Arts English is a wonderful language with some of the strangest pronunciation rules and words that come from many other languages. This is a list of 20 weird English words. 1. Erinaceous Like a hedgehog 2. Loudness and clarity of voice 3. To testify under oath 4. A trinket or knick-knack 5. floccinaucinihilipilification Estimation that something is valueless. 6. Pertaining to idle talk 7. An attempt at a scientific study into the nature of romantic love. 8. Pertaining to midnight 9. A dumpster diver – one who extracts valuable things from trash 10. A person who deals with things lacking importance (pronounce the ‘h’ like a ‘k’). 11. The day before yesterday 12. Deception or trickery 13. A weak or foolish person 14. Covered with dust 15. A social climber 16. Rude or rough play 17. Unfamiliar, rare, strange, marvelous, wonderful. 18. To be poisoned by cheese 19. Someone who deserves to be hanged 20. The abuse of military power or authority. Jamie Frater Jamie is the founder of Listverse.

Adblock Plus — for annoyance-free web surfing Performance Appraisals & Phrases For Dummies Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet Workplace performance appraisals and reviews can often be challenging for managers and supervisors. These checklists and tips help guide you through preparing for performance evaluations, conducting employee reviews, avoiding common appraisal mistakes and pitfalls, and following up with employees after the appraisal is complete. Preparing to Appraise Job Performance When conducting performance appraisals in the workplace, make sure that you are well prepared to assess your employees’ performance and deliver your evaluation. See yourself as a leader. How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal in the Workplace As you conduct performance appraisal sessions as a manager or supervisor, use the following guidelines to help you increase the likelihood of having a positive and productive exchange with your employees. Open on an upbeat note. How to Follow Up after a Job Performance Appraisal Session Set performance goals with each employee.

Guide for Writers: Latin Phrases It’s a matter of taste and style, but not long ago American writers attempted to demonstrate their credentials to the world by including Latin and French phrases within works. A dash of Latin was expected of the moderately educated throughout the Western world. annus mirabilis - wonderful year arbiter elegantiae - judge of the elegant; one who knows the good things in life bona fides - good faith; credentials carpe diem - sieze the day; enjoy the present casus belli - cause justifying a war caveat emptor - buyer beware cui bono? caeteris paribus - all things being equal de facto - of fact; it is de gustibus non est disputandum - no disputing tastes; there is no accounting for taste Dei gratia - by the grace of God Deo gratias - thanks to God Deo volente - God willing dis aliter visum - it seemed otherwise to the gods Dominus vobiscum - Lord be with you dulce et decorum est pro patria mori - sweet and seemly it is to die for one’s country ecce homo - behold man ex cathedra - with authority

Tennessee Makes 'Offensive Online Pictures' Illegal - WTF Is Wrong With This State?! | Gay Blog, Gay Friendly, Gay News A new Tennessee law makes it a crime to “transmit or display an image” online that is likely to “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress” to someone who sees it. Violations can get you almost a year in jail time or up to $2500 in fines. It's official. We're over Tennessee. In order for us all to properly channel our outrage, this absolutely idiotic piece of legislation is going ot need a catchy name akin to the Don’t Say Gay Bill. How does Don’t Open Your Eyes On the Internet Bill sound to you? We assume that the Don’t Say Gay Bill was going to be the most idiotic thing to come out of Tennessee this year until we saw that “Gay Men Will Rape You Daughters In Public Bathrooms” commercial a few weeks ago. Straight up, even third grade students are able to recognize that this law practically has a 50 foot neon florescent asterisk next to it, blinking out into the ethers as if to say THIS MOTHERF*CKING LAW IS TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. A) You’re behaving like asshats.

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