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El Blog de Enrique Dans

El Blog de Enrique Dans

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The Ultimate Directory Of Free Image Sources So, you need an image for your blog? We’ve spent some time categorizing our favorite sources for free images and organizing them in such a way as to help you find what you’re looking for. Here are the criteria we’ve examined: And now the other half of Business Intelligence – Drill Down! - The B.I. Guy First, I had hoped to have videos by now to show the business intelligence ad-hoc queries in action. However, the person who is working on the videos had a bicycle accident last week and cracked a couple of ribs. He’s ok except that he has allergies and it’s pollen season – a sneeze is now an incredibly painful event for him. So he’s recuperating at home and will be back this week to do the videos. We originally struggled with this quite a bit. We had a drill-down tag but it was a mess where in the tag you defined the items to pass down to the soon to be created detail template.

10 cosas que no debes decir a un Social Media Manager Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we are elbow deep in the holiday season. It’s the time of year were you reconnect with friends and family you might not see all that often. Reconnecting with these people can occasionally end up in some awkward moments. One of those moments comes when you try to explain your job as a social media or community manager to those people who just don’t quite “get” it. FACTA ET VERBA octubre 5th, 2012 by Carlos Busón See on – CEMAV Create a Community with free video conferencing and share files and collaborate with others online. Public Communities are always free. Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions, Second Edition ("WIPO Overview 2.0") © 2011 World Intellectual Property Organization Decision-making authority under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Rules (UDRP) lies exclusively with the appointed panels. To assist awareness of their views on certain questions that commonly arise in proceedings under the UDRP, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center has produced the following update and extension of its informal overview of panel positions on key procedural and substantial issues. This WIPO Overview 2.0 includes new decision references supporting each line of opinion, with over 380 decisions (formerly 100) from over 180 (formerly 80) different UDRP panelists now listed. Reflecting the evolution of the Domain Name System and UDRP jurisprudence, the number of issues included in the WIPO Overview has doubled. While some of these issues arise only infrequently, all of them are, or are perceived to be, relevant to the operation of the UDRP.

Cosas de google About Google In 1996-1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with an algorithm to rank web pages, called PageRank. Realizing the potential to improve search engines, they tried and failed to sell the technology to any. So they founded Google, which in an incredibly short period of time has become one of the world’s most powerful companies. While primarily known as a search engine, Google now makes a wide variety of web-based and other software and is known for investing in wide-ranging projects outside their core such as through their philanthropic arm,

Welcome Warning: LiteratePrograms is currently undergoing a license migration to Creative Commons CC0 1.0. All content will be erased unless its authors agree to release it under CC0. If you wish for your contributed content to be retained, please add a statement to your user page that you release all your contributions under CC0 1.0, and inform me via Special:Emailuser/Dcoetzee. You can also re-add content that you created after the migration, provided that you are the sole author.

¿Cuáles son las 3 razones por las que la gente no seguir / marcas? Q de la semana We polled our communities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ asking them why they unfollow brands on each social network. Hundreds of you were quick to respond, sharing your biggest social media pet peeves. Although there were some common issues across all three networks, there are clear differences too. We’ve made a comparison between the top 3 answers, take a look.

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