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First position violin fingering chart helps you learn violin Learn violin easily using a Fretless Finger Guide®. Our innovative violin fingerboard guide gives you a no-miss "roadmap" of where the notes are on a violin fingerboard. Learn more at our products page. Visit our order page for fast, secure and easy purchasing. This beginner violin fingering chart shows the relation between first position violin notes on a music staff and the notes on a violin fingerboard using a Fretless Finger Guide. Irish Fiddle: Traditional Irish Instrumental Music Girald Cambrensis (also known as Gerald of Wales in English or Gerallt Gymro in Welsh) had some interesting observations when he visited Ireland in 1185, "They [the Irish] seem to be incomparably more skilled in [musical instruments] than any other people that I have seen. The movement is . . . rather quick and lively, while at the same time the melody is sweet and pleasant. It is remarkable how, in spite of the great speed of the fingers, the musical proportion is maintained." Although earlier references to fiddles can be found, it is generally accepted that modern violins and fiddlng came to Ireland some time after its development in the 16th Century.

Adaptive Pitch: Measure your pitch perception abilities Adaptive pitch test: Accurately measure your pitch perception abilities This adaptive pitch test will play a series of two short tones and ask you if the second tone is higher or lower than the first tone. This test measures your pitch perception abilities by adapting to your responses: The better you are, the closer and closer the stimuli will become. Starter Fiddle? IMPORTANT:Treat everyone here with respect, no matter how difficult! No sex, drug, political, religion or hate discussion permitted here. The words Fender®, Telecaster®, Stratocaster® and the associated headstock designs are registered trademarks of the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.The TDPRI is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

violin teaching tips with violinist Sue Aston from Cornwall BA Hons GBSM ABSM (Performance) ABSM (Teaching) Sue Aston has appeared on professional classical recordings, radio broadcasts, and television, both nationally and internationally, and worked with eminent musicians such as Simon Rattle, Nigel Kennedy, Peter Donohoe, Yehudi Menuhin, Sir Charles Groves, and Esa Pekka Salonen. Violin teaching problem 1: My child/pupil won't practice - what can I do to encourage them? Violin teaching problem 2: How can I help my pupil to play the violin in tune?

Violin Rocks! Violin So Hot It's Cool! Israeli-born violinist Miri Ben-Ari was trained as a classical violinist and then discovered jazz and hip hop when she was a teenager. It is this blend of musical styles that has influenced her work, allowing her to move with equal ease in classical, jazz, and hip-hop circles. She's appeared with everyone from Wynton Marsalis to Jay-Z to Kanye West.

Setting goals to be a better violinist or fiddler In order to achieve goals in life we benefit more by planning, analyzing and executing our plans than we would otherwise. Here are a few areas you can plan that will help you to become the violinist, musician or person that you would like to be. Copy the list below, answer the questions, print your goals, put them up somewhere that you see everyday, and read them on a regular basis. Make a schedule based around your busy life and try to follow it. Acoustic Electric Violins Affordable new 4-string instruments with remarkable depth and clarity... Acoustic electric violins are a wonderful idea. But the promise has fallen short until now. The Marinette, DuShane and London violins from master luthier Gary E.

Violin & Viola Size Chart: Expert Advice from a Teacher/Symphony Musician Compliments of Award-winning and Eco-Responsible About Fiddleheads - Shop Home - Browse Violins for Sale "What size violin should I buy?" "Can my ten-year-old play a full size (4/4) violin?" "How do I size my child for a violin?" "Does a small adult play a full size violin or a 7/8?"

Violin, Electric Violin, Violins, Electric Violins, Fiddle, Fiddles, Violin Making, 5 String Electric Violin Acoustic Electric Violins in 4, 5 & 6 String models Ultra High Performance, with two pickups per string. Finely crafted acoustic electric violins, outfitted with our state of the art Twin Hybrid violin pickup system makes for an amplified violin of exceptional quality and unequalled performance capability. Barbera acoustic electric violins provide the deep, rich tonal personality of a resonant acoustic violin with focused power and feedback resistance that goes far beyond the usual limitations of an amplified acoustic violin. BTS Acoustic Electric Violins rival an electric violin in their ability to project well in loud musical settings while retaining a rich, natural sounding violin tone at virtually any volume level. Barbera acoustic electric violins combine our high end, Twin Hybrid model Multi Transducer violin pickup Bridge (two dual piezo transducer elements per string), with a finely crafted, handmade 5 string violin.

Christian Sheet Music Downloads What's being hailed by critics as the veteran CCM rock group's “best album ever,” ‘Welcome to the New’ features jazz, pop and Motown influences. Download NEW sheet music by MercyMe, including “Shake” and “Greater,” as well as classics like “I Can Only Imagine” today! Browse MercyMe Sheet Music Canon Rock Sheet Music Start Impressing Your Peers with Rock and Pop Songs On Your Violin! You don't need to be a musical genius! Who else wants to learn rock violin in just a few days without being a musical genius or going to Juilliard?

Swing Week! - a camp for musicians "The summer camp changed my life. It motivated me to explore new facets of music that I had never thought of exploring. It allowed me to realize that behind every song is a story, and it is our job to tell the story with out voices and our music." - Phoebe Hunt, TX Came to camp as part of The Hudson's, Now tours with Bellevue Outfit. "In all of my long and checkered sojourn on this earth, I've never enjoyed a week any more than I did at your camp..found nothing but goodwill, kindness, friendship, great music...Thank you mightily, all over the place, from here to yonder, from every angle in all directions!" - Paul, TX "Johnny, I have records of yours from many years... not one sounds as good as you sounded last night.