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Erich's Puzzle Palace

Erich's Puzzle Palace

Rompicapo Giochi di logica e Matematica ricreativa Roderick Kimball's Path Puzzles Photo Our challenges this week are Path Puzzles — original creations by Roderick Kimball, a recreational mathematician and puzzler also known for his juggling and music in the traveling troupe The Flying Karamazov Brothers (check out this review). “Path Puzzles provides original challenges that test your spatial and logical problem solving skills,” says the mathematical sculptor George Hart. “Sharpen your pencil and your mind!” Let’s give them a try. Here’s Mr. Path PuzzlesEach puzzle is a map with clues that will help you find your way across a grid. Now let’s add something new. Sometimes, a number will be adjacent to more than one row or column. We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Path Puzzles. I enjoyed finding my way through Path Puzzles and asked Mr. Check out this short introduction to the Flying Karamazov Brothers (Roderick Kimball is “Pavel”). Solution Check back Wednesday, August 6 for solutions and commentary by Mr. Path PuzzlesTo see the full article, subscribe here.

The Online Guide to Traditional Games Path Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe Updated 7/16/2013 – See Original Here Once at a picnic, I saw mathematicians crowding around the last game I would have expected: Tic-tac-toe. As you may have discovered yourself, tic-tac-toe is terminally dull. There’s no room for creativity or insight. Good players always tie. Games inevitably go something like this: But the mathematicians at the picnic played a more sophisticated version. As I watched, the basic rules emerged quickly. Each turn, you mark one of the small squares. But it took a while for the most important rule in the game to dawn on me: You don’t get to pick which of the nine boards to play on. Then your next move must be here… This lends the game a strategic element. The resulting scenarios look bizarre. A few clarifying rules are necessary: What if my opponent sends me to a board that’s already been won? What if one of the small boards results in a tie? When I see my students playing tic-tac-toe, I resist the urge to roll my eyes, and I teach them this game instead.

Welcome to | home of the daily number challenge Color Sudoku Puzzle Color Sudoku Puzzle Description: Fill all of empty squares in the grid with a picture. Each picture may appear only once in each row, column, and 3x3 box. Each puzzle has only one solution. Instructions: Category: Sudoku Puzzles Note: This game requires Java. Find the Factors | A Multiplication Based Logic Puzzle Math Games - HOODA MATH - Over 500 Math Games Puzzles and Starters | cavmaths I love maths puzzles, I like solving them and I like setting them in lessons. I have written many posts about how I’ve solved them, so I thought I would put some time in and collate them into a single page for people to use as starters. Most puzzles have more than one solution, the solutions I’ve blogged are the ones I came up with. Here is a nice number puzzle that can be used for most year groups: A high school has a strange principal. There are one thousand lockers and one thousand students in the school. Here is a nice little puzzle based on the number 71 which would be suitable for higher GCSE students and those studying A Level: 71 is the smallest prime that can be expressed as x^2 + xy + 2y^2 where x and y are nonnegative integers, find x and y giving 71. Here is a nice triangle based puzzle from the maths challenge that could also be used for any year group: Triangle T has sides 6,5,5 and Triangle Q has sides 8,5,5 What is the ratio Area T:Area Q? And a similar one: 4 Pics 1 word

Educational Games and Resources Rogo - Home Mathonopoly: la versione...matematica di Monopoli Mathonopoly è un adattamento del piu' famoso gioco da tavolo dedicato alla matematica. In pratica si tratta di giocare a Monopoli risolvendo operazioni matematiche. Daniel Burke per TES ha creato un paio di adattamenti per le fasce d'età 7-11 anni e 11-14 anni e, nella versione per i più grandi, vengono inserite le equazioni. Ogni versione comprende anche delle specifiche regole di gioco che potrete liberamente adattare e modificare. I materiali sono scaricabili liberamente, previa registrazione gratuita a TES. Per accedere al form di registrazione e scaricare dovrete cliccare sulla barra gialla del download in alto a destra Mathonopoly 7-11 anni