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Guided Tour: Visible Human

Guided Tour: Visible Human

Cell Cycle & Cytokinesis - Cell Cycle Regulation and the Control of Cell Proliferation (Cell Growth + Cell Division) Cell Cycle Research - General resource with links to relevant recent literature, news and job listings. (Ion Channel Media Group) Cell Division - Undergraduate-level lectures on cell division. See also the Apoptosis, Cell Senescence and Signal Transduction pages. Mitosis, Meiosis and the Mechanics of Cell Division See also the Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility and Motors page. Cancer Resources A major component of cancer progression is the loss of normal controls on cell proliferation (disruption of normal cell cycle regulation and cell signaling), in addition to other changes involving angiogenesis, cell adhesion, invasion and metastasis. See also the Tumor Cell Invasion and Metastasis section of the Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility and Motors page and the Angiogenesis, Cell Adhesion and Extracellular Matrix and Signal Transduction pages. Labs Studying Visits:

B vitamins List of B vitamins[edit] Vitamin B1 (thiamine)Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)Vitamin B3 (niacin or niacinamide)Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, or pyridoxamine, or pyridoxine hydrochloride)Vitamin B7 (biotin)Vitamin B9 (folic acid)Vitamin B12 (various cobalamins; commonly cyanocobalamin in vitamin supplements) B vitamin molecular functions[edit] B vitamin deficiency[edit] Several named vitamin deficiency diseases may result from the lack of sufficient B-vitamins. B vitamin side effects[edit] Because water-soluble B vitamins are eliminated in the urine, taking large doses of certain B vitamins may produce transient effects. B vitamin sources[edit] B vitamins are found in whole unprocessed foods. The B12 vitamin is of note because it is not available from plant products, making B12 deficiency a legitimate concern for vegans. Another popular means of increasing one's vitamin B intake is through the use of dietary supplements. Related nutrients[edit] References[edit]

Ten Recent Advances in Evolution By Carl Zimmer Posted 10.26.09 NOVA To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, here's a list—by no means exhaustive—of some of the biggest advances in evolutionary biology over the past decade. These advances include not just a better understanding of how this or that group of species first evolved, but insights into the evolutionary process itself. In some cases those insights would have given Darwin himself a pleasant jolt of surprise. Ten significant leaps forward in evolution research in the past decade, as chosen and described by noted science writer Carl Zimmer Enlarge Photo credit: (Earth) © NASA; (text) © WGBH Educational Foundation Darwin envisioned natural selection acting so slowly that its effects would be imperceptible in a human lifetime. If he were alive today, Darwin would be astonished at the pace and nature of discoveries being made in evolutionary biology, including the witnessing of evolution in action.

The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry - Dietary supplements of mixtures of indispensable amino acids lacking threonine, phenylalanine or histidine increase the activity of hepatic threonine dehydrogenase, phenylalanine hydroxylase or histidase, respecti Received 18 July 2000; received in revised form 4 January 2001; accepted 9 January 2001. Experiments were carried out to determine whether the addition of a mixture of indispensable amino acids (IAA) lacking in threonine, phenylalanine or histidine, respectively, to a nutritionally complete diet would increase the hepatic activities of the rate-limiting enzymes for catabolism of threonine, phenylalanine or histidine and prevent the adverse effects of the amino acid on growth when the dietary level of the amino acid is excessive. Week old Leghorn chicks were fed semi-purified diets containing 19% crude protein to which were added no IAA supplement or 10% crude protein from an IAA mix and 5 graded levels of either L-threonine, L-phenylalanine or L-histidine in a 2 × 5 factorial arrangement of treatments. Keywords: Chicks, Dietary protein, Amino acid excess, Amino acid catabolism

educreations teacherswithapps Educreations Interactive Whiteboard, by Educreations, Inc, is an incredible, yes that’s right, INCREDIBLE app. This newly released app comes with the huge bonus of being FREE! We think this app has the edge needed to push education in the right direction and to begin modernizing teaching as we know it. Educreations is not the first app using the whiteboard concept, but it is the first one geared specifically for the classroom. Educreations Inc had the wherewithal to realize the need to add the option to use multiple pages for the same lesson; this is another feature that makes this app a standout. This revised Bloom’s Taxonomy pyramid shows classification of levels of intellectual behavior that is important in the learning process. It is obvious that the developers in this new start-up company spent much time and consideration while incorporating user-friendly features into this app.

Master Muscle List Home Page The Role of Elements in Life Processes | Mineral Information Institute Nutrition 5 Ways to Use Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal Grapefruit Seed Extract Grapefruit seed extract offers anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Here are 5 ways you can use grapefruit seed extract to boost your health. Continue Reading 6 Herbs for Healthy Lungs and Easy Breathing Have trouble breathing? Continue Reading The Tropical Fruit that can Detox Toxic Fluoride From detoxing fluoride to boosting heart health the tropical fruit tamarind has much to offer. Continue Reading Did You Know Aloe Vera Offers Miracle Solutions for Serious Diseases? From resolving AIDS to cancer, the aloe vera plant has been used medicinally for centuries to tackle numerous diseases, but this information is suppressed. Continue Reading Oregano Oil Could Help People Recover from Contagious Norovirus A new study indicates oregano oil could hold the key to fighting norovirus—a contagious illness which was eradicated from hundreds on a Caribbean cruise. Continue Reading 14 Alkaline Foods and Drinks for Optimal Health

The Top 10 Psychology Studies of 2010 The end of 2010 fast approaches, and I'm thrilled to have been asked by the editors of Psychology Today to write about the Top 10 psychology studies of the year. I've focused on studies that I personally feel stand out, not only as examples of great science, but even more importantly, as examples of how the science of psychology can improve our lives. Each study has a clear "take home" message, offering the reader an insight or a simple strategy they can use to reach their goals , strengthen their relationships, make better decisions, or become happier. If you extract the wisdom from these ten studies and apply them in your own life, 2011 just might be a very good year. 1) How to Break Bad Habits If you are trying to stop smoking , swearing, or chewing your nails, you have probably tried the strategy of distracting yourself - taking your mind off whatever it is you are trying not to do - to break the habit. J. 2) How to Make Everything Seem Easier J. 3) How To Manage Your Time Better M. J.