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The Most Dangerous Writing App

The Most Dangerous Writing App

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Imagine Easy Scholar – Imagine Easy Solutions Telling the Math Story: Math in Literature The short story “Charles” by Shirley Jackson, has satisfying twist that most readers never see coming. It is a great example if the use of inference, a challenging concept for students to grasp. Parody generator - Wikipedia Their purpose is often satirical, intending to show that there is little difference between the generated text and real examples. Many work by using techniques such as Markov chains to reprocess real text examples; alternatively, they may be hand-coded, like Chomskybot. Examples[edit] Dissociated press, an implementation of a Markov chaining algorithmPostmodernism Generator, generates essays in the style of post-structuralismSCIgen, generates nonsensical computer science research papersSubredditSimulator, a fully automated subreddit that generates random submissions and comments using Markov chains. See also[edit]

Quiet.js by brian-armstrong This is a javascript binding for libquiet, a library for sending and receiving data via sound card. It can function either via speaker or cable (e.g., 3.5mm). Quiet comes included with a few transmissions profiles which can be selected for the intended use. For speaker transmission, there is a profile which transmits around the 19kHz range, which is essentially imperceptible to the human ear. Quiet uses the Web Audio functionality in order to send and receive sound. WRITING TOOLS Character Pyramid Tool (PDF) Visualize your character’s FLAWS & associated behaviors (for a deeper understanding of this tool, please reference The Negative Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Flaws) Character Target Tool (PDF) Organize and group your character’s POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES by category: moral, achievement, interactive or identity (for a greater understanding of this tool, please reference The Positive Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Attributes)

Computational humor - Wikipedia It is a relatively new area, with the first dedicated conference organized in 1996.[1] Joke generators[edit] Pun generation[edit] What Makes Software Good? With that preamble, here are some of the changes I’m making to D3 with an eye towards usability. But first a crash course on D3’s data-join. Case 1. Removing the magic of enter.append. “D3” stands for Data-Driven Documents. The data refers to the thing you want to visualize, and the document refers to its visual representation. Evernote, OneNote, and Beyond: The 12 Best Note-Taking Apps Ever feel like you’re struggling to remember everything? You're not the only one—and that's why it's so important to take notes. As author Tim Ferriss says, “I trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory.” Write something down, and you're certain to remember it. There are plenty of ways to take notes.

What Slack is doing to our offices—and our minds Walking into the Slack offices in downtown San Francisco feels like walking into a Slack channel online. Brightly colored sofas in the shape of hashtags fill the shared spaces, surrounded by a comfortable margin of airy whitespace. As company rep Katie Wattie leads me around, I realize that every conference room is named after an emoji. There are emojis everywhere I look. Clocks have emoji instead of numbers. New employees have foil balloons floating over their desks with the :heart eyes: emoji emblazoned on them. 64 Online Writing Tools For Writers, Bloggers & Authors — The Writing Cooperative 64 Online Writing Tools For Writers, Bloggers & Authors Download a PDF of these online writing tools for your next writing project. Word Processing (More than just Word and Pages) AutoCrit: Manuscript editing software for fiction writers ($5-$12 per month)BlankPage: Geared towards novelists, it focuses on distraction-free writing, with motivators, prompts, outline help and moreByWord: Simple and efficient text editing for Mac, iPhone and iPad ($11.99)Calmly Writer: Distraction-free writing ($2.99)Focus Writer: Distraction-free writing with a hide-away interface. Donation-basedHaven: Writing app for Mac, with extra features for creatives like character trackers, writing goals, prompts and different “scenes” for writingHemingway App: Helps with readability and syntax (Free and $9.99)Ilys: Promotes a writing flow.

Parsing a Would-Be Canon of Recent Artists' Writings Language is now the medium of choice in art schools. The blame does not lie with Marcel Duchamp’s introduction of art that is wrought by decree, which is today’s institutional model for art-making. It lies with the introduction of art within the university system, as MFA programs began to expand in size and number in the late 1940s. In this academic context, disciplines of study must be ones of knowledge, not craft, thus forcing art to justify its existence next to, say, biology or history. Art first posed itself as research, later theory.

Google put 14 robot arms in a room together; they worked out how to pick things up from scratch Google has created a “study group” of several robotic arms that can teach themselves how to grasp different objects, through a long, collective trial-and-error process. Grasping is no easy task for robots. Humans and primates are able to tweak their movements depending on what they see (a process called “hand-eye coordination”), so they do not have to devise a particular strategy every time they want to pick up a new object. Robotic arms, in contrast, need to be programmed specifically for each object they need to grab, and struggle to operate in potentially confounding environments—which is why automated production lines are highly standardised. A study (PDF) led by Google’s research scientist Sergey Levine reports an experiment in which fourteen robotic arms have jointly learnt the best pick-up strategies—after two months of training, and more than 800,000 grasp attempts.

ilys Love writing. Have fun again. Writing can be so much fun when our creative juices are flowing. This beautiful and delicious state of being is sometimes called a peak experience -- something rare and hard to find. We've discovered that this state of flow can be had easily and effortlessly by training ourselves to let go of our inner-editor while our creative-genius is given the freedom to run wild with unbounded expression. The Scrap Value of a Hacked PC, Revisited A few years back, when I was a reporter at The Washington Post, I put together a chart listing the various ways that miscreants can monetize hacked PCs. The project was designed to explain simply and visually to the sort of computer user who can’t begin to fathom why miscreants would want to hack into his PC. “I don’t bank online, I don’t store sensitive information on my machine! I only use it to check email. What could hackers possibly want with this hunk of junk?