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Trevor Gerszt: A Lot More Market Madness Still to Come

Trevor Gerszt: A Lot More Market Madness Still to Come
Global investment markets don’t just seem scary these days, they are scary. What’s more, the instability of modern markets, and their roller coaster volatility, is something we’d better get used to because it’s here to stay. Fundamentals that have traditionally guided our investment decisions are in a state of upheaval, and investors, both big and small, are yanking their money out of equity markets and investment instruments like mutual funds and ETFs. 2015 will go down as a year of transition for many reasons. Chief among these is the fact that we transitioned from a world economy led by the United States to a global economy where the U.S. is just one economic power among many. While this change to a globally-connected economy is significant, what’s more relevant for today’s investors is that 2015 also marked the transition from a marketplace where greed was the dominant motivator to one where fear rules. What Are We Running From? Fear is a Poor Investment Adviser © 2016 Newsmax Finance.

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Trevor Gerszt: Defensive Investing For the Volatile New World Any way you look at the numbers, 2016 has had the worst starts for the stock market since they’ve been keeping track. A number of factors came together to produce a near-perfect storm for stock prices and panicked investors turned to financial media for guidance. Ironically, market crashes are great for TV financial pundits and investment websites as millions of Americans watching their hopes for a secure retirement go up in smoke turn to experts for advice. But instead of useful counsel most got either condescending platitudes or predictable advice to ride it out. These were the same media that, just a few months ago, were trumpeting the stock market’s Bull Run. Staffing for your needs - when to look for permanent employees Small companies which are growing face several areas of risk as they transition from a small firm to a larger concern. As larger projects or the addition of many smaller projects are added to a company's portfolio, managing the extra workload can be a perilous time for any business. Quality of service and timeliness of the work delivered must be kept at the highest standards if growth is going to be successful. Too many companies bite off more than they can successfully manage during these transitional periods and never recover. Making sure capital outlay is spent wisely is very important during these periods, but it is not the only area that a business needs to concentrate on when it is going through growing pains. The ability to scale up any type of operation as it grows is paramount to the future success of the business.

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Why Gold Will Continue to Crush Other Investments Gold prices moved higher in European markets on Monday, supporting a trend that’s been in place since the beginning of the year. It’s up nearly twenty percent so far in 2016 and there are good reasons to suspect the bull market is just beginning. Just in this first quarter gold has outperformed the S&P 500, demonstrating why smart investors keep a percentage of their wealth in liquid hard assets and rebalance their portfolios regularly, adjusting the asset allocation as they near retirement. Gold’s turned in a strong performance in spite of factors normally cited as headwinds for higher prices. Yields on bonds have been moving higher, employment numbers are healthy, equities are recovering and we’re still in a tightening monetary environment for the Fed. - Shopping Online Shops - Internet Shopping Delivering milk since 1972! Ghost Hunting Software for Windows