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Online Library of Liberty New to the Library Taine, The Origins of Contemporary France (1893) Hippolyte Taine’s 5 part history of modern France, The Origins of Contemporary France, in 6 volumes. They are The Old Regime (1875); The Revolution, vol. 1 Anarchy (1878); The Revolution, vol. 2 The Jacobin Conquest (1881); The Revolution, vol. 3 The Revolutionary Government (1883); and … Liberty Matters David Womersley, "John Trenchard and the Opposition to Standing Armies" (September, 2016) John Trenchard (1662-1723) was a radical Whig and Commonwealthman who, along with his collaborator Thomas Gordon (1692-1750), were important voices defending constitutionalism and individual liberty in the 1720s in England.

UbuWeb Visigothic script - Littera Visigothica A Master List of 800 Free Classic eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices Maybe you’re an eBooks holdout, a late adopter, a disdainer of the book as a branded “device”? I get it. Is there anything more ridiculous than putting down a book because its batteries have run out? No amount of crowing about the supremacy of tech will make me love the smell and feel of paper less... And yet… Within the charming heft of printed books reside their limitation. This feature—along with the ease of copying quotes and passages and sending them across platforms—eventually sold me on the eBook as a robust supplement to print. Can you freely download the latest New York Times bestsellers? See the full list of 800 offerings here. Note: If you need help uploading .mobi files to your Kindle, you might find it useful to watch this video. Related Content: Free Audio Books: Fiction & Literature A Master List of 1,200 Free Courses From Top Universities: 40,000 Hours of Audio/Video Lectures Book Readers Live Longer Lives, According to New Study from Yale University

The Power of Colour - Free online course We live in a vibrant and colourful world, but few of us truly appreciate the sheer power of the hues around us. This course will lift the lid on the world of colour: exploring the science behind the shades, the theories beyond the tints and the cultural impact of colour. Understand the science behind colour On the course we’ll take a closer look at how humans interpret colour - examining the physics and biology that determine our colour perception and getting to grips with how the brain processes colour. Explore different colour theories Throughout the course we’ll explore and evaluate different colour theories and apply them in real-world situations. Learn about colour and culture Broadening our scope, we’ll look at colour from a global and cultural perspective - examining colour preferences in different countries and even looking at the colours of 2016. Get confident using colours As this course continues your appreciation of colour, and confidence in using colours, will grow.

top10favourites - [Redirect: back to TOP 10 WRITERS (in every field): ] Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo (August 24, 1899 – June 14, 1986), best known as Jorge Luis Borges (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxorxe ˈlwiz ˈβorxes]), was an Argentine writer, essayist, and poet born in Buenos Aires. In 1914 his family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. On his return to Argentina in 1921, Borges began publishing his poems and essays in surrealist literary journals. His work embraces the "chaos that rules the world and the character of unreality in all literature His international fame was consolidated in the 1960s, aided by the "Latin American Boom" and the success of Gabriel García Márquez's Cien Años de Soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude).[2] Writer and essayist J. [edit] Life and career [edit] Early life and education Jorge Luis Borges was born to an educated middle-class family. [edit] Early writing career

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine AUSTIN KLEON is a writer who draws.