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Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously

Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously

MotionPhone released for iPad and iPhone « Snibbe App Store MotionPhone App Enables a new Form of Visual Communication San Francisco, April 19, 2012 MotionPhone, a new app for the iPhone and iPad, enables a unique form of visual communication, allowing people to create animations together on iPads and iPhones. The app, created by Scott Snibbe Studio, is the company’s first release since producing Björk’s groundbreaking Biophilia App Album last year, and is a similarly innovative combination of interactive visuals with music. In MotionPhone, fingers’ movements become colorful dancing abstract shapes whose personality comes directly from the way one moves. “Each person moves differently and naturally creates their own original style of animation.” said Scott Snibbe, the app’s creator, “Each of our movements are as original and recognizable as our face or the way we walk, and with MotionPhone, it’s the first time we get to see these traces of movement.” As its name suggests, MotionPhone is more than an animation program. Screenshots and icon:

Enter 6: Biopolis Enter 6: Biopolis » International art | sci | tech | biennale Prague 4 – 12 April 2013 What kind of world we will live in within the coming decades? Where is the boundary between the natural and the artificial? How will technology transform our bodies and lifestyle? 5 April 2013 The symposium is designed to open floor for exhibiting artists and collaborating researchers to introduce and discuss their projects. yago's web Yours Synthetically, | Studiolab Call for works: Studiolab's dialogue with biology hosted in the Ars Electronica Biolab. A team of researchers working in bio-comms have just received what can only be described as an archaic communication method, a letter... Dear Humanity, We have to talk. Let's just say that our relationship has been a bit challenging lately. We've had some ups and downs for sure, the ups of global temperatures and carbon in the atmosphere, and the downs such as the variety of species still sharing our planet. As you know, I'm a bit concerned about our future. These "synthetic" organisms you're playing with, what are they going to be when they grow up? These "synthetic" organisms you're playing with, what are they going to be when they grow up? Yours Synthetically, Life on Earth Curatorial theme: Yours Synthetically is a subtle reflection on the formulaic conclusion to a letter: 'Yours Sincerely'. This dialogue is our responsibility. Open Call Exhibition Dates of Exhibition - July to October 2013 Submission form

Painting Hundertwasser painted wherever he was, at home, in nature and on the road, in cafés and restaurants, on the train or on aeroplanes, in hotels or at the homes of friends or acquaintances he was visiting. He had no studio and did not paint at an easel, but instead spread the canvas or sheet of paper flat in front of him. When he was on the road it could happen that he folded the paper, painting only on the visible part of his work. He either took his paintings on trips, or he left them at his places of residence and continued to paint them as soon as he returned. Hundertwasser made many of his paints himself. He painted with watercolours, in oil and with egg tempera, with shiny lacquers and ground earth. He experimented with many techniques and invented new ones. He painted on found materials, for example on pieces of plywood, which he fitted together, as shown in work 904 Pellestrina Wood, or on a switchboard, as in 816 Switch Board.

Jeremy Geddes Artista recrea nubes en el interior de una galería Entre el angel y el fantasma emergen coquetas nubes que quedan suspendidas al interior de espacios vacíos dentro de una galería. De acuerdo al sitio web Pijamasurf, se trata de la obra del artista holandés Berndaut Smilde, quien logra reproducir nubes “reales” en interiores. A diferencia de proyectos “similares” en los que artistas recurren a ilusiones ópticas, tecnologías digitales, o extrañas combinaciones de polímeros para recrear elementos que remitan a entidades nubosas, y cuyas obras distan de consumar la ligereza estética que se alcanza en este caso, Smilde utiliza una combinación entre humo, humedad, y precisión lumínica, que le permiten crear estos seres tan deleitables como efímeros. Fue en 2010 cuando el holandés obtuvo el primero de los resultados de su larga experimentación con estos cuerpos. Para más información sobre la obra de Smilde visita su sitio oficial:

Happy New Year Art Nouveau 2012 Happy New Year to all of my fellow Art Nouveau admirers! Here are some Tumblr images that have caught my eye so far in 2012...they are a little random! LA SOGA AL CIELO - pronomade(s) 10 : HELMO affiches 40 x 60 3 cahiers par saison dépliant de cartes postales / calendrier de saison cartes postales / programmation mensuelle éléments de la nouvelle identité / papèterie, tampons, famille de logos… Drawing (a)live Mexico 2012 | Current Drawing (a)live México 2012 Primer Festival de Arte Contemporáneo acerca del dibujo en vivo como un acto de performance. El festival presenta algunas de las herramientas vivas disponibles para los artistas visuales ya sea análogas y/o digitales. · Gary Panter (USA) · Fupete (Italia) · Alejandro Magallanes (México) · Dr. · Bayrol Jimenez (México) · Alfonso Barranco (México) · Carlos Franco (México) · Hackerspace (México) El festival se divide en diversas actividades las cuales se desarrollan en distintas sedes tales como centros culturales, museos, universidades e incluso espacios públicos, logrando de esta manera que el festival tenga un mayor alcance. Como parte del evento y de forma exclusiva se inauguran los solo shows de Fupete (Italia) “Matad caballo amarillo” y Paadín (España) “Colonia Modelo” en la galería Vértigo. Sede: Museo de Arte Moderno · Gary Panter (USA) · Fupete (Italia) · Carmen Segovia (España) · Dr. · Manuel Monroy (Mx) · Alejandro Magallanes (Mx) · Dulce Chacón (Mx)