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40+ Fabric Wallet & Checkbook Covers: {Free Patterns

40+ Fabric Wallet & Checkbook Covers: {Free Patterns

2 Pocket, Ultra Slim Fabric Card Case A few weeks ago, I went to Dallas for the wedding of a friend of mine from college, and unsurprisingly, the reception ended up doubling as a mini college reunion. Some of those people I literally hadn’t seen since graduation day. Naturally, the experience got me thinking about the thing I am always thinking about: sewing. (really). I already make a cute little single pocket card case/wallet thing that people love to impulse-buy at craft shows, but occasionally I get asked about one with two pockets, that would fold in half. why 19th street? Remembering our 19th street adventures made me think of that critical accessory (nobody carried purses when we went out), and how a handmade version would be pretty cute, and super useful. I also used lightweight fusible interfacing, but that’s also optional, especially if you use something a bit heavier for the outside. the pattern…is really just two rectangles. time to start sewing! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. And viola!

DIY Lunch Bag All my closest friends know that I (Chanel) am forever on the search for the perfect, chic lunch box. And believe it or not, a lot of the prettiest and well-designed carriers out there are super expensive. So with this personal challenge in mind and with Picnic Week in the air, I was inspired to create my very own reusable lunch bag. Taking my pattern directly from the handy-dandy, classic paper lunch sacks that I predict will be around forever and ever, I put together this canvas version that’s reusable, washable and most of all, super pretty. There was a lot of hand-stitiching involved, but it wasn’t difficult at all and I’m head-over-heels in love with the final product. canvaslunch sackpencil or fabric chalkstitching awlwaxed thread (I got this great multicolored spool at Tandy)2 needlesscissorsmatches or a lighter 1. 6. *tip: for a video demonstration on how to hand stitch like this, refer to this tutorial. *photos by Camille

Purse Organizer Insert With Adjustable Dividers Purse Organizer Insert With Adjustable DividerMaterials:Quantities are in approximate value as they depend on your bag dimension. Mine is an oversize tote / hobo bag (scroll down for the last photo to view how big is the bag). 1. Internal fabric and divider fabric – approx. 1/2 yard 2. External fabric – approx. fat quarter 3. Batting – approx. 3/4 yard (for 2 layers) 4. Woven Interfacing – 1/4 yard 5. Measure your bag dimension, Width (A), Depth (C) and your preferred insert height (B). Draft out the organizer insert pattern with some simple calculations. Cut fabric 2″ larger than the width and height of the organizer insert pattern. Stake layers with fabric on top, battings, then muslin as the bottom piece. Start quilting from the center with a walking foot and a guide. Quilted piece is thick and will shrink a little from the original size. that’s why you need to have a bigger piece to begin with. Draw the pattern on the quilted piece, add 1/2″ seam allowance. Pages: 1 2

The Bra Dilemma Solved You can fit and sew your own bra to get just the style, size, fabric, and features you want. Scott Phillips To make your own bra, you'll need some special materials and findings. Bras can be custom-fitted for your build. Robert LaPointe Photo: Scott Phillips by Cynthia Elamfrom Threads #71, pp. 36-40 For some women, it's easy to find bras that fit in styles they like. Well, if any of this sounds familiar, you'll be pleased to find out that making your own custom-fitted bra can be a quick and rewarding project. For the first bra, plan to spend an evening or so. Bra-styling optionsThe four elements of a basic bra include a bra band, cups, straps, and a closure (see Anatomy of a bra). Cups can be made of one, two, or three lined or unlined sections, with two being the most common. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5next> View all

Sew a Zipper Opening in Your Purse or Handbag Time for another tutorial! I've just finished adding instructions for a zipper opening into my Teardrop Bag pattern, and thought - Hey, what the heck, I should post this as a tutorial as well so that you fabulous sewers can add one to a bag of your own. I hope you like it, please leave a comment if you do! This is a zipper opening that is made in a gusset, that is open at each end. Decide how wide you want your zipper gusset to be; mine is about 3" so I've cut the strips on either side 2" (5 cm) wide to allow for seam allowances. 2 Top Lining Pieces 2 Bottom Lining Pieces 1 Tab Piece 3” x 2” (8 cm x 5 cm) 4 Gusset Pieces 2” (5 cm) wide x the length of your desired zipper opening, plus 1/2" (13 mm) for seam allowance. 4 Fusible interfacing 2” (5 cm) wide x the length of your desired zipper opening. 1 Closed end zipper 2 inches (5 cm) longer than your gusset pieces. 1) Fuse interfacing to wrong side of the gusset pieces, leaving ¼” (6mm) at each end without interfacing.

How to Make a Recycled Dog Sweater January 12th, 2012 Email 419 users recommend This old vest may not have been flattering on a human, but it looks adorable on Gertie! Cal Patch This ill-proportioned vest is about to get a second wind. Here are the pieces you'll cut to make the dog sweater. Photo: Cal Patch Refashioning old or thrifted sweaters into dog sweaters is easy and fun. 1. (A) neck circumference + 1 inch(B) chest circumference (right behind the front legs) + 1 inch(C) length from collar to tail + 1/2 inch(D) underside length from collar to (just short of) the business end + 1 inch(E) distance from collar down to front leg(F) front leg circumference x 1/2 2. View 9 member project galleries

Adding recessed top zipper to purse/bag -Tutorial As promised yesterday here I am with a tutorial to add top zipper to your purse.You know I always prefer purses with zippers,somehow they feel safer & I don't have to worry that something inappropriate may peek out at the wrong time;) Among top zippers,the most elegant & professional looking is recessed or sunken top zipper. So without further ado ...............lets begin. When we make purses we usually cut outer & inner lining pieces equal,but as you can see here the lining is smaller.So first you prepare the outer pieces (don't join them yet) Now you decide how much recessed should your zipper be?????? To that measurement add 2 " & cut 2 pieces from the outer fabric with width equal to width of the top of the outer piece.This is what I mean............we will be sewing the zippers & lining to these pieces which I am going to call STRAPS. Cut little angles at the inside ends of theses straps as you can see in the pics above.These angles ensure that the zipper ends don't become bulky.

DIY Workout Shirt Happy Fashion Friday!I have a super fun arts and crafts project for my beautiful little bunnies to try over the holiday weekend! I love buying new clothes, but sometimes I love making them even more! I started college as a fashion design major, so I have always been a little crafty when it comes to recycling old T-shirts. This has to be my new favorite DIY reclaimed shirt. DIY Workout ShirtMakes 1 sexy little tank Ingredients: 1 old T-shirt 1 pair of scissors 20 minutes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Throw it on with some cute yogis, grab your water, and hit the gym! If you loved this DIY, you may also like my DIY Multi Strand Scarf!