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Visual Thesaurus : lifestyle

Visual Thesaurus : lifestyle

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InteractElsevier — US Elsevier Health InteractElsevier - Powered by CyberAnatomy The InteractElsevier series blends tradition and technology by utilizing 3D virtual reality and advanced gaming technology to bring Netter's anatomy images to life. Immerse students in a realistic environment for virtual dissection and complete exploration of human anatomy Delve deep into the smallest detail with an easy-to-use, interactive interface that allows you to rotate, zoom, manipulate, peel, select, hide/unhide, label and much more! Help students master spatial relationships with the ability to put the entire human body together and take it apart View actual Netter art that has been digitized and texture-mapped to 3D models. Create and save particular views for presentations aligned with your lectures and labs Netter's 3D Interactive Virtual Anatomy: Stereo 3D Virtual Reality System

Visual thesaurus for 'mind' word Urban Dictionary, May 17: crack is whack