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How to Sculpt a Face - Female Pg1

How to Sculpt a Face - Female Pg1
How to sculpt a face is always tricky at first. If you are struggling right now... don't feel bad! I was like you not long ago. Learning how to sculpt comes down to two things. Learning the technique and practicing it. Follow the steps closely and you will soon develop your own sculpting technique. Firstly, please take the time to read the article "Female Anatomy" and study the points about the anatomy of the female face. STEP 1: Roll an oval shaped ball of clay. STEP 2: Using your spoon tool or rounded tool slowly work in hollows where the eye-sockets should be. Be careful with this step. Using the rounded side of the tool will help with this matter. STEP 3: Note that the sockets are fairly deep. If you are unsure as to what depth to do the sockets, please read ahead before attempting it. STEP 4: When you a practicing how to sculpt a face, be sure to keep smoothing your work as you go. Continue on with this tutorial:How to Sculpt a Face: Steps 5-8 Return to HOME: Doll Makers Dream

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bjd_wtf: Chapter Ten: Making Your Own BJD From Scratch 'I think they are too expensive. How do I make my own ball joint doll?' Firstly, it's not as easy as you might think to sculpt and cast your own doll, and it's definitely not cheaper. My suggestion would be to go back to the first chapter and re-read the section on how BJDs are made before deciding that you want to make your own. Secondly, casting can be dangerous since resin is partially composed of Isocyanate, which by it's name is probably related to Cyanide and is therefore poisonous. It can also be expensive once you take into account the tools and waste, especially if you have no experience in casting; not to mention the cost of the supplies themselves.

Hands Close-up images of materials needed.Enlarge Picture of basic supplies. Overview There are dozens of methods to sculpt hands. This is one of the easiest and can be modified in scale up and down fairly easily, this pair of hands is sculpted in 1/12th scale. Hands are difficult to sculpt accurately because people are so intimately aware of how hands look; their shape, size, proportions, etc. Another reason why hands are difficult to sculpt is mushy clay. It is best to use a firm clay to sculpt hands in order to keep the fingers from wilting and to prevent you from accidentally mushing the details.

Sculpting lips Sculpting the lips – time to fix some errors! Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The bad news is that I checked the proportions of my sculpture in the mirror and a lot of the facial features were off. The eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth just need a lot of work. This is a good example of why you should consistently check your sculpture in the mirror when you are sculpting. Learn to sculpt a miniature polymer clay rainbow trout, by Artisan Kiva Atkinson Close-up images of materials neededEnlarge picture of basic supply requirements 1. Condition your white and translucent clays separately, then depending on how many fish you want to make, add a small amount of white to your translucent and blend. BJD Terminology BJD: Ball Jointed Doll.Is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. These are cast in a polyurethane resin: a hard and dense plastic. These body parts are strung together by a thick elastic cord.

Making a Mohair Wig for your Fashion Doll Making a Mohair Wig for your Fashion Doll For our first mohair tutorial, I will be showing you how I make an easy mohair wig. You will need a piece of gauze or thin, loose weave fabric that can be shaped around the head, Aleene's Brush on Tacky Glue, FabriTac Glue , scissors, a small crochet hook, tweezers, or hemostat, a couple rubber bands, mohair on the skin, and plastic wrap. You will need a bald doll as well to use as a mold for the wig. I would use a doll that isn't yet repainted, as there is quite a bit of handling of the head. Why chance ruining a repaint. Tutorials Here’s some tutorials that I have written. More will come as I finish them. Sculpting Tutorials – Sculpting Tutorials on Squidoo – Jewelry Making Tutorials Selling Artwork – Other Art and Craft Tutorials – eCrater Tutorials – Other Tutorials

Guide for Designers Guide for Designers 'Be lazy like a fox'. Rather than solving problems from scratch, adapt other people's solutions, and then give them credit. Linus Torvalds thought of this phrase. Design for materials and components which are reasonably cheap to buy, low-carbon and fully recyclable or biodegradable. Design is disruptive when it lowers the threshold.

ALTER EGO 1/12 scale doll by Mr_props on Shapeways The original 1/12 scale doll, 145mm tall when completed. I wanted to make a doll that lives through the way it moves and poses. I love stop motion, this is why it is possible to string it both with aluminium wire or doll string. I would advise the white strong and flexible material even if it requires sanding for a clean result. Journal of DOOM - How to make a limb in super sculpey Journal of DOOM manaw manaw doo doo doo doo doo! manaw manaw.