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thetourshow Okimi I’ve blogged about Okimi (Kimiaki Yaegashi) before, but check out his site now for updates. Very, very nice. Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery Collective Series of illustration for a KixBox sample sale. SS/14Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration2014 The project is inspired by retro-futuristic dream of space traveling. Furniture Design, Interior Design, Product Design2013 Every half year KixBox totally change the design of seasonal decorations and marketing material. As the main topic for seasonal decoration spring-summer 2013, I've chosen graphic symbols of urban textures. It is a kind of camouflage for the urban environment.Branding, Illustration, Sculpting2013 Interior design. St-Petersburg, Russia, 2011Furniture Design, Interior Design, Product Design2013 All kinds of complements Vool needed to become an actual product.Branding, Product Design, Web Design2012 Identity and print collateral i designed for the opening of St. Folky series of DO PLU DO tees, 100% cotton, silk screen printed, limited edition.Design, Product Design, Fashion2009

The Studio | Andrew Zuckerman Steingrim Veum | Norwegian artist spongiculture Daniel Egnéus, illustrator Midio: Game Art & Illustration 5 Pieces Gallery - Contemporary Fine Arts & Photography 2012 : Greg Eason Block universe at 18 Hewett Street Metamorphosis 2012 Pencil on paper 12 x 16'' Knee 5 2012 Pencil on paper. 33 x 45'' The Beginning Of The End 2012 Pencil on paper 15.4 x 22.2 Knee - White Skull II 2012 Screen print & varnish / Plastic 18 x 24'' Knee - White Skull II (detail) Knee - Black Skull Screen print & varnish / Plastic 18 x 24'' Knee - Black Skull (detail) Untitled II 2012 Pencil on paper 8.1 x 4.8" Rhinoderma Darwinii 2012 Pencil on paper 20.3 x 48'' Heaven and Hell 2 x Acrylic on canvas 11.6 x 15.7''