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Sublime Text - Download

Sublime Text - Download
Related:  TodoTxt - nvALT ou La prise de notes pour les perfectionnistes nvALT est une application gratuite, légère et rapide qui permet de prendre des notes instantanément. nvALT c'est également : une gestion des notes par étiquettes et mots-clésle plaisir d'écrire en Markdownvos notes synchronisées sur tous vos appareils avec Dropboxvos notes accessibles par toute application sur n'importe quelle plateforme, puisque constituées de simples fichiers texte Après avoir essayé Springpad, Simplenote, Evernote et de nombreuses autres solutions pour prendre des notes de manière efficace, j'ai fini par réaliser que rien ne pouvait remplacer la rapidité, la versatilité, la pérénnité et le plaisir d'utiliser de simples fichiers texte. Le désir d'efficacité m'a poussé vers la meilleure solution à ce jour sur Mac : nvALT de Brett Terpstra. Si vous aimez prendre des notes et que vous êtes sur Mac, c'est incontournable, comme vous allez vous en rendre compte. Principaux avantages de nvALT Pourquoi pas une base de données ? Recommandé

Sublime Text: The text editor you'll fall in love with iTextEditors - iPhone and iPad text/code editors and writing tools compared Last updated Friday December 02, 2016 at 01:31pm CST (v186). 1a Easy Writer Standard features: iPad, Dropbox, iCloud, iTunes, Plain text, Email, Print, Open in…, Extra Keyboard row, Web Browser Special Features Quick text selection tools. 5.99USDEasy Writer +Infovole e.K.Average User Rating4View in App StorePlatformiOS (iPad)Version2.1.3Release Date2012-02-06Updated2013-11-21CategoriesProductivityBusinessDevicesiPadWifi, iPad3G, iPad2Wifi, iPad23G, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4GLanguagesDutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish [Back to Chart] 1Writer Standard features: iPhone, iPad, Dropbox, iCloud, iTunes, Plain text, Email, HTML Email, PDF, Print, Open in…, TextExpander, Markdown preview/export, Markdown editing features, Appearance options, Extra Keyboard row, Full-text file search, Word count, URL handler(s) Flexible folder manager with Dropbox and iCloud support. [Back to Chart] AppWriter iPad screenshots: [Back to Chart]

10 Plain Text Files You Should Have on Your Desktop for Higher Productivity If you read an earlier post on the Zapier blog about staying productive without using to-do apps, you will have already seen a glimpse of the productive potential of plain text files. I came across some other clever uses of plain text files recently, so I wanted to pull them all together so you can pick and choose which ones will be most useful to you. A "Write Every day" File I came across a comment somewhere in my wanderings around the internet that suggested this clever use of plain text files. Using a single text file instead means all of your writing is together in one place, and it's not stored online—it's private and local. A Plain Text To-Do List Todo.txt's syntax rules include setting priorities (A, B, C), contexts (@phone, @car, @store), and projects (+Work, +GarageSale). Of course, you could create a plain text to do list any way you like, but if you want some extra bells and whistles, try Todo.txt by Gina Trapani, founder of Lifehacker and co-founder of ThinkUp. A "Done" List

GitHub - dertuxmalwieder/SublimeTodoTxt: Sublime Text 3 syntax highlighing for Todo.txt TodoTxtMac TodoTxtMac is a minimalist, keyboard-driven to-do manager for Mac OS X that conforms to the todo.txt format spec. Official support and testing are only done on Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) at this time, though the application is built to run on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and higher. (Additional screenshots below.) The commercial version of TodoTxtMac is called SwiftoDo Desktop and is available from the Mac App Store. There is also a free version of TodoTxtMac available on the Releases page on GitHub. This application is inspired by the application for Microsoft Windows with numerous improvements and modifications specific to the Mac OS X platform. From a design perspective, the goal is to be the fastest, simplest, and cleanest implementation possible. General features Full compliance with the todo.txt format spec.Support for due date (due:), threshold date (t:), recurring tasks (rec:), and hidden (h:1) tags. Adding/removing tasks Sorting and filtering Due dates Threshold dates is an minimalist, keyboard-driven Windows GUI for your todo.txt file. …spend less time managing your tasks and more time working on them - lifehacker The UI is purposefully minimalist and can be completely controlled from via keyboard shortcuts. Most actions can be initiated with a single key, for example ‘n’ to start creating a new task, ‘u’ to update the selected task, or ‘x’ to mark a task as completed. It is fully compliant with Gina’s format spec, which means you can safely edit the file using the Android app or Linux/Mac If you have found the app useful, please make a donation. Download To get started, download the installer, then load your existing todo.txt or create a new one. A notification will appear in the app's menu when a new version is released. NB, with the removal of Github 'downloads', previous versions are no longer available, until I sort out a reasonable way to do it. Help and Support Contributors

Todour Todour is an application for handling todo.txt files (as made famous by Gina Trapani of Lifehacker) on Windows, Mac and Linux. The format is especially practical for an approach similar to the one suggested in the book Getting Things Done by David Allen, often referred to as GTD. Video Player Mac version The application is superbly simple and has worked well for me in daily usage for months years now. There is no support for anything fancy, even if the feature set is slowly increasing. The application always works directly on the todo.txt and done.txt files when any action is performed. The application should be mostly self explanatory otherwise and I hope it is of some value to you using it. Windows version Downloads Enjoy If you like this program then please listen to some of my music Also note that I’ve added some analytics (easy to turn off) in the application so I can get information on how many people actually use it. Contact me by writing in the forums below or tweet to @sverriv

Todo.txt: Future-proof task tracking in a file you control Home · ginatrapani/todo.txt-cli Wiki