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EMPRENDEDORES - Fundación Empresa y Sociedad Queremos que sea más fácil que los emprendedores B2B consigan sus primeros clientes en el mundo empresarial. Normalmente no pueden ser proveedores de la mayor parte de empresas, ni siquiera de las que tienen programas de emprendimiento, “porque no tienen experiencia”. De esta manera, las empresas incorporan una nueva vía de innovación en colaboración con el mundo emprendedor. Conoce emprendedores singulares Si eres una empresa innovadora, pinchando aquí conocerás emprendedores que mejorarán tu competitividad. Club Comprendedor El Club Comprendedor reúne a Amigos Emprendedores de Empresa y Sociedad y a empresas que se apoyan en productos y servicios de emprendedores B2B como parte de sus procesos de innovación y les ayudan a crecer. Amigo Emprendedor Si eres un emprendedor B2B diferente, hazte Amigo Emprendedor de Empresa y Sociedad y te ayudaremos a acelerar tus clientes. Entrevista en Madrid Emprende Más información Recta final de los Premios Comprendedor 2015 Premios Comprendedor 2015

How Can I Earn Some Pocket Money Online? You say Craigslist and all that comes to mind is "Horrible Bosses" ... Wetwork Man: What are you talking about? Dale Arbus: Your...your ad said you do wet work. Wetwork Man: That's correct. I urinate on other men for money. Kurt Buckman: What was that? Nick Hendricks: What did he say? Dale Arbus: I think he said he pisses on dudes! Wetwork Man: Why else do you think my ad was in the men seeking men section? Nick Hendricks: Where was that? [turning to Dale] Kurt Buckman: You fucking idiot! Nick Hendricks: Could you be dumber! Kurt Buckman: Why were you looking in the men seeking men...? Dale Arbus:! Nick Hendricks: How do people let you work on their teeth? Dale Arbus: They don't actually. LOL. You might be surprised how well it works in areas with a population of less than 200,000. I live in a town of 3000 now (well, 6000 including the college students), and am about to see how well Craigslist works in this area. Do you mean selling your own stuff?

15 Useful Online HTML Editors for Web Developers Online HTML editors makes it easy and fast to create HTML markup directly on a website or without installing an HTML editor. Creating HTML markup is the most essential part of publishing content online. For programmers, HTML is rather simple, and easy to learn, but for everyone else it is a programming language and takes focus away from the real task at hand; creating valuable content. HTML rarely works well alone and some CSS styling need to be applied to make web pages look great. In modern publishing solution, like e.g. WordPress, all of the layout and styling complexities are managed by the active theme and styling is well separated from the page content. TinyMCE TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB. Free Online HTML Editor This online HTML editor can help you make website content in HTML language without knowing any of the HTML tags. CKEditor Quackit Online HTML Editor – JavaLaunch

Making Text Anchors the Fast Way by: David Blatner | September 2, 2009 Here’s a trick involving making text anchors in InDesign that Anne-Marie pointed out to me in a recent podcast. Like so many great tips, it’s painfully simple (in the way of, “how could I have overlooked that?!”) and makes life much better once you know it. As I’ve pointed out in various places (including my 10 things you need to know about Interactive PDF title at, you cannot make a navigation button that takes you to directly to a specific page… like “go to page 13.” Acrobat, for whatever reason, can’t deal with such clear communication. Unfortunately, the path to making a text anchor is not a happy carefree one. So, imagine my surprise when Anne-Marie started talking about the little anchor icon in the Bookmarks panel. Once you have the anchor in the Bookmarks panel, you can point to it from the Buttons panel: I love the speed and ease of this method of creating text anchors.

Microcréditos a emprendedores de Santander El Ayuntamiento de Santander y Laboral Kutxa colaborarán en la concesión de microcréditos a emprendedores destinados a la puesta en marcha de sus proyectos, la consolidación de su negocio o la contratación de trabajadores. Enviado por: / Red / Agencias, 07/12/2015, 12:53 h | (13) veces leída El alcalde, Íñigo de la Serna, ha firmado este sábado con Ignacio Álvarez García, director de la oficina de Laboral Kutxa en Santander, el convenio por el que se renueva la colaboración existente entre la empresa pública Santurban y la entidad bancaria para la promoción de estas líneas económicas entre los emprendedores del municipio. El objetivo, según ha explicado De la Serna, es "facilitar a los emprendedores el acceso al crédito para que puedan desarrollar sus ideas y no se queden en el camino proyectos viables y con futuro por falta de financiación". ep

