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Fancyband by Chris Kenner - About Reviews We reserve our right to approve or decline any review at any time, subject to moderation by theory11 based on our Terms of Use and the following criteria: The review is professionally written with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Whether positive or negative, the review is respectful to the artist or creator. The review provides meaningful insight on the product in reference and is factually accurate, not misleading or confusing. 5Ray • USA • Oct 25th, 2013 Awesome trick 5Darian • United States • Aug 9th, 2013 A really nifty trick that can be done with just a simple rubber band; plus, it's free! 5Luke • U.S.A • Jul 22nd, 2013 This is one of the cool tricks out there! 5Ashritha • India • Jul 11th, 2013 Its awesome. 5luckyRGbroadcast • France • May 24th, 2013 Awesome, easy, free, and explained step-by-step. 5Jorden • Vancouver • Apr 28th, 2013 An amazing and ingenius trick. 5Daryl Chew • Singapore • Mar 27th, 2013 The trailer speaks for itself. Really awesome! Great one!

es케이블을 슈어용으로 개조하기:: 재미있는잡지theFUN (출처 : 씨코 사진게시판 ->링크 ) se535관련해서 포스팅한 내용중에 es케이블을 슈어용으로 개조한다고 말씀드렸는데요. 아무래도 자세한 설명이 필요할것 같아 별도로 포스팅합니다. 제가 페이트님에게 신청한 케이블이 아직 오지 않아 대신 씨코 사진게시판에 올려진 사진을 올려드립니다. se535는 아니고 se425의 케이블을 교체한 것인데요. es케이블의 착용감과 튼튼함은 이미 정평이 나 있고 저역시 웨스턴 계열의 이어폰을 쓸때 정말 만족했기 때문에 트파 케이블도 es케이블로 교체해서 사용하고 있습니다. es케이블 슈어용으로 개조하기 회사에서 정식 제품으로 판매하는 것은 아니고 한 유저분이 적은 비용만 받고 개조를 해주고 있습니다. 페이트님의 블로그(링크)를 방문하시면 연락처를 알수 있습니다. es케이블을 가지고 계신다면 택배비와 약간의 수고비를 드리면 되고 아니면 es케이블을 별도로 구매한뒤 부탁해도 됩니다. es케이블은 정말 사용해보시면 얼마나 편한지 아실것 같네요. 더 자세한 사항은 비밀 댓글로 물어보시면 알려드릴께요.

Apprendre l'hypnose en s'amusant - les mains aimantéesMENTALACTIF – Mentalisme – Hypnose – Développement Personnel – Séduction – Manipulation Bonjour à tous !L’hypnose de rue, qu’est-ce que c’est ? Derrière cette expression se cache un concept très simple : être capable d’hypnotiser n’importe qui, n’importe où, n’importe quand. Mon objectif est simple : vous faire découvrir l’hypnose. Je ne vais pas vous pondre des centaines de lignes de théorie, vous n’en avez pas besoin. L’hypnose fonctionne t-elle ? Hypnose Vrai ou Faux ? Dans un premier temps, les jeux d’imagination que je vais vous proposer seront en apparence très simples, mais ils sont la base de l’échelle qui vous permettra de provoquer des phénomènes hypnotiques comme l’amnésie. Voici une vidéo de démonstration où j’hypnotise une jeune fille que je viens tout juste de rencontrer près des quais de la Garonne à Toulouse. Premier jeu d’imagination : les mains aimantées Le principe est infiniment simple. “Je vais te demander de tendre les deux bras devant toi, mains face à face, et tu vas fixer l’espace qu’il y a entre ces deux bras. En attendant, amusez-vous !

NOC Deck v2 - Playing Cards Bold, simple, and elegant. Perfect for any application - Now with Thinner Borders! Simplicity and elegance defined the original NOC deck. Custom box, ace, and jokers The custom box matches the minimalism of the cards and carries an inspirational quote about the art and philosophy of keeping your mind, body, soul, and possessions free from clutter and distraction. Marking System & Free Video with Purchase The NOC v2 backs have also been marked in a subtle yet easy-to-read manner that allows you to know the SUIT (not value) of any card at a glance. Available in 5 striking colors - Collect them all! Because of the simple design and vibrant color, the NOC deck is perfect for any application.

SSH tip: Automatic Reverse Tunnels for Workflow Simplification | I came up with a trick today to simplify the workflow of certain tasks with SSH. The problem this solves is largely driven by a particular annoyance I had with remote SSH file management. Consider the following workflow for locating a remote file and copying it back to the local machine: # Find the remote file: local:~$ ssh remote remote:~$ find . The reason I have to run scp on my local machine is because it is behind a firewall, so the remote machine can't see it directly. There is a way to get around this limitation with DNS/firewalls, and the answer is by using SSH reverse tunnels to bind your local SSH daemon port to a remote SSH alias. On the local computer, the SSH configuration entry for the remote host should be given a RemoteForward option, specifying that localhost:22 (the local ssh daemon) should be tunnelled to remote port 8022: Host remote HostName RemoteForward 8022 localhost:22 Host local HostName Port 8022

Card Magic Tricks Revealed - Cool Card Trick Secrets Learn magician misdirection sleights and have fun as you discover some cool dealer secrets and handling skills. Top training tips revealed to help impress and entertain your audience every time with our step by step photo instruction and easy card trick tutorial videos. The most beneficial start you can give yourself when starting to learn card magic is to familiarise yourself with a few basic sleights such as the double lift, the elmsley count. a false shuffle and how to force a card as these basic moves will be used over and over again as the mechanics of hundreds of card tricks. Learn how an ordinary pack of playing cards can become an important piece of kit in every street magician such as Dynamo's props. Whether a poker playing wizard or an occasional gin rummy player, card magician magic has universal appeal. Start off by learning some easy card tricks with our tutorials and as you develop the basic skills you can then move on to more advanced illusions.

골든이어스, 황금귀 - Truthful Review Based on Measured Data Les 13 steps du cold reading. | MENTALISME Beaucoup de personnes se présentent comme des voyants, des médiums. Nul n’a pu à ce jour vérifier la véracité de leurs facultés, malgré les nombreuses sollicitations des scientifiques, restées vaines. Ainsi, le Comité national des sceptiques australiens aura offert en vain 100 000 $, le Cercle Zététique, pour sa part, 150 000 € pour toute personne exécutant ses démonstrations de voyance sous contrôle scientifique. Aussi loin que l’on se souvienne, le cold reading est utilisé, même inconsciemment, par beaucoup de métiers, outre les médiums. Je vous livre ici les 13 commandements qu il faut utiliser pour faire du cold reading. Souvenez vous que la clé de la réussite en cold reading est la confiance en soi Croyez en ce que vous faîtes et vous augmenterez votre compétence. Créez une histoire à partir des renseignements et indices que vous avez récolté. Préparez le terrain pour faire du cold reading Soyez modeste au sujet de vos talents, de votre apprentissage. Gagnez en avance sa coopération

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