Psychology: 53 Mind-Blowing Things You Should Know About Yourself 9 Apps to Help You Create HTML5 Animations Without Coding Apps 9 Apps to Help You Create HTML5 Animations Without Coding This post is written in partnership with PrintRunner, an online printing company that offers label printing services. We all love HTML5 and the stunning animations article shows us its true potential. I am sure that after viewing so many beautiful and creative animations you thought at least once to create your own, because let’s face it, HTML5 is practical, lightweight and mobile friendly, everything you need in order to succeed in today’s web. So, for those of you thinking about creating a professional animation or application using pure HTML5 and CSS3 here are some options. Adobe Edge Even Adobe who owns Flash technologies realized that HTML5 is the way to go in the years to come. Tumult Hype Create one of a kind animations using HTML5 and CSS3. Hippo Studios Sencha Is a rich CSS3 animation builder with a nice user friendly interface that includes timeline and support for mobile devices. MotionComposer Purple Visual Studio Mugeda

Free QR Code Generator noticia3 La Fundación para la Economía Circular presenta la conferencia internacional “Ahora la Economía Circular” que tendrá lugar en Sevilla los días 16 y 17 de marzo del próximo año. Actualmente nuestra economía de mercado se basa principalmente en un consumo de recursos lineal. A pesar de los esfuerzos para reducir los impactos ambientales y aumentar el reciclaje de residuos, este no es un modelo sostenible a largo plazo, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta el crecimiento previsto de la población mundial. Siguiendo esta línea, se prevé un agotamiento de la existencia de materias primas y recursos a finales de este siglo. Frente a estos desafíos, la economía circular constituye un elemento central en la política europea para desarrollar un uso eficiente de los recursos. Más información e inscripciones muy pronto en nuestra web.

48 Psychological Facts You Should Know About Yourself Le Top des ressources SEO gratuites proposées par Google Google a quand même fait des efforts de communication sur ce qu'il entend par bon référencement sur son moteur de recherche. Et pour faciliter la tâche aux webmasters, il crée de plus en plus de pages d'aide et de tutoriels à même d'encourager les webmasters et autres référenceurs à respecter ses règles SEO. Ce sont ces ressources SEO qui vont vous être présentées ici et dont vous allez certainement en faire bon usage afin d'améliorer votre référencement web. Guide de démarrage Google Le guide de démarrage Google regroupe tous les conseils d'optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche prodigués par Google. Il fournit de nombreux conseils SEO mettant en avant les bonnes pratiques en terme d'optimisation interne pour faciliter l'exploration, l'indexation et une meilleure compréhension de vos contenus par les moteurs de recherche. Consignes aux webmasters La page des consignes aux webmasters est un bon complément du guide de démarrage ci-dessus mentionné. Création et soumission de Sitemaps (Building) The 7 Books of a Highly Effective Programmer (Building) The 7 Books of a Highly Effective Programmer Like many programmers, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect programming book. Over the years I have tried to enumerate a few key examples, however after reading them all I am still left wanting. However, I recently came across a couple interesting blog posts 1 that motivated me that the only way to find the set of perfect books for programmers was to build them myself. The process is simple: Define the set of topicsFind the PDFs comprising the aggregate essays for each topicCreate a table of contents, forward, and write or steal a summary of each essayMerge everything togetherGo to and print a book 2Read the books??? YOU, and NO ONE ELSE, is responsible for your career. — Uncle Bob Martin After thinking about the possible topics that would be beneficial to my own enrichment (and to the programmer in general), I hit on the following seven: And that is it. Foreword Essays Abstraction is great but it can only go so far. -m

9 Excellent Tools for Design Mockups So you've just taken some killer photos with your new DSLR, or you captured a great video with your iPhone — what's next? While it feels natural to just post media quickly to your Facebook Page, sometimes great photos or video need their own home in the form of a personal website. But on the other hand, it's not easy to make a website layout that complements rich media. We've rounded up nine applications that can help you get the most out of designing your web layout. 1. Perhaps one of the more well-known and popular mockup tools, Balsamiq Mockups is a cloud-based mockup service (with accompanying desktop application) that enables you to quickly and easily create fun and interactive website mockups. The application comes with a huge collection of drop-in components and reusable libraries, and an easy drag-and-drop interface. 2. Mockingbird is another popular web-based wireframing application, with some great functionality baked in for linking and sharing your mockups. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.